How to Speed up Your Gambling Payouts

The rush of gambling can only be compared to the reward of a huge payout. Gambling in a land-based casino is great. You’ll have fun with other gamblers and you’ll get paid before you leave the casino as long as the jackpot is not an insanely large amount. When you’re playing online, however, cashing out may not be as fast as you’d expect. You might need to wait for days before you can withdraw your hard-earned winnings and even days before you it will be deposited to your account after the withdrawal request has been sent. There are several factors that influence the speed of payouts and we will discuss these factors below.

How to Speed up Your Gambling Payouts

Factors That Cause Possible Payment Delays in Casinos

1. The Withdrawal Method

Each casino offers a list of deposit and withdrawal methods and this list plays a significant role in determining how fast you will receive your payment. The withdrawal methods usually include but aren’t limited to a direct bank transfer, PayPal, Netteller, Skrill, MoneyGram, and Western Union. Each withdrawal method comes with a unique verification method. This is why the best online casinos are KYC compliant. Without filling the complete KYC information and verifying that you own the account, you’ll be unable to make withdrawals. If you’ve already filed these details, you’ll save a lot of time when you want to make withdrawals. For PayPal withdraws, payments usually take a minimum of 4 hours. Even if there is a delay, it isn’t going to last for more than 24 hours. If it does, you can contact PayPal for assistance. From PayPal, you can either spend the money or transfer it to your bank account. The time limit for direct bank transfers varies from bank to bank but Netteller and Skrill have similar policies as PayPal. To speed up your payment, consider using PayPal if that option is available on the online casino.

2. The Processing Time

While the withdrawal method might be fast, you’re not getting the money until you receive the go-ahead from the casino. The processing time is the time it takes for a casino to examine your withdrawal request, ensure that it is legit and approve it. If they don’t approve the request, the remittance company doesn’t get the request and you don’t get the payment. If you are in violation of any of their terms and conditions, you’ll not get paid. If you’ve not completed the verification, you’ll not get paid. If your withdrawal request is approved, the remittance company will also need some time to verify that you’re not involved in any fraudulent activity before they pay you. They take extra steps when you’re gambling overseas. If there is any suspension of fraud, you will not get paid until the issue has been resolved. To speed up your payment, ensure that there is nothing wrong with your casino account and nothing wrong with your bank account before you initiate the payment.

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3. The Reputation of the Casino

There are hundreds of casinos online but only a few are legitimate businesses. Out of that, only a few have an excellent reputation when it comes to payouts and your personal reputation. If you’re unfortunate and you bet on a rouge sportsbook, they will come up with bogus reasons to delay your payment until you get frustrated and give up. Some low budget online casinos might have small amounts of cash but they may have difficulty when it comes to payout out huge jackpots. The thing is that they will never tell you that they don’t have the money. They will just give you one silly excuse after another. If you’re fortunate, you might still get paid after being delayed for weeks or months. This is why you should be extremely careful when you’re betting on an offshore casino. These offshore casinos are not regulated in the United States. So, you can’t report them to the authorities if they rip you off.

4. The Program You’re Using

Most online casinos offer different programs. If the casino of your choice has a VIP program, you should consider enlisting from it. These VIP programs come with many benefits like high deposit and withdrawal limits, quick withdrawals, better bets, etc. Some casinos request a small monthly fee for VIP access while some give it for free to their most loyal customers. If you’re a frequent gambler, this might be just what you need to speed up your withdrawals.

Top Online Casinos With Fast Withdrawal

1. Wildz Casino

Wildz Casino is a great option for quick deposits and withdrawal. The withdrawal methods available on the platform include Bank Transfer, Visa Mastercard, Much Better, Skrill Neteller, Ecopayz, Zimpler, Siru, CashtoCode, Paysafecard. While the withdrawal time may vary from method to method, you should get your money within 24 hours of your request as long as you’re not in any violation. The website offers several games from slots to card games. So, variety isn’t a problem. The user experience is great as well.

2. 888 Casino

Another great site for quick payment processing is the 888 Casino. They offer over 600 games and lots of fantastic prizes to be won. You’ll get an exclusive bonus right after you signup and withdrawals will be processed within at least 72 hours after the request is made. This doesn’t mean you have to wait for 24 hours before you get your money. It simply means there might be a problem if you don’t get paid after 72 hours. They offer 24 hours customer support seven days a week so you can reach out to them.

3. CasinoLuck

CasinoLuck offers even faster withdrawals than the other online casinos listed above. You can get your money as quickly as 12 hours after requesting for payment. They offer amazing bonuses and host promotions from time to time. They also have 24/7 customer support through live chats and email.

4. Guts Casino

With Guts Casino, you can get your money as early as 2 hours after making payment. Like many other casinos, you will get a welcome bonus right after you subscribe. You can reach the customer support team 24/7 through phones, and emails. You can also register for VIP support to enjoy even quicker and more efficient services. VIP subscribers have access to even more exclusive bonuses.

5. Lucky Days

Another amazing and reliable casinos you’ll find online is Luck Days. LuckyDays has a withdrawal pending period of 12 hours. Despite the fact that the casino came online in 2019, it has rapidly become one of the most popular online casinos in the world. They offer a variety of games including slot machines, dealer games, and card games. You can contact the support team through live chat and email if there is any delay in payment.

6. Betsson Casino and Sports

Betsson doesn’t just offer regular casino games, they also offer great sports betting options. The pending period for payments on this casino is 12 hours which is more than many other online casinos offer. If you join their VIP program, you will enjoy faster payments and even faster customer support. There are fantastic prizes to be won and you can reach the team via live chat and email.

Bottom line

Everybody wants fast payments but you should never allow your quest for quick payments force you into visiting an unreliable website. Some websites have offers that are too good to be true. So, make sure you review each website thoroughly before you proceed to registration or payments. Read online reviews and social media content related to these websites to find out what others a saying about it. The most trustworthy reviews are reviews from strangers who have nothing to lose. Since you’ll be putting your banking information on the website, it’s important that you only use a reliable website.

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