Full Moon Gambling

Why do you gamble? To make money? To feel a rush of adrenaline? Or just to have fun with your family and friends? No matter what your reason for gambling might be, tipping the scales in your favor will increase your chance of winning. Of course, this is only possible with luck on their side and everyone wants to be lucky. One way you can boost your chances of winning is by gambling during the full moon. Full moon gambling might be a controversial topic but there are hundreds of gamblers around the world who believe that their chances of winning are higher when they gamble during the full moon.

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The Relationship Between the Full Moon and Gambling

The percentages of the daily pay-out at most casinos are always higher by up to 2 percent on a full moon. This is according to a study published by Dean Radin. Radin co-authored research on the phenomenon, that is the connection between the full moon and gambling. The study found that among the five major jackpots that were won from 1991 through 1994 at a Las Vegas casino (in the Continental hotel) occurred during a full moon. Radin also added that the odds of such a phenomenon happening by chance is 1 in 22 million.

Note that Radin’s study was based on an analysis of regular reports from the casino. The study covered the Continental hotel’s casino through a period of four years. The data collected during the study was mainly dropped figures from the casino. When we talk about drop figures, we are referring to the total sum of money that was gambled during that period. Additionally, it refers to the total results and the total sum of money that gamblers staked as well as the funds that were paid out to winners after they engaged in more than five casino games (craps, keno, roulette, blackjack, and slots). The data from the casino as compared to the original historical records. The records reference the main dates of all the full moons that happen yearly. Radin found that full moons happen 50 times per year which is normal.


Payout Percentages Increase by 2 Percent on Full Moon

Radin’s study also found that when gamblers visit the casino days before a full moon or on a full moon, the gambling house managed to boost its payout percentage by 2 percent. Additionally, the payouts for the table and slot games in the casino grew by 75 percent. So, for each USD staked at the casino, a player probably got 75 cents and the house kept the rest of the funds. On a full moon night, players can improve their play (from 75 to 77 percent). The study adds that a 2 percent improvement in payout percentage is worth it. Because many gamblers will be playing at the same time large sums of cash will be generated for the casino.

This study is one of several studies that have been conducted at the Harry Reid Center (UNLV’s) for Environmental Studies. Radin is the director of the institution. The study showed that it is possible to find the link between the lunar cycle and gambling. He described Las Vegas as the best place in the world to test the theory. The assistant GM at Continental, Bernice Jaeger also confirms Radin’s assertion. The study confirmed something that many gamblers have been suspecting for years. That is the fact that gamblers are generally superstitious and many of them carry good luck charms because they believe in the existence of higher energy. Here is what Margie Bower a resident and native of Las Vegas had to say:

“We agree that strange things usually happen during the full moon. If it includes more winnings, we will anticipate the date of the next full moon. This will help us know when to visit the casinos and gamble.”

Full Moon Gambling Facts and Fiction

On a full moon, the geomagnetic field of the earth is at its weakest. Professor Radin believes that it is at this time that gamblers have the best opportunity to hit the jackpot. He agreed that gamblers must avoid the slot machines in the time of the quarter moon. They should be patient and wait until the full moon. Even though they are mere generalizations they appear to have scientific backing.

There are many trends in the lottery playing industry that relate to the Moon. The state of the moon directly affects your luck when you play the lottery. If there’s a change in the earth’s magnetic field, this can affect the lottery during the full moon. It is even possible for a player to lose according to the phase of the moon. The same thing applies to the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Some gamblers use the moon’s phases to compare with the periods that they hit the jackpot. They go as far as marking dates on their calendar to know the days for a quarter moon and the days for a full moon.


Other Ways to Boost Your Chances of Winning

1. Monitoring the Moon on a Losing Streak

Make sure you plan to go to the casino at the right time by studying the state of the moon during your bad days on the table. It could be that you don’t choose your games wisely despite the current lunar phase. If you’re playing a card game, the lunar cycle will have nothing to do with your winnings. This system might only work with a slot game because only slot games and other machine games are typically based on chance. You can’t expect the moon to help you win at poker.

2. Stay Optimistic When Going to Gambling

Going into a casino with a positive mindset will help you have a better chance of hitting the jackpot. There are no guarantees but you’ll definitely feel good about the small wins and look forward to new ones. Being optimistic might also bring you some luck according to some western superstitions. When you go to the casino with a positive mindset, the god of good luck will watch over you. When you’re already thinking you’ll fail, you’re not going to put your best into every game. Gambling isn’t a do or die affair but anything worth doing is worth doing well.

3. Don’t Overspend

Whether you’re gambling on a full moon or not, you must try not to overspend. Gambling is a game of chance and you may not hit the jackpot even if you play only during the full moon for years to come. So, why spend more than you can afford? Always gamble on a budget and gamble responsibly. It might be a high reward play but it’s also a high-risk play. So, make sure that you know when to stop rather than torture yourself indefinitely, losing relationships and friendships in the process.

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Final Words

From professor Radin’s study, we can see the controversial evidence linking the earth’s magnetic field to the moon, and gambling. According to Radin’s research, some people develop psychic abilities during full moons. This might give them an edge in casinos and other activities as long as the moon remains full. This and many other factors might make testing this theory worth the try. However, there aren’t enough studies available at this time to prove that gambling during a full moon brings luck or influences the outcome of results significantly. More studies will need to be done to collaborate Radin’s analysis of full moon gambling.