Why Are Double Sixes Called Boxcars?

So why are double sixes called boxcars? Among the terms standard in casinos is ‘boxcars,’ which describes an outcome of double six in a game of craps. If you roll the dice and get a six on both sides, the outcomes are the ‘boxcars.’ Double sixes call boxcars because the six on both sides resemble a freight train’s boxcars.

Why Are Double Sixes Called Boxcars

The probability of getting ‘boxcars’ is 1 in 36, which translates to 2.8%, and it is the same as rolling any other specific pair. This particular probability leaves the house with an advantage of about 13%, which gives the house a better chance of making money at the player’s expense. It would help if you were good at playing scraps to have a chance of getting these particular results.

All terminologies used in casinos have meanings, and understanding these meanings can significantly improve your chances of winning. Some of the terminologies have a rich history where they came from particular occurrences. Some terms describe the outcomes that you are likely to get after playing a specific game.

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The Best Time to Bet on Boxcars

To increase your chances of making money while playing this game, you need to know the most appropriate time to play. You have higher chances of winning while playing at a particular time depending on the configuration of the game. Playing blindly without proper timing will make you think that you are a lousy player, while the truth is that you are failing to time your bets correctly.

The most appropriate time to place your bet on a double six is when a casino player has not thrown a double six in more than twenty times. You should know that the player throws a double six at least once every thirty-one time. Therefore, if the player has not thrown a double six in the last twenty times, there is a higher likelihood that it will be in the next eleven times.

Most casinos display the number of times the dice goes, and as a result, you can time your throw depending on the remaining times in a pack of 31 throws. Even though the number of throws is displayed, you should also do your calculations. This is because you can also win in the initial throws without necessarily having to wait for the ones beyond twenty throws. The most important thing is to make sure that you time all the throws to know the exact time to play and have higher chances of winning.

Playing For Boxcars as a Beginner

Everyone has an equal chance of getting the double six irrespective of whether you are a pro or a beginner. But certain tactics can significantly increase your chances of winning, provided you can apply them properly. Most of these tactics are simple, and you can apply them even as a beginner who does not have any prior experience playing this game.

Play with small amounts

It is advisable to subdivide your money and play several times with relatively small amounts instead of playing with a lot of money for a single time. Most people think that playing with a lot of money in a single time will allow them to win massive amounts at once. But this usually results in disappointments since a single loss means that you will lose all your money at once. Subdividing the amount you have and playing several times with small amounts means that you will still have a chance to win on the remaining throws even if you lose several times.

Observe the game before playing

It is also paramount to get conversant with the game before playing to at least learn the basics. Jumping direct into the game will result in avoidable mistakes, which most beginners make. You should observe the throws and ensure you understand your chances of getting a double six depending on how the dice and the player.

Emulate the more experienced participants

Some people are more conversant with the game than you, and these people are likely to consider several factors while making their playing decisions. If you are not sure how to play, you should try to follow what the more experienced players are doing. After emulating the experienced players several times, you will get the confidence to play on your own by following your conscience.

Know when to quit

Most new players make the mistake of playing on and on despite losing several times. These players can spend all their money just because they missed the double six with a single throw. It is essential to understand that there are winners and losers in casinos, and therefore when you lose the money you had set aside to play, you should accept that you have lost and wait for another day.

Create a plan

A plan is among the things that can significantly increase your chances of getting a double six as a beginner. Your plan should include the number of times you will play to ensure you stop when you exceed the number of times you have set. With a plan, you will also wait until the time you identified as the appropriate time to play. This mainly applies when you are counting the number of throws to play after a certain number of throws.

Appreciate advice and guidance

Many people can advise you as a beginner by providing tips on the most appropriate ways to play. The advice can come from other players who are more conversant with the game or from gaming materials offered to beginners. It would be best to appreciate advice from different sources and then make a final decision on the most appropriate way to play.

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Start slow

It will take time before you can become an established player who can get a double six without much struggle. The only way of becoming this kind of player is starting by playing a few times and then increasing the number of throws you do as time progresses. A few times per session will provide you with the required practice, which will make you ready to play as an established player.

Therefore, boxcars or double six is an ideal outcome that you can get provided you play the game of craps in the right way.

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