Can I Gamble in Vegas with an Expired ID?

An expired ID is a challenge when you gamble in Vegas. And so, you finally hit the jackpot in one of the land-based casinos in Las Vegas after years of trying. Now, you want to collect your winnings, but there’s one problem. The casino has denied your request to cash out your winnings. They say you presented an expired ID. This is always the case in Las Vegas.

No casino in the region will accept an expired identification document. You might be able to sneak your way into the casino and play a game with an expired ID but cashing out will be challenging. You must present your ID before you will be allowed to play but even if the casino fails to scrutinize your ID before gambling, you will be blocked from withdrawing your winnings. This piece will answer many questions concerning the identification requirements for casinos in Las Vegas. In the end, gamblers will know what’s acceptable and what’s not in Vegas.

Can I Gamble in Vegas with an Expired ID?

What Type of Identification is Acceptable in Las Vegas Casinos?

The question of which IDs are acceptable in Las Vegas is a tricky one. Why is this so? The answer is that the regulations usually differ from region to region. Some IDs can be acceptable when it comes to activities that require ID (like drinking or gaining entrance into a club). However, gambling is not applicable. To enter a casino you must present a valid ID. The ID you present must be running and not expired. But if you want to drink alcohol, you might just need to present proof of age to bartenders. Again to play in a Las Vegas casino, your ID must appear on the list of acceptable IDs. Here is the approved list of IDs in the United States:

  • Driver’s License
  • Military ID card
  • State-issued ID card
  • Passports
  • Passport cards

Meanwhile, other IDs like driver’s authorization cards, and tribal-issued IDs, as well as other non-government approved means of identification will be turned away in Las Vegas casinos. When it comes to international gamblers, there are very few options available to them. They only need to present an acceptable means of identification for non-U.S. citizens:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license issued by the government

Can I Gamble in Vegas With Expired ID?

You may be wondering whether or not if you will be allowed to gamble with an expired ID in Vegas. The answer to this question is simple. No. Despite having a pretty straightforward answer, it will be ideal if you know how it works particularly if you love gambling and your current ID is an expired one. Even though you won’t be allowed to use your expired ID to play in any of the casinos in Las Vegas, any other means of identification is acceptable. If alternatively, you have a driver’s license, or passport, or any other acceptable means of identification it can be presented. However, if the above-mentioned options have all expired, it won’t be considered as a valid form of identification. This means that the casinos in Las Vegas will reject it.

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The best advice for players who are looking to travel to Vegas and gamble is to ensure that their means of identification is valid. Apart from making sure that the ID isn’t expired make sure that your ID isn’t about to expire. Make sure your ID is renewed before heading to Vegas. Renewing your ID isn’t a difficult process. The only downside to this is that it may take an extended period for your new ID or passport to be ready. The best way to defeat this obstacle is to plan.

Can I Gamble With a Temporary ID in Vegas?

While a temporary ID can be accepted in other circumstances a paper ID isn’t an acceptable type of identification for gamblers in Las Vegas casinos. To gamble in Las Vegas casinos, you must have to provide a valid identification document containing a photo. It can include a driver’s license, current passport (the United States or Foreign), and a military ID. 

You can try pairing your temporary ID with a certified print of your birth certificate. You can also pair it with any other form of identification. Although some casinos might accept it this way, it will be better if you get the casino to verify the ID just before you start playing this way your winnings won’t be denied. The bottom line here is that a temporary ID isn’t acceptable in Las Vegas in most cases. ID checks in Las Vegas casinos are now more thorough than ever in recent years. The casinos are becoming stricter and stricter when it comes to the recommended types of identification that they accept. No wonder a temporary ID isn’t regarded as a valid means of identification when visiting Las Vegas.

Again, the rules and regulations can be different. It will mostly depend on the casino in question, so you may be fortunate that the casino will be okay when you present a temporary ID. However, even when there is no one checking, unless you have any other valid means of identification (maybe a document displaying your photo), you could lose a lot of money. Take an example, if you have a huge win (that is a jackpot above $500), your ID will certainly be checked before you cash out. These rules generally need to be enforced.

Do Las Vegas Casinos Accept Vertical IDs

Some states in the U.S have started the practice of giving people vertical ID’s. These types of IDs are typically issued to people below the age of 21. That is under 21 and needs a driver’s license or ID. The purpose of issuing Vertical ID’s is to stop minors from gambling or purchasing alcohol. However, what if you get to age 21 and you only have a vertical ID? Will Las Vegas casinos accept your vertical ID?

The answer is yes. Las Vegas casinos will accept your vertical ID for gambling. Because vertical IDs indicate that the person that ID was issued to was underage as of when they were given the ID. However, the user can expect additional scrutiny even if the vertical ID is still valid and has not expired. If the above criteria are met it can be used throughout Las Vegas without any hiccups. 

How do I Remedy Losing My ID in Las Vegas?

What will happen if you are already in Las Vegas gambling and you suddenly realize that you have lost your ID? If you end up losing your ID while visiting Las Vegas, you’ll have to request for a new ID from your home state’s DMV. There’s nothing Nevada’s DMV can do to help you retrieve your ID. No wonder it is essential that when you are traveling to Las Vegas, you come with any of the acceptable forms of identification like a driver’s license and valid passport. Bringing your backup identification documents is always a great idea when you are traveling no matter your destination. 

I Just Turned 21 Will I Be Allowed to Gamble in Las Vegas Casinos With a Temporary ID?

If you just turned 21 and you are hoping to gamble with a temporary ID in Las Vegas, then you must know that most casinos in the city can deny you. The fact is that Las Vegas casinos have the right to deny your ID if they believe that you are under age 21. Even though they want to do business with you they wouldn’t foolishly take the risk of letting you in when they fear that you may be underage. 

In most cases, it will be up to you to show them that you are not underage. Finally, your temporary identification like a temporary driver’s license might or may not be adequate to prove your age. This will be the case because you are far away from your state and the casino can not be sure that the piece of paper you have provided is valid.


Now that we made you aware of the types of identification that are accepted at Las Vegas casinos, it is safe to say that you will know what to do if you find yourself in such a situation. We also discussed the types of ID that would be rejected. You will probably not be allowed to gamble in a Las Vegas casino with a temporary ID (although this will depend on the casino you are going to) not to talk about an expired ID. An expired ID has no value. This is why you must renew your identification before taking a trip to Vegas.

As stated above, you should plan long beforehand because getting the authorities to issue you a new ID can take an extended period. Finally, we have also learned that Las Vegas casinos accept vertical IDs. This type of identification can be used in Las Vegas as long as the holder is aged 21 and over. 

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