Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling

Gambling has evolved over the years and so have gambling culture and superstitions. Every culture has its own set of beliefs or superstitions that can influence its actions. If you’ve been paying attention to gambling history, you’ll know that there are a lot of fallacies and superstitions about how to win in gambling. The Chinese people are the chief believers of many of such superstitions. They have a strong reliance on lucky charms in gambling and other aspects of their lives. In this article, we will discuss some of these Chinese lucky charms for gambling as well as popular gambling superstitions.

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9 Popular Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling 

The people of China have put their fate in many gambling superstitions for generations. They feel like these superstitions work. After all, they are renowned for being the most superstitious people in the world. Believing in these superstitions isn’t a bad thing but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win if you test the theory. The Chinese have taken advantage of these superstitions. They have managed to achieve a good measure of success by practicing them or that’s what they believe. It’s possible that these people who allegedly win from following superstitions were simply lucky.

When you see a Chinese person saying some incantations before they flip their cards during baccarat, know that they aren’t just speaking randomly or making unfounded expressions. Instead, the gambler is following one of the many Chinese superstitious beliefs to attract luck. The gambler believes that when they make such expressions, they’ll be able to get good cards during the game. People outside China now believe in and practice these superstitions. If you’re interested in adding some spice to the gambling experience, you can try some of the most popular luck charms in China and see where they lead.

Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling

 1. Pray to the god of the Tables

Praying to a deity or a god that has the power to determine the outcome of casino games and slot machines is an important belief to gamblers from China. They place it in high regard as one of the best ways to bring luck during a game. During a game, they call on the god of Tables to help turn the tide of the game in their favor. Players who believe in this superstition go as far as offering food and other items to their gambling god before they head into the casino to play their favorite games. These gamblers believe that by doing so, they will manage to get good favor from their gambling god and have an edge over other players.

2. The Secret Behind Wearing Red Underwear to the Casino

As funny as this might seem, it has become a widespread gambling superstition that brings luck. It originated in China but it is now a global practice among superstitious gamblers. You must wonder why the Chinese see the color red as a lucky color when red generally means danger. The Chinese see red as a symbol of happiness and good luck. This superstition is applied to gambling and other aspects of their lives. This is why many gamblers believe that putting on red underwear to the casino will bring them good fortune on the tables. There are no restrictions regarding the exact type of underwear you should wear. What’s important is that you wear red underwear. Whether it’s briefs, bras, boxers, or thongs, just make sure it is red.

3. Don’t Have Sex Before Gambling

Avoiding sex before gambling may sound ridiculous to some players. It may be a little difficult to follow through since gambling is usually a recreation activity that comes with other recreational actives like sex. What happens when you’re on a honeymoon in Las Vegas? Do you forfeit sex just to increase your chances of winning a gambling game? Despite being a weird superstition, many Chinese gamblers made it something of pride. They strictly followed it to boost their chances. They believed that if you want to hit the jackpot big time during any game, you’re going to need to avoid sex. You must hold off getting lucky in the bedroom or if you want to get lucky in the casino.

4. Avoid Mentioning Books and Don’t Let People Touch Your Shoulders

Adhering to this particular superstition could be difficult. But the Chinese practice it all the time as they have for many years. It may sound trivial to many people especially those in the West. However, the Chinese take it (don’t tell me you have read books and don’t touch my shoulders when I’m gambling in the casino) seriously. Mentioning anything relating to books is regarded as unlucky since the word book in the Chinese language sounds similar to lose. They also believe that people invite bad luck when they touch a player’s shoulders during the game.

5. Numbers Matter Especially Number 4

When you are checking into a hotel for a few nights and you plan to play in the hotel’s casino, understanding numbers, or knowing the basics when it comes to numbers could be the difference between having a winning streak or a losing streak. When you avoid number 4, the Chinese believe that you’ll be in a good position to start and have a chance to win. This is because the number is similar to the word for “die” in Cantonese. Looking at the flip side, number 8 is seen as a good one for prosperity. Moving to the more complicated numbers, most Chinese gamblers tend to use 3, 6, and 9 for luck. They also mix these numbers with 8 to make positive combinations. It is a complicated task to understand the concept behind Chinese numerology in gambling. The best thing to do is to avoid anything concerning number 4 and embrace anything related to number 8.

6. Wash or Don’t Wash Your Hands Before Gambling

This Chinese superstition is believed to change the fortune of the gambler just before they go into the casino. It’s one of the many Chinese superstitions that have become popular among Westerners. You need to wash your hands to change your luck from bad to good when you’re on a losing streak. When you are on a losing streak, make sure you run as fast as possible to the nearest restroom to wash your hands. You can even wash it right after your first loss. Conversely, if you are on a winning streak, you should avoid washing hands to maintain good luck.

7. Gamble During Your Period

Another one of the many Chinese lucky charms for gambling is playing when you’re on your period. This is arguably one of the weirdest superstitions in the world and it’s only meant for women. If a lady wants to have luck on her side when she’s gambling in the casino, or anywhere else, it is highly recommended that she goes to gamble when she’s on her period. This may seem ridiculous but there’s no harm in trying it. Just don’t raise your hopes.

8. Use the Three-Legged Toad

The three-legged toad is also called Feng Shui. It is a Chinese sculpture that attracts an abundance of wealth. People who believe in it use it to place bets. This superstition is attached to good fortune in different aspects of life, not just in gambling. It is also believed to protect the user’s wealth and attract more money as well as protect them against bad luck in the casino. Those who want to play the lottery games are advised to put their tickets under the sculpture after they play to increase their luck.

9. Bending of Cards

Finally, one of the superstitious practices that the Chinese have been accustomed to at the gambling table is the bending of cards. Most Chinese gamblers agree that when you bend cards during your card games while at the casino table, it will help you to avoid the mistake of re-using the cards in the next round of games. It’s more of cheating than a harmless superstition so be careful. Gamblers believe that when they play with a new card every time, they’ll have a better opportunity of winning the game. Chinese gamblers also feel that bending cards will help them get a bit of luck from other successful players at the casinos.

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Even though most of these Chinese lucky charms or beliefs sound ridiculous for gambling, it wouldn’t hurt if you decide to try them if you’re trying to make your games more entertaining. There is no clear cut way to win at gambling. If you want more control over the game, consider playing games of strategy rather than games of chance.