Why Do The Chinese Like Gambling So Much

Gambling is an art that spreads across shores and continents. It has a universal language that man generally understands. However, the Chinese have a reputation to be great patronizers of the art. Their zeal for gambling makes one wonder; why do the Chinese like gambling so much? So much that it is depicted in their movies. How deep are the Chinese in gambling and how much do they enjoy the game?

Why Do The Chinese Like Gambling So Much

Why do the Chinese like gambling so much

The average Chinese person holds gambling in high regard. And in casinos around the world, the Chinese leave imprints of great gambling skills.

Their belief

The Chinese are one of the most superstitious people in the world. They often link every event in their lives to sacred numbers, totems, colors, or animals. Their strong belief in fate and omens is often put to the test when it comes to staking money and expecting returns. Hence, it is not unusual to find a Chinese man keen on gambling. The Chinese are usually optimistic about their games. And for this, people believe that the Chinese place higher stakes than the regular gambler.

It is a means of bonding and socialization

The Chinese like to bond and socialize over tea. They believe in bonding with family and loved ones, even in the diaspora. In Chinese history, gambling is a normal social activity where they can show their skills in fortune-telling, and exercise control at the table. In the diaspora, they would rather socialize or make business deals over a game of poker.

It links them with their history

According to Chinese historical belief, the art of gambling is as old as man himself. The Chinese also have great cultural values and they believe in keeping the flames of their history lit. Hence, passing the torch of gambling must continue from one generation to another. And it has stood the test of time and opposition as even while the game changes, the practice remains.

China’s gambling history

Gambling, in general, goes a long time way back, even before legalizing them across the globe. In the separate states of China, gambling became a legal means of raising revenue during the colonial era. Each colony raised funds peacefully until games became rigged and fighting ensued. Hence, upon the unification of the Republic of China, the ruling party banned the art, tagging it unhealthy for a peaceful state.

However, in the late 20th century, China soon found itself lifting the ban to accommodate lottery betting for the aim of generating revenue. And the socialist government regulates the system strictly.

Why Do The Chinese Like Gambling So Much

Illegal gambling in China

With the craze for gambling among the Chinese people, it can be shocking to reveal that the art is banned in China. And except in some special regions, the art is not accepted by the communist government ruling the country.

Why gambling is illegal in China

Gambling, particularly in mainland China, has carried the “illegal” term since 1949. And upon the transfer of authority of the country to the communist republican party, the party takes some legal steps to ban the activity in China. The ban is a result of the history of socio-cultural and political effects of gambling on China in the past. The series of unrest made it necessary for the Chinese government to ban the art in China save for the cities of Hong Kong and Macau. In both cities, they permit limited gambling activities.

What kinds of gambling are legal

Even though gambling is illegal in China, the government issues permits to some lotteries run by the states. This policy is partly a result of the strict ban on online gambling. The government constantly takes measures of fishing out online gamblers through the use of high technology.

Casinos in China

Due to the ban on gambling in China, there are no casinos in main China. However, there are a handful of casinos in Macau. Macau is the only city in China. Where gambling is legal and casinos are acceptable. For this reason, it is a common practice to find people from cities around Macau trooping in to play games.

Why Do The Chinese Like Gambling So Much

The Effects of Restrictions on Gambling

Gambling is practical and legal in many cities around the world. This is as a result of its economical and social benefits. The restrictions in China change over time, mostly because the government sees the many benefits of gambling. And among people who already have deep historical ties with gambling, there are bound to be adverse effects.

Hence, it is not unusual to find that problem gambling becomes rampant. Additionally, such an “illegal” act becomes a more practicable event. Perhaps it is for these reasons that the ban on gambling by the Chinese government gradually relaxes to accommodate lottery games.

In places like Las Vegas, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam, the Chinese are dominant gamblers. And these cities record mass benefits from their Chinese visitors

How The Chinese Deal With Gambling Restrictions

The ban on gambling by the Chinese antigambling government is responsible for significant changes in China’s gambling structure. One of the turnouts of events is the increasing rate of illegal and overseas gambling.

Overseas gambling

In casinos in the United States of America, and major cities across the world, the Chinese tend to dominate in the art of gambling. The need to freely express their love for gambling over time causes a rise in the number of Chinese tourists and sometimes settlers. The casinos offshore take advantage of this turnout of events. Hence, it is common to find Chinese interpreters in casinos. Further, instructions and inscriptions in English-speaking casinos usually have subtitles in the Chinese language.

The Chinese get good reception in these countries, perhaps for their economical contributions. One of the most impressive efforts put in by these offshore casinos is celebrating the Chinese new year. In addition to the availability of Chinese food and entertainment, the Chinese new year celebration comes with some extravagance. This day often marks a day of great profit in casinos.

Illegal gambling

Illegal gambling in far East China is one of the major setbacks the country faces. Although there is a law that subjects violators to a three-year jail term sentence in article 303 of China’s criminal law. Still, underground gambling, albeit unofficial, is a daily affair amid the Chinese.

The Chinese government restricts those traveling abroad to gamble, but offshore gambling still thrives. These restrictions are a result of the alarming rate at which Chinese citizens leave the country. Migration contributes to the rise in the economy of the countries or cities that the Chinese visit. This hike is often an effect of their constant visits to gambling tourist centers across the Chinese borders.

Are the Chinese the best at gambling

When you consider thoroughly; “why do the Chinese like gambling so much” you might also wonder if they are the best gamblers. The Chinese love gambling and they are good at expressing this feeling. Here are some of the traits that make it seem like the Chinese may be the best gamblers

Gambling Skills

Often, people attribute the Chinese with a high level of gambling skills. They know the game and how to play it well. In addition to linking the game with their beliefs in fate, luck, and tradition, they can play the games that deal with numbers quite well.

High Stakes

When the Chinese place their bets, they often do it with a lot of money. People believe that this act is because of their confidence in their gambling ability. Hence, they are one of the best contributors when it comes to raising revenue both at home and abroad.

Passion for Gambling

The Chinese have a burning passion for the art of gambling. Hence, they can celebrate, discuss business, or catch up with a long friend at a gambling table. A long-lasting tradition, the Chinese find pleasure in gambling because of its history with their fathers.

The Chinese might not always be the best gamblers in terms of skills and wealth. However, their zeal and passion for the art are commendable. But sometimes, their passion can be taken to be addictions.


Why do the Chinese like gambling so much? Why do they invest fortunes in the art? The Chinese share a socio-cultural belief about gambling that dates way back. And it is for these reasons that they will go to great lengths to achieve their gambling goals despite their restrictions.