Online Casino Bonus Guide

Bonuses make gambling even more interesting than you’d expect. It doesn’t just make the game interesting, it also allows you to save money and maximize your chances of winning. Thanks to the popularity of online casinos, these bonuses have become highly competitive. Some casinos offer users sign up bonuses to attract new clients, some have bonuses for individual games while some offer both. Gamblers are always looking for the most attractive bonuses in casinos. However, like everything else, you need to be careful when you’re picking online casinos. If you aren’t careful, you might end up putting your details on a shady website just because you didn’t know how to separate legitimate bonuses from scam ones. This online casino bonus guide will help learn how to pick the right casino even when you’re looking for bonuses.

Online Casino Bonus Guide

Your Complete Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

1. Sign up Bonuses

Almost every online casino offers users sign up bonuses and these bonuses come in different forms. Some casinos offer visitors 100% deposit bonuses up to a certain amount. The limit could be anything from $100 to $500 depending on the casino. For example, a website that offers users a 100% signup bonus of up to $100 will give you $200 if your initial deposit is $100 and $200 if your initial deposit is $500. On the other hand, if your initial deposit is $50, you’ll get $100 for placing bets on the website. The bonus might either come as a promo code or it will be activated automatically on registration. There are different types of signup bonuses. While some require a deposit, others don’t. These are called no-deposit bonuses. You can enjoy them without making an initial deposit. Not many online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses because it offers players risk-free gambling which doesn’t benefit the casino in any way. Their goal is to get you hooked on the game or games. When you run out of the bonus, you’ll have no choice but to deposit and play.

2. Free Play Bonus

The free play bonus is similar to the no-deposit bonus because it is risk-free. The casino will give you a fixed amount of money for free. These bonuses usually come with a timeline. You’ll have to play and win as many times as possible within the given time. When you’re done, the casino will give you your winnings but you may need to deposit a small part of it. The most common type of free play bonus is free spins on slot machines. Some casinos allow users to enjoy a certain number of free spins on a slot machine before they need to make a deposit. It can be anything from 5 to 50 depending on the casino. Most slot machine games come with inbuilt free spins as part of their bonuses. If you’re fortunate, you might get free spins while using the free spins offered by the casino. Some people believe that your chances of hitting the jackpot while using free spins are reduced significantly but slot machine manufacturers and casino owners insist that your chances of winning are the same irrespective of who is paying for the game.

3. Wagering Requirement Bonus

The most common casino bonuses come with wagering requirements. If you don’t meet the wagering requirements, you can’t cash out your winnings or use your bonus. The wagering requirement refers to the number of times you’re expected to play through the bonus before you can withdraw your earnings. The higher the wagering requirements, the more difficult it will be for you to cash out. The good news is that all the money you win while you’re working towards reaching your wagering requirement will be saved for you until anytime you reach it. You’ll be able to cash out your cumulative earnings right after you reach your wagering requirement. The wagering requirement varies from casino to casino and from game to game. If the wagering requirement of a game is 100x the bonus, you will have to bet with at least 100x the bonus amount before you can cash out the bonus winnings. The good news is that you’re not limited to a single bet, you can spread out the amount and take as long as you need to meet the wagering requirements. The only challenge is when the bonus comes with an expiry date.

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4. Cashable and Non-cashable Casino Bonuses

In the online gambling world, cashable casino bonuses are the most popular types of bonuses. As the name implies, you can withdraw the bonus cash as soon as you meet the wagering requirements. If a casino offers a 100% signup bonus of $100 with a wagering requirement of 10x, your bonus will be $100 and you’ll be able to withdraw the money as soon as you meet the wagering requirement. On the other hand, non-cashable casino bonuses cannot be withdrawn directly into your bank account. You can only use this bonus to place more bets on the online casino. Non-cashable bonuses are perfect for players who are more concerned with building their portfolio long-term than making a quick buck short-term. You can use the non-cashable bonus to place bets on the casino and withdraw your winnings. All the winnings can be collected but the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn no matter what.

How to Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Casinos

As stated above, casinos use bonuses to lure new and existing users in this highly competitive market. However, some casinos offer bonuses that are too good to be true because they are fraudulent. Unsuspecting players fall for this trap and end up losing their deposits or giving out vital information. There are some warning signs you should look out for before you register on any online casino for the first time. Some of these signs are:

  • Validate the Gambling License

All casinos, including online casinos, have licenses. One of the best ways to identify a scam casino is to verify if the license is legitimate. Depending on your location and where the casino is registered, you can check the validity on the recommended website. If the online casino has a legitimate license, you can look for other factors on your checklist.

  • Check Out the Payment Options

Most reliable online casinos offer users a variety of payment options. The basic payment options you should see are bank transfer, PayPal, debit card, credit card, and many other traditional payment options. Most fraudulent casinos can’t partner with banks and other legitimate payment service providers. So, they offer limited options. It’s not a straightforward variable but it will help you to an extent.

  • Read the Terms

Every online casino has a list of terms and conditions that you need to read before you register and make a deposit. If the terms and conditions are shady, you should look for another online casino. Make sure that the terms aren’t going to infringe your personal information in any way. These terms usually contain details about registration, bonuses, withdrawals, deposits, and even how your personal information will be used. If the website doesn’t state that your personal information will not be sold or shared with third parties, you should consider looking for another casino.

Online and land-based casinos typically pay huge jackpots in installments rather than at ones. While the terms and conditions vary from casino to casino, you’ll hardly find an online casino that promises to pay out major jackpots in installments. Make sure you check the payout policy before you register to avoid getting frustrated when the payments come in installments rather than at once. Installment payments are usually to your benefit since they help you save money and ensure a steady income stream in the long run.

Bottom line

Online casino bonuses are attractive but you shouldn’t let attractive bonuses distract you from verifying the legitimacy of a website before you register. If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a lie, don’t forget this.

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