How To Avoid Bad Luck in Gambling

Gambling is a game of chance, everyone knows this fact. Some days the player wins, some days they lose. However, whether you are a newbie at the game or an old-timer, every gambler always hopes for good luck at their new game or session. They are always looking for how to avoid bad luck in gambling.

This is because good luck equals winnings and winnings equals plenty of money or a high-value equivalent. Also, nothing compares to that feeling when a gambler’s guesses and prediction turn out correct, especially when they are on a winning streak. Even if gambling is a game of chance, frequent gamblers are incredibly superstitious. They believe that they can do some things to improve their luck and increase their chances of winning.

How To Avoid Bad Luck in Gambling

How to Avoid Bad Luck in Gambling – Western Superstitions and More

1. Avoid Overconfidence of You Believe in Luck

Confidence is good when it is brought to the table but just like the proverbial hare, overconfidence can ruin one. Overconfidence can be a harbinger of bad luck. The fact that one strategy or the other has worked out for the gambler in past times doesn’t mean it might do so again.

It does not matter whether one has been gambling since time immemorial or has never had a losing streak, staying focused on the game is important. A particular strategy might work multiple times but could be useless in another game. A gambler should be discerning with this to avoid bad luck.

2. Know the Limits Even When You’re Lucky

The rule with gambling is that luck can change at any time without warning. A gambler might lose their heavy winnings in the twinkling of an eye should a prediction turn out wrong. Although self-control may be difficult to apply when you are winning a streak are on a roll, know when to stop. One stroke of bad luck can turn a rich gambler into a pauper. So, don’t wait until you run out of luck before you stop.

3. Never Touch the Table When the Dice is Rolling

When a player throws the dice, they should be careful not to touch the table. Touching the table after throwing the dice is believed to disrupt the positive power of the throw. Rather, a player should back away gently from the table after they throw the dice.

How To Avoid Bad Luck in Gambling

How To Avoid Bad Luck in Gambling

4. Never Count Money at the Table

Experienced gamblers believe it’s bad luck to count your money at the table. Different reasons suffice for this. Some say one shouldn’t count so as not to invite “evil eyes” that may cause one to lose one’s winnings. Others say that the time involved in counting one’s money at the table may cause one not to move forward in life. Either way, counting one’s money at the table is believed to bring bad luck.

5. Take Breaks at Intervals

One should never place a bet when they are mentally stressed. Mental stress can cause one to be disconcerted and unable to focus on the game. This can bring bad luck to one’s game and mess up 1their chances of winning. It is always advisable to take a break if one feels mentally upset or stressed.

6. Stake Small and Work Your Way Up

Even though gambling is a game of luck, it is safer to stake small when starting a new game, especially one whose strategy is still being studied. It is bad luck to stake all your money at once on a game whose strategy one is not too familiar with. Although a loss is a loss, small losses hurt less. This advice is particularly suitable for the newbie.

7. Come in Through The Front Door

Many gamblers believe that coming into a physical establishment through the front door may hinder one’s chances of winning or bring total bad luck. Many casinos make provisions for side doors and back doors. A player should make use of either of these doors.

How To Avoid Bad Luck in Gambling

8. Avoid Crossing Legs

While crossing one’s fingers is believed to improve one’s luck, crossing one’s legs is believed to do the exact opposite. Crossing one’s legs before or during a session may cross out any good luck the player was intended to have. It is best to cross the fingers instead.

9. Try Other Games to Improve Your Luck

Sometimes, a particular game might hold bad luck for a gambler. While others might be winning, they might have no such luck. It is advisable to leave that game and try one’s luck in other games.

10. Seek Help

If one, especially a newbie, seems to have bad luck in their games, they should seek the help of more experienced players. Experience still is the best teacher and gambling pros may be able to help with one or two relevant lessons on how to avoid bad luck.

One way to avoid bad luck is to always be in control of your emotions. You should never lose your temper, EVER. Not only is this believed to be a bad omen, but rage also clouds the better part of a player’s judgment.

Another old tip in the book is, one should never wash one’s hands if one is on a winning streak. The idea behind this is that if one is on a winning streak and washes their hands, it will wash away the good luck as well.

11. Tap Into Some Luck With The Colour Red

The color red is believed to bring good fortune to a player. Tired of a bad streak of luck? One should wear a red shirt, a red pair of socks, or any other red piece of clothing to bring good luck to their game.

12. Use Lucky Charms

Good luck charms could be anything, from a piece of clothing to a coin, a bird’s feather to a loved one’s kiss. In the past, a rabbit’s foot was one of the lucky charm and this sold like wildfire in the United States. A good luck charm represents something auspicious or sacred to the player and is believed to ward off bad luck.

13. Kiss the Dice

Before COVID19 came and changed the world forever, blowing on or kissing the dice might bring good luck to a player. Some players tend to say a prayer or good wish in their hearts as they blow on the dice or kiss it. People who gamble online can still touch the screen of their devices for good luck before rolling the dice virtually.

14. Never Lend Money at the Table

A gambler should never lend money to a fellow player at the table. The borrower may not be able to recoup their losses and so become unable to pay them back. This may set off a bad luck chain of events for the lender and they may start to lose money.

15. Don’t Whistle on the Table

Whistling or singing is not a problem until you do it at the table. Not only is this believed to bring bad luck to the player but that it might spread through to fellow players at the table. As such, whistling or singing at the table will always attract reproving looks from other players.

16. Avoid Unlucky Numbers

The number 13 is an unlucky number in many Western cultures. This is because such cultures see the 13th of Friday as a day of ill-luck and death. In China, the number 4 sounds like death – “Siwan” and thus, the Chinese believe that it is an unlucky number. Many experienced gamblers deliberately avoid these numbers and place their chips on other numbers instead.

One of the signs that one may have bad luck in gambling is if they stub their toe against a stone or something else. This is also a general belief that is prevalent in most cultures around the world. If a gambler stubs their toe against something before their session, that might be an indication that they will have bad luck in that game.


If someone asks you how to avoid bad luck in gambling what would you say? The tips above are a good way to start but you should always remember that some of them are just western superstitions. There is no logical explanation that supports them.