Can Gambling Be a Career?

Can gambling be a career? As a gambler, you’ve probably asked yourself this question a few times. Surely, you must have heard of professional gamblers. There is a misconception that those who gamble full-time are more or less problem gamblers. Those who aren’t problem gamblers but gamble professionally are business people who have other things going for them. This is far from the truth.

Can gambling be a career

Can gambling be a career?

People who have a full-time career in gambling do exist and no, they are not problem gamblers. Stories abound on the Internet and in real life of people who have had success in their gambling careers. If others can do it, why can’t you? Gambling is not just an entertaining activity to do once in a while to ward off boredom. It can be just like any regular job out there where you get up in the morning, go to the casino table, and start playing. At the end of the month, you walk out of the game with some cool cash which you could also call your salary for the month. Do you see?

If you’ve been wondering whether starting a career in gambling is feasible, continue reading. It’s time to block out the discouraging voices in your head and take some real steps. No, you will not turn out to be a problem gambler. This article will provide you with tips and other useful information to kick-start your gambling career the right way:

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Practical Tips to help you start this Journey

1. Choose a game and study it

Ever heard of the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? Before starting that gambling career, you need to decide which of the games you intend to play. Face it, you can’t play all the gambling games in the world. Even if you intend to try out all the gambling games there are, you should take them one at a time.

To pick a game, first of all, determine which one you like best. Frankly, why should you play a game you don’t like in the first place? Another thing to do is pick a game you can easily understand. Honestly, in starting a gambling career, the small steps matter the most.

After you have chosen a suitable game, study it. Studying games is easier said than done, it involves dedicating precious time towards the cause. Also, just like a general learning process, this is something you’re going to do continuously. Every game has its unique rules even if they are not spelled out. Observe and watch trends. Learn gambling tricks and strategies. Knowledge is key and on this career path, you are going to need plenty of this.

2. Play the free version of casino games

If you choose to play casino games, you should start with the free versions. Nearly every casino game has free versions for players. These free versions will help you build your skills as a player. Also, you don’t risk money so if you lose, there’s no harm done to your pockets.

3. How much money do you have?

You need to consider how much you have in your accounts before you start your gambling career. Honestly, gambling is a game of chance but it requires taking high risks. These high risks are done with the money. Even if you want to start betting small, you are going to do that with some money.

Now, here is a piece of advice. The fact that you have enough cash to splurge around doesn’t mean you should do so. Gambling can suck up all that in just a matter of minutes!

Create a budget for your gambling expenses. Never place bets with money that you can’t afford to lose. You certainly should never borrow money from people or take out loans to fund your gambling activity. This is a straight path to problem gambling and trust, you don’t want to be on it.

4. You have to be fully committed

Remember you’re starting a career in gambling. The keyword here is a career. Just like every other profession, you must be prepared to commit to this. You can’t afford to gamble today and take a week’s break tomorrow. It will get you nowhere and you might eventually quit out of frustration. Professional gamblers dedicate hours of their time to gambling and its demands daily. The more committed you are, the better you become.

5. Forget feelings and embrace the game’s logic

In professional gambling, you need to pack feelings to the side. If you’re emotionally invested in a particular football team or a particular tennis player, chances are you might lose frequently. Gambling is not just fun and guessing games. You need logic to able to wade through.

There are gambling superstitions such as kissing dice or using lucky charms. Trust, if you want to be a pro at what you do, you’re going to have to put all that aside. Play with your head and not what your heart tells you. Also, be prepared to lose money. In gambling, some days, you lose and some days, you win. Professional gamblers know this and so compose themselves well after a loss. Learn to be a “good” loser. Take it as part of the game. Do not throw tantrums simply because things didn’t go as expected for that day. This worsens the situation. Remember, there are better days ahead. 

6. Still unsure? Get a mentor

In most aspects of life, people need mentors. This applies to gambling as well. Even though you get all the tips from a thousand gambling sites, you still need an expert to guide you step by step. Seek the help of more experienced gamblers. Their guidance will save you unnecessary troubles and fasten the process of you becoming a pro.

Of course, you can not get this mentorship for free. So, you should prepare some money to pay in exchange for this mentorship. Trust, you will be thankful that you did.

Now that you have gotten practical tips on how to start your gambling profession, what are the benefits? Professional gambling has its benefits and drawbacks. Some of these will be highlighted:


  • Money and lots of it

This is one of the first benefits of starting a career in gambling and frankly, the main benefit. With a career in gambling, you can secure the bag. Big winnings equal plenty of money that can leave you financially established for life. This way, you never have to worry about settling basic bills and you can even go ahead to invest.

  • Connections

Sometimes, connections will bring you more fortune. Usually, wealthy businessmen and other high net worth individuals gather at casinos to play games. The gambling table is where the rich and the poor people meet. Depending on how smart and sociable you are, you can connect with these people and improve your luck in life.

  • More time

Unlike other regular jobs, gambling allows you to spend time doing other equally important business. As a professional gambler, you’re your boss. No one tells you what to do and when. You can decide when to take a break to spend time with the family or to go on a small holiday.

  • Visit places you only dreamed of

Professional gambling provides you with the opportunity to visit exotic places. Some casinos offer loyalty programs that don’t just involve money but tickets to beaches, tropical islands, and other getaways. Also, some gambling games like poker hold tournaments in different parts of the world. Through your gambling career, you can visit many different countries in the world, learn about a new culture and meet new people. Is this fun or fun?

  • Building your mental capacity

By studying gambling games, you build your mental capacity over time. You’re able to think on your feet and assess situations faster. Also, you become mentally alert and this is a good thing.

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Even though a good number of people all around the world gamble, no one boldly introduces themselves at events as professional gamblers. This is due to how society perceives gamblers as irresponsible people.

Also, you may face stigmatization from friends and family because of the negative perception of gambling.


Can gambling be a career? The answer is yes. Indeed, just like every other career, it does involve some hard work and discipline to do. Still, don’t be discouraged because you can do this! You can win a lot at a casino.