T-Rex 2 Slot Review


The slot gaming segment has been the biggest earner of gambling revenue for the longest time before online sport betting platforms almost changed this narrative. However, the quick move by slot machine makers to avail slot games on online platforms guaranteed that this segment would retain its number one spot. The T-Rex 5-reel slots game is a top performer in the slot gaming segment. The T-Rex slot game brand is set to see a boast in online-user numbers following the release of T-Rex II.

T-Rex 2 Slot Review

T-Rex II is the awaited second installment in the T-Rex slot gaming franchise. Die-hard fans of the T-Rex slots game have been anticipating a new release of the game from RTG Games, the creator of the slots game. It is beyond doubt that the first game in this emerging series has seen unprecedented success. In response to continued player demands for a new release, RTG Games has promised avid T-Rex players an even richer user-experience in the latest version of the game.

What follows is a review of the latest release in the T-Rex slot game franchise, T-Rex II. This article will compare the features of the newest version and the original T-Rex slot game. You will have access to detailed facts about the game T-Rex II slot game. By the end of the review, you will be able to access the extent to which RTG games has fulfilled your expectations by releasing T-Rex II.

Comparison of T-Rex II with its Predecessor

Jurassic Dinosaur Theme

The name alone should assure you that RTG Games has taken a conservative approach and retained the Age-of-the-dinosaurs theme in T-Rex II. The original T-Rex game and T-Rex II both make use of a theme borrowed from the cretaceous period, the age of the dinosaurs. Both games have the Tyrannosaurus Rex as the lead symbol on the reels of the slots game.

The differences between T-Rex II and the original T-Rex game emerge when you consider the other dinosaurs on the reels. The original game has a Triceratops (a tri-horned plant-eating dinosaur), a Stegosaurus (a slow and spiked plant-eating dinosaur), and an Ankylosaurus (a plant-eating dinosaur with a padded back and spiked tail) as the support characters in the gameplay.

RTG has done away with the three plan-eating dinosaurs in T-Rex II and decided to stick to meat-eaters. You will, therefore, find that in addition to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the T-Rex II slot game has a Velociraptor (a small, fast, deadly meat-eating dinosaur) and what appears to be a furry ferocious-looking meat-eating creature of unknown origin. If one was to guess, this latter creature could be a furry descendant of meat-eating dinosaurs.

In addition to changes in the Cretaceous period fauna, there is also a significant change in the flora or plant symbols in T-Rex II. The first installment in the T-Rex slot game franchise features a member of the Cycad family, which is a palm-like plant. RTG appears to have made use of the plant equivalent to meat-eating dinosaurs by picking the insectivorous pitcher plant as the replacement symbol.

It is also worth noting that there is a color change in the lead Tyrannosaurus Rex character. The original T-Rex game has the Tyrannosaurus in the traditional beige color while in the T-Rex II the famous raptor is in a glaring red. All in all, the dinosaur characters in T-Rex II are quite striking.

T-Rex 2 Slot Review

Anyone who has ever played the very first T-Rex slots game can attest to the fact that T-Rex I features impressive graphics. How the menacing Tyrannosaurus Rex appears to pop out of the 2D screen is an effect that is quite captivating. An equally stunning effect has the Tyrannosaur devouring a plant-eater whole. The Tyrannosaur graphics are so captivating that you might find yourself playing non-stop just to see the Tyrannosaur in action. However, if you think that the graphics in T-Rex I are fantastic, then you have not had a chance to play T-Rex II.

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The people at RTG have surpassed their earlier effort when it comes to the graphics on the T-Rex II slots game. The gameplay effects are astounding in this second installment of the T-Rex slots game franchise. The menacing stance of the tyrant dinosaur as the beast roars is simply awesome. The same can be said of the visual effects that depict the Tyrannosaurus Rex bursting through lesser dinosaur icons to take their place on the reels. You can see the debris and dust flying off in all directions just before the ancient raptor comes forth in a dramatic pose.

Another aspect of graphics revolves around the alphanumeric characters on the reels of the T-Rex slots games. In T-Rex I alphanumeric characters made use of a dripping font, an effect that fused well with the scary Jurassic theme of the game. The creators of T-Rex II modified the graphics on the alphanumeric characters by going for a spiky font. The prickly aspect of the alphanumeric symbols on the reels is cohesive with the sharper Jurassic theme implemented in this second installment.

All in all, the marked improvement in the visuals of T-Rex II should make gameplay on the second installment of the slots game even more engaging. With regard to graphics, the RTG people tasked with graphics for T-Rex II have not disappointed.

Number of Winning Lines

For those who might be new to slots gaming, a winning line refers to a combination of symbols on the reels of a slots game bearing a set monetary value. The higher the number of winning lines on a slots game, the higher the chance of winning while playing the game.

The original T-Rex slots game offers players the option of choosing up to 25 winning lines during gameplay. It is worth noting that different online platforms do set different pay line values for the same implementation of the T-Rex slots game. There are mostly three standard minimum bet denominations per line for the majority of online T-Rex I slots games. The minimum denominational values are $0.05, $0.10, and $0.25. The implication is that each spin with 25 winning lines on the T-Rex I game will require you to part with $ 1.25, $2.50, or $6.25 depending on the minimum bet per line.

Nothing has changed in the second installment of the game. T-Rex II offers the same choice of 25 lines. The minimum bets per line are also $0.05, $0.10, and $0.25. This means that the cost per spin is $1.25, $2.50 and $6.25 for the various online implementations of the same T-Rex II slots game.

Free Spins

Free spins in T-Rex I is initiated by the appearance of the egg symbols on any one of the five reels of the slots game. Each egg symbol avails two free spins on the game, which means that the game can award you up to 10 free spins if an egg icon appears on each reel. This outcome has not changed in the T-Rex II slots game. This is despite the fact that the egg symbol in the second installment of the game is significantly different. Each egg symbol in the T-Rex II game still awards you two free spins.

Auto-Play Option

Both the original T-Rex slots game and T-Rex II offer the same auto-play option. This option allows you to increase the speed of your gameplay. It also allows you to ease up on any tension that might have accumulated during regular gameplay. It is worth noting that the auto-play option does not necessarily boost your chances of winning on either game.


The two installments in the T-Rex slots game franchise offer players the chance to win a progressive jackpot not exceeding $10, 000. It is worth noting that free spins on the T-Rex II slots game do not disqualify you from winning the jackpot. Therefore no one will deny you of the right to claim you winnings just because it took place during a free spin.


Avid players of the T-Rex game and all slots game enthusiasts do have something to look forward to in the T-Rex II slots game. Anyone who plays this slots game is bound to acknowledge that RTG Games have done an impeccable job in the T-Rex II game. Finally, the stunning graphics of this second installment in the T-Rex slot game franchise will surely add to the already enormous popularity of the slots game.

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