Gambling gives players a special kind of excitement (especially when they hit the jackpot). Those who enjoy gambling or who gamble for financial reasons typically think of different ways to hit the jackpot. Frequent gamblers who have these thoughts know that gambling is a game of chance and luck. No wonder they’ll want to put their hands on anything that would potentially improve their chances of winning in casinos and otherwise. Since the beginning of gaming, lovers of gambling have practiced many rituals to boost their luck. This brings us to our topic: 


What Brings Luck in Gambling? (some western superstitions)

These gambling superstitions have made gamblers rely on charms and other good luck amulets to turn the tide in their favor. Whether you love to gamble during a card game, or you enjoy gambling in dice games or other interesting games of chance, you must have wondered if these superstitions work. After all, what every gambler wants is to always be lucky. There are different sets of gambling rituals that have been used for many years but there is no fact attached to these rituals. Some can be done before and during gambling period while some must be done after gambling. 

Western Superstitions About Luck and Gambling 

1. Get Lucky with Four Leaf-Clover

Cloverleaf is reportedly among the first leaves that the Westerners associated with luck. This is because the history of the cloverleaf can be dated back to Irish tradition. From the onset, a three-leaf clover was believed to bring luck on St. Patrick’s Day. This leaf stood and still stands as a symbol for the Holy Trinity Doctrine (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit). However, when the fourth leaf was present, the ritual represents the grace of God. At the time anyone who found a four-leaf clover was considered a fortunate person. This was because the chances of the individual coming across it at any time are 1 in 5076.

Finding this lucky charm in the wild can be like looking for a needle in a hare-stack. Apart from its rare appearance, each cloverleaf is believed to have a special meaning. Gamblers believe that the first leaf represents hope, the second stands for faith, the third one is a symbol for love, and the last one is for luck. In the present era, cloverleaf has become a popular theme in many online and offline gambling games.

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2. Tap Some Luck for a Family Memento

A Memento is a Latin term that was meant to make people remember their loved ones. It is something held in high esteem by people who love to keep items to remember family members. Mementos can be gotten from different things, including weddings, birthdays, concerts, trips, school, and holidays. It is a keepsake of an item or person you want to remember. Many people believe that mementos have supernatural meaning. No wonder it has been associated with bringing good luck. This can come in handy for gamblers.

Many players believe that coming along with an old family item (family memento) that has been passed from generation to generation to the casino will bring them good luck. Such an item can be a piece of old family jewelry, an old family photograph, or any other kind of token or gift that was passed through the player’s family. So, you can try it out at the casinos to see if it will do the magic and help you hit the jackpot. You don’t need to go to the forest to get a family heirloom. 

3. Borrow Some Luck From a Carp Scale

Keep in mind that we are still talking about What brings luck in gambling and Carp Scale is one of the most popular European superstitions. Christians chose to eat Carp fish as a part of their meal on Christmas day. Since Carp fish’s flesh is white, they prefer eating it and they don’t eat red meat when they are fasting. They can take two scales of the Carp Fish and put them in their wallets. These Carps will remain inside their wallets until next Christmas. The Westerners believe that the scale will bring them good fortune including in a casino. 

4. Pocket a Rabbit’s Foot

The belief that Rabbit’s Foot brings good luck has been on since historical times. The myth behind this lucky charm doesn’t necessarily focus on gambling alone. Just like the laughing Buddha, Rabbit’s Foot is believed to bring good fortune. It has arguably been one of the most commonly used good luck charms among gamblers for generations. Those who carry Rabbit’s Foot believe that holding on to it will bring them good luck in all their endeavours, including when they gamble. So, don’t be surprised when you see individuals in the casino with a Rabbit’s Foot while they gambling. Some of these players can even let one of these charms dangle from their keys as they believe it will improve their chances of winning.

5. Pick up a Horseshoe

The origin of horseshoe and good luck folklore can be traced back to Saint Dunstan. Instead of nailing the horseshoe on the devil’s horse, Dunstan nailed it on the devil’s hoof. He also agreed to release the devil after He (the devil) promised not to disturb any location that had a horseshoe above its main door. From that time to the present day, superstitions people have been hanging horseshoes above their doors for luck and protection. They believe that it will protect them from the devil. Nowadays, people believe that turning the horseshoe upward will bring good luck inside your home because of its “U” shape. They also believe that when you turn it downwards, all of the luck will move out. Surprisingly, many gamblers believe this ad well. 

6. Boost Your Luck With a Cat’s Eye Gem

Just as its name suggests, Cat’s Eye Gem is a stone that illuminates a beautiful ray of light when it has been cut and polished. This light shines from the gemstone and it looks like a cat’s eyes. This charm has been used for generations just like many others on this list. It isn’t just used by gamblers looking for luck. Cat’s Eye Gem is believed to ward off evil spirits like ghosts. It can also serve as protection from many other harmful things. This charm is favorite to many gamblers when it comes to bringing luck. They believe it guards wealth, thus ensuring that they secure fresh winnings. It allegedly does this by reducing the loss of money during a game or business. 

7. Hold an Acorn

Acorns have been regarded as a good luck charm since historical times. In most western cultures, acorns have many meanings all of which are related to good fortune. To illustrate, the British believed that acorns have the power to protect them from any kind of ailments. Meanwhile, in Norse myth, they keep acorns in their residences because they believe it protects their homes from lightning. For gamblers, acorns are believed to bring more luck as well because it allegedly protects them from losing. 

8. Lucky Hats, Yes Hats 

The use of lucky hats, just like the other charms, has been in existence since there was such a thing as hats. This explains why it isn’t uncommon today for gamblers to put on lucky hats as they play their games. The lucky hat isn’t just any regular hat that they wear. It has to be a special hat that they favor when they gamble. It could be the hat that the player wore when they won in the past. Maybe they won big the last time they put it on or something like that.  So, they’ll continue to wear it whenever they play so that they can get good fortune and win big again.

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Final Words

If you’re looking for what brings luck in gambling, you can test these western superstitions. The above superstitions may be associated with luck to those who believe in such things. However, there are superstitions and nothing more. There is no scientific evidence to support the notion that using a lucky charm increases your chances of winning at a casino or anywhere else. The best way to boost your chances is to use strategies rather than superstitions.