Do many people play online casinos for real money?

Before spending any serious money on online casinos, it is advisable you acquaint yourself with some facts that will give you an insight of your chances beforehand.

We can classify gamblers in two broad categories: the serious type (also considered as pro gamblers) and the regular type.

For the pro gamblers, they have a very keen interest in gambling and not only ‘invest’ their money, but their time too. They are well informed of the gambling options they wish to venture in, usually spending plenty of time planning and formulating their strategies.

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The ‘Regular’ type is where the biggest group of ‘gamblers’ fall in. You will find that the majority of them don’t spend as much time and effort as the pro gamblers. Their knowledge of the gambling industry is to some extent ‘limited’, which can be explained by the little amount of time they spend gambling.

At the end of the day, the two groups share a similar hope or expectation: beating the odds and reaping profits. It is no secret that the outcome will be heavily impacted by several factors â€“there most obvious being the strategy used and luck. Unfortunately, it is the gambling companies that emerge victorious in most cases, continuously making profits over and over again.

Online casinos are not much different from land-based casinos. The main advantage is that you are able to recreate the casino experience without necessarily having to leave the comfort of your house.

Online Casinos: playing for real money or just fun?

The online casino offers are no doubt fantastic if not tempting. They literally offer hundreds of different games â€“hence availing you with a wide variety to pick from. The many different online casino games available also mean that you have a better chance of winning since you get to choose the ones you are most conversant with.

However, there are two categories of online casino gamblers: the type that delves in the field with an aim of making real money, and the type that is driven by the fun that comes from playing the rather addictive games.

Speaking of the latter, it is hard to believe that anyone would ‘risk’ his/her hard earned money in order to enjoy the fun that comes with online casino gambling. As a matter of fact, online casinos are quite ‘fun’, until you start losing. It becomes worse when you are trying to recover the money you had previously lost, only to end up losing more.

However, if you have previous gambling experience, it is likely that you are well aware of the ‘demo’ features available in online casinos. These features are a replica of the games available in the online casino. The only difference is that, unlike the normal games where you have to deposit money in order to play, the casino credits you with virtual money to play with instead.

Of course, the profits you earn are not withdrawable since the money earned is also ‘virtual’ and not real. The demos are meant to help equip the user with experience as to how the particular game operates. By judging from the outcomes of your strategies, you can be able to see the profits or losses you would have made in a real-life situation.

For those who love to gamble for fun, this is where they go to seek solace. The main advantage is that you are guaranteed of zero losses. The main downside for those who have prior experience is that you spend too much time gambling ‘for free’ while you would have used equal or less amount of time to make profits. This way of thinking, however, quickly changes after you make a loss, and the reality hits you that you would have probably lost in real life too.

It is also not uncommon to find gamblers playing the demo mode with an aim of regaining their confidence. Once they feel that they have gained the flow, they go back to gambling with real money.

How many people make real money from gambling?

The last decade has seen online casino gambling grow at a surprisingly high rate. Unlike before when the gambling fans had to visit a real-life casino in order to gamble, people can now do so comfortably at the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

Another factor that has heavily contributed to the fast growth is the irresistible offers that the gambling sites offer. Imagine you are scrolling through the web and you come across an online casino ad telling you to sign up and get a free bonus. I mean, if the first sign up bonus is free, why not give it a try?

With the sign-up bonuses, the online casinos became quite popular â€“but the question still remains… how many people make any real money from playing online casinos? Basically, what starts as a free sign up bonus acts as a ‘bait’ to the bigger group. If you had no previous experience in gambling, you will likely become interested in exploring how a typical real-life casino works.

Too bad for you if you join with the mentality that playing casinos is a get rich quick scheme waiting for you to ‘invest’ and reap profits. Here’s the painful truth, gambling is a $45 billion+ dollar industry that has been growing at an alarming rate of 11% annually since 2013. For online casinos, over 70% of their profits are from online slots.

Betting systems of an online casino are quite similar to that of a normal casino. As much as the gambling company wants you to win, their main aim is making a profit at the end run. They’ve explored the human psychological behavior which they use to assure the player to believe they are in ‘control’, until the painful reality sets in.

Even with those facts laid down, it is important you know that casinos are by no chance rigged (the legit ones at least). The problem is from the ignorant players who assume that they can actually make a living from casinos, yet take no time to understand the basics of a casino operation.

There’s no actual pattern in online casinos, but planning and strategizing can help bring the odds in your favor. If you are a newbie in casino gambling, you should keep in mind that the outcome of casino games is mostly dependent on Random Generated Numbers (RGN), which brings your overall winning chance to less than 50% probability in each game.

Even the professional gamblers themselves will tell you that as far as strategizing is concerned, luck has its part to play too.  Also, there’s no casino that tolerates a consistent winner. If there’s a flaw, they will be swift to rectify it.

If you are exceptionally good at probability, you end up being limited or banned altogether.

You, however, have a better chance of beating casino by playing low house edge games which are easier to predict, thus giving you a higher competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the casinos want their players to play the high edged games that are based more on luck than any actual strategy. Therefore, most of their low house edged have incredibly low odds and vice versa.

Bottom line

So to answer your question your question as to whether many people play online casinos for real money… I believe the answer should be yes, as the bigger majority play with hopes (no matter how far-fetched), that the odds will shift in their favor.

As much as I can tell, as long as you are playing from a legit online casino, you are conversant with the rules and odds, and you are using the right strategy, you stand a better winning chance â€“as long as luck is on your side.

However, if you are greedy, you may end up gambling with your sacred money (rent, groceries etc.), and you will end up complaining as to how online casinos are rigged.

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