The Craziest Real Stories That Happened in Vegas

You’ve heard the phrase “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. This is an informal rule that tourists to Vegas have used for many years to justify going full crazy during their vacations in Vegas. Millions of people have gotten drunk and accidentally married in Vegas, and many others have gambled away everything they own in Vegas. You’ll hardly find a person who doesn’t have a crazy story about their Vegas visit. While those who do these crazy things might be embarrassed to talk about them, you’ll also get reliable information for Vegas bartenders, waiters, and other workers in Vegas who witness these activities. We’ve come up with a shortlist of some of the craziest stories we’ve heard about things that happen in Vegas.

The Craziest Real Stories That Happened in Vegas

Craziest Real Stories That Happened in Vegas

1. Chasing a Thief Butt Naked

One day, a patron was seen naked chasing a lady. The shocking sight was funny and uncomfortable for visitors at the same time. Later, the man explained what had happened. The woman was a sex worker who came to his room to proposition him for a gig. He accepted her offer but she insisted that he took a bath before they have sex. While he was bathing, she stole his wallet and valuable wristwatch and ran out of the room. When he heard the door close, he ran out of the bathroom without a robe or even a towel and started chasing the sex worker across the hallway of the hotel completely naked. He and the sex worker end up entering the same elevator. You can only imagine how uncomfortable everyone else in the elevator was when they saw a naked man run into the elevator chasing after a woman. Both of them continued to struggle. It was only when they got to the ground level that security could settle the dispute.

2. The Old Woman Who Didn’t Care

In one Vegas casino, an old woman who loves slot machine games is seen playing a slot game comfortably and happily. The woman is in a wheelchair and she’s using an oxygen mask to breathe. She isn’t alone in the casino as some family members are present with her. Suddenly, she hits the jackpot and the whole casino is amazed. Like with every other jackpot, lights start flashing, bells start ringing and workers in the casino rush to the woman with the forms she needs to fill to get her money. The woman is overwhelmed by the noise but her family members step in to help her get her reward. Still, the growing crowd is too much for her to handle. She moves away from the slot machine and heads to another slot machine and starts playing again. Onlookers were surprised because people don’t usually continue playing right after they hit the jackpot. It became clear that the woman wasn’t just playing for the money. Her key interest was the fun and rush of adrenaline that comes with slot games.

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3. Three Men and a Lady

During a vacation to Vegas, a husband and wife decided to go wild and do things they normally wouldn’t consider doing at home. The Vegas trip was for the celebration of the woman’s 21st birthday. After gambling and partying, they decided to take the fun over to the hotel. The husband decided to invite his cousin to party with him and have a threesome with his wife. The cousin took things to another level by inviting his friend to follow him to the hotel room. This led to a foursome between the man, his wife, and two other men. This was the first time the wife was having sexual relations with three men at the same time. They took pictures and videos back to their home so it wasn’t a night they would forget in a hurry.

4. The Ransom Request

It’s not unusual for people to find sex workers who steal from their customers even before they have done anything with them. Some thieves pretend to be sex workers, just so they can sneak into the hotel rooms or homes of unsuspected men and steal their belongings. One crazy thing that happened in Vegas involved a guy and a lady he met in the casino. She wasn’t a sex worker, or at least she didn’t say she was one. After getting drunk and playing a few games with the girl, he invited her to his hotel room and the party continued. When he woke up in the morning, he discovered that the girl had left the room with all his clothes, his wallet, and all his valuables. As if that wasn’t enough, the girl left a note telling him that she took naked pictures of him and she is going to release the photo in two days if the boy doesn’t send her $10,000. Fortunately, the boy quickly reported her to the Canadian embassy since he was a Canadian. Those in the embassy were able to track the girl’s phone and arrest her before she had a chance to leak the photos.

5. Peeing on the Blackjack Table

Alcohol and gambling go together. This is why you’ll hardly ever find a land-based casino that doesn’t offer drinks to visitors. Casino owners deliberately add alcohol to their menus because they know that people tend to gamble more and gamble less logically when they are intoxicated. However, intoxication pulls down inhibition so people can do all sorts of crazy things when they are over drinking. Most of the craziest things that happen in Vegas happen when people are drunk. One day, a guy got drunk in a casino while he was playing a slot game. He wasn’t spending much, he put just $20 into the machine and he didn’t have much money left. When he ran out of cash to pay for buzz, he kept demanding for more drinks. He was screaming as he told the waitress to give him more drinks. The noise attracted security but the man wouldn’t stop screaming. Before they could calm him down, the man started peeing on the blackjack tables. The security guards had to tackle him while he was still peeing on the tables. Multiple chips on multiple tables were affected by his pee before security could get him out.

6. The Police Officer Who Broke His Skull

Police officers are supposed to conduct themselves in an orderly manner. It is their job to uphold the law so it only makes sense that they follow the law as well. Unfortunately, officers are humans too and they are bound to make mistakes from time to time. One day, a police officer caused a scene in a Vegas casino. After playing a few games, he was already drunk because he was drinking more frequently than he was playing. Somehow, he made his way through the power escape and went to the side of the casino. He was at least one floor high and he stood over the barriers where the valets typically take cars from the visitors. Since he had no business there, the valets and the bounces started asking him to come down screaming on top of their voices. Instead, he climbed a big fluorescent bulb but his weight was too much and the bulb shattered sending him straight to the ground. The security guards and others around ran to help him only to find out that his skull cracked on the pavement when he fell. Thankfully, he did not die but was quickly rushed to the hospital. It was only after he was rushed to the hospital and his wife was contacted that the casino workers realized that he was a New York City Police officer. The wife threatened to sue the casino even if the husband was drunk.

These are just a few of the craziest things that have happened in Vegas. If we choose to write about every single crazy thing that happens in Vegas, we will run out of space. If you’ve ever visited the sin city, then you know exactly what we mean. If you’re thinking of visiting, make sure that you don’t go overboard when you get there. Thanks to the Internet, not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You might not want to share your crazy story but someone might video you while you’re doing something crazy and post it online. Something that was supposed to be a crazy night that stays in Vegas will remain on the Internet forever. So, always party with caution.

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