Interesting Facts About Slots

Okay, let’s talk about slots –the most popular game in the casino industry. One thing we all like about slots is the ease when it comes to playing the game.

What you are required to do is select the coin level you wish to play and the number of paylines you want to bet on. Afterward, all you will do is hit the spin button and stand back as you watch the symbols fall in place.

After a couple of seconds, you are aware of your fate –that is, whether you’ve won, or whether you will live to fight (or spin) another day.

Interesting Facts About Slots

The procedure itself is rather straightforward and simple for any newbie to grasp. The experience, in general, is a fascinating concept which, unfortunately, very few slot players relate. That has led us to see the biggest slots machine myths in the gambling industry.

What we always tell our readers is that the slots gaming experience becomes more fun when the player knows the basics behind the operation of the machine. Knowing facts about slots will also help you uncover some of the most common slots machine myths –which, as a matter of fact, no casino would want you to know.

Still don’t know How to play slots? By the end of this article, you should be almost ready to go.

Below are seven interesting facts about slots you probably did not know.

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Slots are behind the 70% gambling profits raked by casinos

Quite a shocker, right? You should probably keep that in mind next time you get distracted, and you don’t want to leave that slots game.

Ideally, the US gambling industry alone is estimated to be worth more than 200 billion dollars. Slots, most precisely online slots account for 70% of this revenue –that is a whopping 140 billion+ from slots alone.

Well, the truth is that slots are by nature, very interactive and entertaining. So it wouldn’t be a surprise that a good number are after the mere fun. But we cannot also overlook the fact that there’s a considerable audience that hardly knows how slots operate.

The result, as you can guess means more losses from the player, and a happy casino at the end of the day.

Online Slots are not any different from the Land Based slots

The only difference there is that land-based slots will require your physical presence while the online slots won’t. For this reason, some people tend to assume that the latter works a little bit different and that their chances of winning might differ from the land-based casino slots.

Both slots machines are entirely dependent on the Random Generator Number (RGN) system which ensures that the final result is completely random. In short, the outcome is by no chance influenced by the previous outcomes, hence they are all independent.

The next time you feel lucky, your decision should not be made based on the outcome but instead by the feel. For some, their best experience is when playing online slots (perhaps because of the rather enticing offers and bonuses), while others might prefer land-based slots because of the social interactions.

Slots machines don’t keep track of the payouts they have made –including Jackpots!

Some players assume that just because a slots machine has coughed out a jackpot, that the machine is now broke. While others believe that there are the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ streaks that impact your chances of winning at a particular time.

Being subject to the RGN system, it means that the slots machine has no memory of its past operations –like literally! So if you just hit the jackpot, it doesn’t mean that you cannot actually win in the subsequent spin.

Since the machine has no idea if you won or lost in the previous spin, the outcome is entirely dependent on your strategy and pure luck.

Slots games do not have a cheat sheet

There’s actually a big difference between a cheat sheet and strategy when playing slots +games. You can explain a cheat sheet as a shortcut that allows you to trigger a win from the slots machine, probably without the knowledge of the casino. Unfortunately, that is just one common myth. Reason being?

Because of the RGN factor which makes the previous spin irrelevant to the outcome of the current spin.

You can, however, apply a couple of strategies that could work to your advantage as a slots player. They include;

  • Maxing out the paylines
  • Diversifying your games
  • Choosing games with a high return to player (RTP) %
  • Making use of free spins

It is advisable that you know that the afro-mentioned strategy examples by no chance effects the outcome of the slots machine. They, however, give you a better winning chance than any other player who is just hitting the spin button.

The largest slots jackpot to be ever won was worth £13,213,838 Million

The fact that slots machines could have jackpots bigger than our local lotteries no doubt leaves a good number of players fascinated. In 2003, a 25-year-old LA-based engineer won this jackpot while playing megabucks at Las Vegas Excalibur casino. Interestingly, he had only wagered $100.

Similarly, in 2015, another slots player named Jon Heywood walked away with £13,213,838 after winning an online slots jackpot. That, reportedly, remains the largest online slots jackpot in history.

Slots Machines date way back to the year 1893

First invented in 1891 by Sittman and Pittman, the first machine was very much different from the modern slots we know. It was based on poker and reportedly, had five drums holding 50 card faces.

However, it was not until 1963 when the first electromechanical slots arrived. Being an instant hit, its popularity soon led to the development of more electronic games.

Video slots were created later in 1976 in California and was first offered to players in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

There are different types of slots jackpots

There are two types of jackpots in slots games; the progressive and flat-top jackpots. For the flat top jackpots, there’s a set limit on how big the jackpot can be.

For the progressive jackpots, however, the amount increases until there’s a winner. What happens is that they take a percentage of each player’s bet playing and sets it towards the jackpot. Therefore, the more people that play the jackpot, the more it increases.

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