What is the easiest bet to win?

What is the easiest bet to win? Usually, this question is considered by newbie gamblers. Gambling is a fun and entertaining activity to do. Some do it to pass time while others take it up as a hobby or even a profession. The best part is that whatever reason you gamble for, there is the possibility of winning money or other prizes.

What is the easiest bet to win

What is the easiest bet to win?

No doubt, every gambler wants to win their bet. No gambler wants to place their bets and leave poorer than they began. 

The purpose of gambling minus the entertainment part is to spend money to get more money. Thus, gamblers are usually looking for which bets are the easiest.

Gambling requires certain tricks and strategies. Before implementing these, you need to understand how the game works. There are games whose possibilities of winning are a slim 1%. You never can win these games no matter how they try. Usually, the games favour the house or the bookie.

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Types of bets you can easily win

1. Betting on Football Games

Football games remain one of the most popular in the sports world. It has attracted millions of fans and of course, millions of gamblers. Statistics have it that football has the most betting patrons in sports entertainment. Also, it is true that many gamblers lose bets on this sport.

While betting on football is relatively easy, this comes with a price of the right betting tips. These tips available on several online sites can increase your prospects of winning.

Also, it is quite easy to become emotionally invested in football games. As earlier advised in this article, bet with your reasoning and not out of a passion for your team. Betting out of passion is one of the major reasons many gamblers lose huge sums of money. Try to avoid emotional betting.

2. Betting on Basketball Games

Basketball is another one of the world’s most popular sports. Of course, like ants to sugar, this attracts gamblers as well.

One great feature about basketball is that its Moneyline bet is quite uncomplicated for gamblers to grasp. Admittedly, many gamblers have testified that it is one of the easiest bests there is in the sports game.

As stated earlier in this article, for you to win a basketball Moneyline bet, you must know the game. If you familiarize yourself with the team well, then you stand a high chance of cashing out.

The only downside to basketball Moneyline betting is that your profits are low. This is probably because of the easy bet nature. As earlier stated, low odds equal low wins.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning

1. Choose games with low odds

The easiest bets to win are games whose odds are low.  Although you may not make a high interest on your bet, the possibility of winning is very high.

Bets with low odds are sometimes called low-risk bets that offer low profits. Most times, they present odds as low as 1.05. When this happens, it means your chances of winning are as high as 90% to 100%.

2. Study the game

While sports games are the easiest to bet, you surely need knowledge about the game. You need to study every person from the coach to the team or individual player to the referee etc.

Which player is always losing their chances? Who never misses an opportunity? Which referee is the strictest and which one is the most considerate? Which coach gives the best advice even while the game is on? Who gives the worst advice? Etc.

Whether or not you like studying generally, you need to have a good eye for such details. Gambling is not just about placing a bet and hoping for the best outcome. It is by carefully studying the game. Sometimes, that good player with the winning streak could slip up. Sometimes, a referee could make decisions perceived by everyone else as unfair. If you’re not paying rapt attention, you make wrong judgments that will cause you to lose your bets. Study before the game, study at the start of the game, study the game mid-way, and watch with close attention to the end. This can help to make a bet to win.

3. Explore other Bookmarkers

A bookmarker, known for short as a bookie, is an individual or a company who oversees gambling activities, especially in sporting events. Sometimes, they are called oddsmakers. The bookmaker sets the odds, receives bets placed, and pays out the winnings to the lucky gamblers. Usually, they do this for a 10% fee known as the vigorish or simply, vig.

Some gamblers usually have a favourite bookmarker that they stick to. Fair enough, these companies know how to convince gamblers on why they are the best in the game. Bookmarkers are all over the place and it’s only normal that they compete for gamblers’ attention. Some even go as far as offering loyalty programs or schemes. They do these to keep you clinging to them.

Don’t be easily swayed by promises. Check out other bookmarkers to see which ones offer the best price for you. This will help you in determining quickly which ones give the easiest and best bets.

4. Keep your selections to a few

The prospects of winning big easily override the rationale part of a gambler’s mind. If you want an easy bet that will bring easy wins, keep your selections to a few. Easy does the trick. You stand a higher chance of winning your bets when you make fewer selections in your bet. Remember the story of the gingerbread man? See yourself as the gingerbread man and your bookie as the fox. You know the fox had no intention of helping the gingerbread man. Same way bookies would rather you lose your money to enrich their pockets. Incorporate the lessons in your bets.

Don’t be greedy. Stick to one or two selections or a team. Of course, you reduce your chances of winning when your bets are all over the place. 

5. Bet responsibly

Betting sensibly could mean putting a limit on your bets but also, not placing bets out of emotions. For example, it’s no hidden fact that many gamblers have a favourite team or player. It gets so much that they become  emotionally invested in these people. Indeed there is nothing wrong with wanting your favourite team or player to win. Where it becomes a problem is when you persuade and reassure yourself that they will win a particular game. This emotional conviction could lead you to place your money on the team or player.

Never place bets based on emotions. It is an easy way to lose money. Nothing pleases a bookie more than making deals with emotional gamblers. This way, they make gobs of money off them.

Don’t be that gambler who is led by their heart. Open your eyes and reasoning. Prepare your mind for an eventual loss on the side of your favourite team or player. This way, you can easily discern which team or player will win what game. 

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6. Bet on less popular sports

Popular sports like football, boxing, horse racing, tennis, etc. are events highly bet on by gamblers. In this day and age, oddsmakers are spreading their reach in the markets. Do you know you can bet on sports like World Wrestling Entertainment? Yes, Vince McMahon’s very WWE. Don’t turn up your nose yet.

Truly, WWE has scripted storylines and staged matches. All the more reason you should bet on it. It is so easy to determine who will win what match. However, you shouldn’t relax on being able to guess correctly. The best part about the WWE is that their scripts can flip in a second and change the whole outcome of the match. That is the exhilarating part of this sport.

Admittedly, you won’t find the WWE listed on many sportsbooks but you will surely find some European oddsmakers that offer odds on the matches’ outcome. Further read: what is the strangest sports betting?


What is the easiest bet to win? The ones mentioned in this article are some of the easiest out there. Remember though, there are no perfect strategies. If there were, oddsmakers and casinos would have long been out of business. Don’t be consumed by greed to achieve millionaire status overnight. Take time to familiarize yourself with the game, look for bookmarkers that offer fair prices and you’re good to gamble!