High Noon Casino Review

Welcome to the High Noon Casino Review. The casino came on the gaming scene in 2010 and is under the ownership of Club World Casinos Group Casinos. We will be conducting a review on this casino to show you if they meet the standards of an online casino. At the end of this review, you will be able to decide whether you want to play here or not. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

High Noon Casino

High Noon Casino Review: The Sign-up Process

High Noon Casino’s sign-up process is in three easy steps. First of all, you input your email address, preferred username, and password. Secondly, you have to fill in your names, select your gender, type in your phone number and birthday. Finally, select your country, type in your zip code, two addresses, city, and state.

  • Good deal: The sign-up process is quick and easy; you can fill it within three minutes.
  • Drawback: First of all, the password is in a no-view manner. This means that you can’t see your password while typing. Therefore, you cannot tell if you made a mistake when filling it. Also, the casino does not talk about its currency options on its sign-up page. However, upon further interaction, we discovered that the standard currency is USD. Thus, players from other countries will have to convert to USD before making deposits. Similarly, after receiving payment, they will have to convert to their local currency.

Our Rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible, to 5, which connotes excellent. High Noon Casino’s sign-up process is quick and easy, but it limits its currency option to the USD. Therefore, we give the sign-up process a 3.

The Welcome Package

As soon as you’re done signing up, the casino will present to you two options: “View Bonuses” or “Go Straight To Casino.” If you click on the former, you’ll see their first deposits welcome bonuses. However, for the sake of this article, we will first be talking about no-deposit welcome bonuses. When playing online at a new casino, we advise that you start with no-deposit welcome bonuses. This way, you can familiarise yourself with the games without risking your money. Sadly, High Noon Casino does not offer its new players no-deposit welcome bonuses. Alternatively, they allow you to play the demo versions of games with a fun balance of $1,000. However, we know for a fact that playing demo versions is not the same as playing for real.

For real money, High Noon Casino offers three different welcome bonuses, which means it is up to you to decide which one you’re picking.

For the first type, you receive 200%, which is up to $2,000 on a minimum deposit of $35.

The second type allows you to get 100%, that is, up to $500. As with the first, the minimum deposit for this is $35.

Finally, the third type offers players 350%, which is up to $3,500 plus free chips worth $75. However, this type is only available for the Bitcoin payment option.

  • Good deal: Their welcome bonuses on deposits is a good way for a new player to start. Additionally, what makes it better is that the Bitcoin payment option has its unique deposit bonus.
  • Drawback: High Noon Casino does not provide new players with no-deposit welcome bonuses, whether it be money or free spins. This is a huge drawback that we cannot ignore as it may discourage some players from betting with real money.
High Noon Casino

Our rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 15, which connotes excellent. As stated already, the lack of a no-deposit welcome bonus is a huge drawback. However, their welcome bonuses are quite generous for minimum deposits of $35. Therefore, we rate the welcome package 10.

Experience (Games, Entertainment and Fun)

High Noon casino has over 200 games available to players. These include various slots, video poker, table games, specialty games, progressives, and games marked as favorites. Thus, you have as many game options as you could have. To try out the games, you can play their demo version with a thousand-dollar fun balance. Most importantly, there are sounds and music available for instant play. Why do we consider this the most important? Well, playing games without the effects of sounds and music takes away from the excitement of the experience. So yes, they are that significant.

  • Good deal: High Noon Casino allows registered and non-registered members to try out the demo version of its games. Thus, if you play the games and like them, you can register and play for real money. However, if you don’t, you can leave the casino site. We like the power of choice.
  • Drawbacks: There is no drawback here. The casino games are fun and entertaining, plus they load fast.

Our Rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 20, which connotes excellent. The games at High Noon Casino are fun to play as both new and old casino players will find them exciting. Therefore, we give it 18.

Ongoing Promotions Availability

At the time of writing this article, High Noon Casino offers daily promotions for every day of the week.


For Mondays, you can receive 75% on three deposits. However, this bonus is only available for Keno, Scratch Card, and Slot games. You can redeem this with the SALOON75 coupon code. In addition to this, you can receive 70% on all table and slot games. The coupon code to redeem this is SALOON70.


For Tuesdays, the bonus is a 20% cashback on deposit.


On Wednesdays, you receive 65% on all games for five deposits. In addition to this, the casino will reward you with a chip worth $25 once you make your fifth deposit and redeem the coupon code. The coupon code is REWARD65.


On this day, you receive ten free spins on a deposit of $50. When you deposit more than $50, you will receive 20 free spins. Additionally, you are up for a 70% bonus on slot games. The coupon code is GOLD70.


On Fridays, you can receive a 67% bonus match. The best part about this is that you can claim this as many times as you want to. The coupon code for redeeming this is HOEDOWN67.


On Saturdays, a minimum deposit of $150 will get you a 65% bonus. When you make more than a $150 deposit, the casino will give you a 70% bonus on the games. The coupon code for this is RANCH65.


Finally, you get to receive a 77% bonus on slot games for Sundays, which you can redeem up to four times. However, the casino does not mention the minimum deposit amount for this. The coupon code for redeeming this is QUICKDRAW77.

Our rating: Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 20, which connotes excellent. High Noon Casino’s promotions are only limited to daily bonuses on first deposits. However, the percentage on the bonuses is generous. Therefore, we rate it a 15.

High Noon Casino

Customer Service

High Noon Casino customer service outlets include a live chat, email address, and a phone line. A chatbot, whose name is Duke operates the live chat along with a human agent. When you enter the chat, you first speak with Duke, who will ask you for details such as your username and email address. Next, it will direct you to the human agent. The first time the bot redirected us to its human colleague, we spent close to 15 minutes waiting, yet no one would answer us. As the famous saying goes, time is money. Therefore, we couldn’t afford to waste more time and so exited the chat.

However, we decided to give it a second shot. Still, we were delayed after Duke transferred us. The only thing is that the delay was close to five minutes. Also, the human agent requested too much personal information (the ones we used in registering) before we could proceed further. Judging by this, you can tell the live chat was wearing us out. As soon as the chat ended, the casino presented us with stars asking for a rating. Well, we ignored that part.

Interestingly, the first time we could not access the customer service via live chat, we resorted to sending an email. Now, the response to our mail was swift, and they answered our question. However, while we liked the swift response, it made us question the purpose of the live chat, which happened to be painfully slow.

What We Reviewed

  • Good deal: If you want a speedy response, we suggest you try out their email instead. Although we didn’t try out their phone line, we like that this and the email were available to contact options to the live chat.
  • Drawback: The human agents need to be faster in responding to customers via live chat. There’s a reason it is called a live chat, as it allows customers to pop in quickly to get answers just as quickly. Also, the verification questions the human agent asks are too many for a simple request.

Our rating: Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 15, which connotes excellent. The customer service has a lot to improve on. Therefore, we give it a 10.

Deposit Options

High Noon Casino’s deposit options include Visa, Ecopayz, Skrill, Neteller, Mastercard, and Bitcoin. The minimum deposit for all is $35. For Bitcoin, the maximum deposit amount is $10,000.

Our rating: Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 10, which connotes excellent. While most of the deposit options are accepted universally, they’re few for a casino that’s open to players from countries all over the world. Also, casinos are making more room for cryptocurrency as an acceptable payment option. Even though we recognize and applaud High Noon Casino’s effort with Bitcoin, we think it should include more cryptocurrency. Thus, we rate the deposit payment option 8.

Payout Process and Requirements

Unlike making deposits, requesting payments come with rules. First, you’ll need to provide documentation to verify your account. Also, there are limits to how much you can withdraw with your credit/debit card.

For Neteller, Skrill, and Ecopayz, the minimum withdrawal is $35 while the maximum is $5,001. There are no withdrawal fees, and the casino processes the withdrawal in 1 day.

For wire transfer, the minimum withdrawal amount is $300 while the maximum is $5,001. For this type, the casino charges a $25 fee.

Lastly, for Bitcoin, the minimum withdrawal is $50 while the maximum is $6,000. The casino charges no withdrawal fee, and the process is within two days.

Our rating: Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 15, which connotes excellent. The payment process is not as smooth as debit, and it is limited. Thus, we give it a 10.

High Noon Casino VIP Programs

VIP programs are exclusive packages that are available to only players who have earned them. These programs usually come in tiers between four to six or more. Some Internet casinos are considered such that every new player automatically gains access to the first level in the VIP program. However, there are requirements if you intend to continue going higher. Usually, the casino publishes these requirements on their websites. Strangely, High Noon casino does not mention anything about its VIP programs on its site. Thus, we had to contact their customer service to get information about this.

Indeed, they confirmed that the VIP programs were not available for public viewing on their site. So what happens is that as you play, the casino conducts a review, and if they think it’s time for you to level up, they email you. That’s all.

Why the casino thinks this is a bright idea, we cannot answer. However, we know that it may discourage some players from continuing to play. Therefore, we hope that shortly, the casino will change its policy and make its VIP programs open for public viewing.

Extra Impressions: Will This Casino Get Our Cherry 🍒 On Top or Not?

Many things impressed us with this casino:

We liked the graphics. The different shades of brown, splashes of red and gold all give it a unique and distinct look.

We like that it has a user-friendly interface. This means players can navigate and find information on their own.

We liked that it made sounds and music available for instant play.

However, other areas left a bad impression. The first is the live chat arm of the customer service which was slow. Secondly, the deposit and withdrawal options are few. Next, there is no transparency in their VIP programs. Finally, even though the interface is user-friendly, you cannot answer all your questions. This is because not all information is available on the site. For all these reasons, High Noon Casino does not get a cherry.

Casino vs. The Competition

Moving forward, we will compare High Noon Casino to three other casinos: Desert Nights Casino, Liberty Casino, and Miami Club Casino. The basis for comparison will follow in this order:

The welcome bonus

The currency option

The graphics

The gaming software

The Welcome Bonus

Miami Club Casino and Desert Nights Casino offer new players no-deposit welcome bonuses of ten dollars ($10). On the other hand, Liberty Casino offers a no-deposit bonus of fifteen dollars ($15). Unfortunately, High Noon Casino offers its players none.

On your first three deposits, Liberty Casino gives you a 100% bonus. Miami Club Casino offers a 100% match on your first eight deposits, while Desert Nights Casino offers a 250% bonus. High Noon Casino offers its players a total of 300% bonus on two different types of first deposit welcome bonuses. Also, the casino offers a 350% bonus when you make a first deposit with Bitcoin.

The Currency Option

High Noon Casino does not mention its currency option. However, we discovered they paid in USD. Liberty Casino offers only the United States Dollar and Australian Dollars as currency options. Miami Club Casino provides only a USD payment option. However, Desert Nights Casino offers USD, Euros, South Africa Rand, Australian Dollar, and British Pounds.

The Graphics

Miami Club Casino, Liberty Casino, and Desert Nights Casino all have that sleek look. Their graphics get a thumbs-up from us. High Noon Casino also has good graphics, although without the sleek look.

The Gaming Software

Miami Club Casino and Liberty Casino both use Wagering Gaming Software. This is by far one of the casino player’s favorite software as it allows for many games. In comparison, Desert Nights Casino uses Rival Gaming Software which offers lesser slot games. However, High Noon Casino uses RealTime Gaming Software. This is one of the biggest and recent gaming software in the industry.

Should I Play At This Casino?

Judging from this article, you can decide if you should play at the casino. If you have no ambition regarding VIP programs, then you can go ahead. The casino has many options for different games, so you are spoilt for choice. Also, if you use the instant play, you get the same experience with sounds and music as though you had downloaded them.

The Verdict

On a scale of 0 to 100, we give High Noon Casino a 74 and no cherry on top. The casino still has a lot to improve on, as is evident in the drawbacks. We do hope that they resolve some of the said drawbacks, as we have mentioned already in this article.