Countries With The Most Developed Gaming Business


The gaming business is a sector that deals with the development and monetization of video games. With the advent of modern computers with sound cards, graphic cards, and highly dedicated co-processors. 

The gaming business is about you installing gadgets that can be used to transmit games. Playing games is not about age, kids and adults play it. Most kids play it online and compete with their friends while the adults play it during their leisure time or with their kids to have fun or they are asked to. Video games are now an important lifestyle of the worldÂ’s culture. According to a report by Microsoft, it was stated that over two billion human beings engage in gaming annually.

The gaming business is changing rapidly. This business has boosted the economy of many nations which include major countries in North America, Asia, and Europe. Listed below are the leading countries with the most developed gaming business in the world


China is a country that has a very large population and fast internet services. The gaming business is one of the largest and fast-moving internet business in the country. Also, China has the largest online users in the world with 457 million internet users. This contributed majorly to the revenue of the gaming business sector and the country as a whole. In China, there are different types of gaming business users; the MMORPGs and MOCGs. The MMORPGs is a type of gaming business that deals with thousands of users playing a game and interacting simultaneously. In 2015, there are about 300 million MMO gamers in the country. The games played in this section include action and adventure games. The MOCGs is a type of game business that does not involve the internet and they include Ma Jiang and card games. 

As of 2019, data from reliable sources showed that the gaming business sector generates $36.64 billion. The data also showed that 73% of the game users are male while 27% are female. There is a high level of gaming activities in larger cities in the country. China is the source of some largest gaming companies in the world. Though countries like Japan and South Korea are dominating the market but China still generates $23 million from users outside their countries. 

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United States of America

The United is the largest country in North America. The gaming business is a fast-growing entertainment industry in the country. This sector has contributed immensely to the countryÂ’s economy. According to a credible report released by the Entertainment Software Association, this sector has generated over $70.1 billion to the countryÂ’s revenues. As of 2010, there was a large improvement in the gaming business with the introduction of sophisticated gadgets to the sector such as Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Gaming business became interesting also with the introduction of VR. 

Gamers in the United States of America have observed to have spent over $18 billion on the game industry. The average age of a gamer in the US is 35. Only 28% of gamers in the US are below the age of 18 subscribed to gaming business services. As of 2019, the gaming revenue in the country within a measurable period is $37 billion and it is the only country above China. In the demographic representation of the gaming business, it was noticed that teens engage in adventure and action games while the adults engage in card games.

The US gaming sector has lots of employment opportunities. According to a report that was published in 2019, the gaming sector has employed more than 122,500 people in 35 states of the country. Major companies have helped in making sure the gaming business blooms, companies like Sony, Tencent Holdings Limited, Activision Blizzard, Namco and Microsoft.


This country is known for its technology breakthrough in energy, education, agriculture, and transportation sectors. It should be no surprise that Japan made this list. Japan is a popular stakeholder in the market with its products like that of Sega, Square Enix, and Konami. Drumming arcades, games shows, shoot ’em up arcades are coming figures in Japan, Tokyo to be precise. In 2017, the Japanese gaming business came to the spotlight when the country started developing indigenous games. They were not the first to create video games but when they did theirs, they enjoyed it. Look at Pokemon Go, the success of Pokemon Go assisted Pokemon Sun and Moon to generate world sales records. The Japanese love playing games in game houses as evident as you will see it in most of their movies. In 2017, Persona 5, a game created in Japan won the best Role Playing Game at the Game Awards. In 2019, the gaming sector generated $19.03 billion for the country. Japan’s game business is dynamic with the involvement of unique gaming experiences. Large game centers are also common establishments in Japan like GiGO, a large gaming center that has 6 floors in Tokyo, Japan. Super Mario, Pac-Man, Street Fighter, and Sonic Hedgehog originated from Japan.


In Europe, Germany is the country with the largest video games market. It is way ahead of their counterparts like France, United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain. In 2019, the country recorded 44.3 million gamers and $5.5 billion was spent on the gaming sector. Germany is popular to have some important gaming companies like Nintendo of Europe, EgoSoft and Ubisoft which have contributed immensely to the gaming world. Germany, though below other countries has brilliant simulation more than most top countries. Simulation games like vehicular, train and flight simulators game have centers that are popular in the country. There are major game conventions that hold in major cities like Leipzig and such events are always graced by the press. The annual Gamescom game trade fair that happens in Cologne, Germany is the world’s largest Gaming Expo by attendees. This trade fair involves investors and gamers from all around the world. In 2019, data pulled from a reliable source stated that the gaming business contributes $6.98 billion to the country’s economy. 

Though, there are different opinions about violence in video games in Germany. Some groups call for the removal of blood and gore sights in games. 

United Kingdom 

The fifth country on our list is another country from Europe, the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is below Germany on the world video games market chart and it’s the fifth country. The gaming sector was worth $5.12 billion in 2018. In 2019, according to a report posted on a website called Statista, it was documented that the UK made 5.62 revenue in billion US dollars. The spotlight came on the UK game sector in 2009 when the revenue generated by the sector was larger than that of the country’s film industry. Tomb Raider, Wipeout and Grand Theft Auto are being produced in the country and the country is ranked as the third-largest video game producer with the United States of America and Japan topping them. The gaming business has been able to recruit about 21,700 employees. Every game that’s made available for either home uses or game centers are censored by two organizations called PEGI and British Board of Film Classification. 

There are famous game companies located in the country such as Activision, Rockstar Games and Sega Europe. The industry has been growing due to the sufficient funding, high-skilled workers and support of the government. Playstation 4 is the leading gaming platform in the country and the introduction of FIFA 18 boosted its usage. The most used service for the gaming businesses is the Steam service.

With these five countries at the forefront of most developed gaming businesses, other countries have been experiencing significant change by edge-cutting technology that ensures a player’s comfort. There is a major campaign of the gaming sector in Africa, though the progress is slower compared to other continents soon, countries like Kenya and Nigeria will make this list. 

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