Do casinos have fake gamblers to gamble at their casinos?

Some people believe that casinos apply dirty tricks to increase their returns. One of the dirty tricks believed to be rampant in most casinos is having fake gamblers. This involves hiring people to act as genuine players while the truth is that the casinos employ them.


The truth is that some casinos hire fake gamblers, especially in poker games, to pose as genuine players. These fake players sit on tables and proceed to play like all the other legitimate players. Most of them play carelessly because they are not using their own money. They also play carelessly to encourage the other players on the table to play in the same way. The common name used to describe these fake gamblers is ‘chill.’ This is because their main job is to chill and confuse the genuine players. These gamblers have certain qualities which include:

  • Playing on even after suffering heavy losses
  • Not paying attention
  • Looking uneasy
  • Taking unnecessary risks

Why a casino might opt to have fake gamblers

The main reason why some casinos hire fake gamblers is to create an impression that the casinos are busy. Most gamblers do not play if they enter a casino, and they find only a few people playing. The majority of gamblers usually prefer to play when the casinos are busy. This is because the games are more enjoyable. The fake gamblers do not even have to win to attract more players. They only need to make the tables they are on look busy. A busy table will attract even a person who did not intend to play. There is a high likelihood that such a person will sit down and play.

Some casinos also hire fake gamblers to attract high-end gamblers by creating a fake reputation. These are casinos known to attract customers who do not mind spending a lot of money gambling. Most such players prefer to play in casinos where other players are also playing using huge amounts of money. Consequently, a casino can hire several players to play with huge amounts to entice genuine players who can comfortably play with huge amounts. Even if the genuine rich players are not present in the casino, word spread out. People know that there is a casino where players are playing with huge amounts. Casinos that get such players usually attract affluent customers. This increases the casino’s returns.


How the fake gamblers operate

Most fake gamblers are usually employees of the casinos who are directed to play in particular tables. They are also directed to remove their uniforms to look like ordinary patrons. If you see one of them, you will most likely assume that it is just another genuine player looking to make some money. You can even pity them because most of them lose almost all the money they come with. But if you look carefully, you will notice that they are not worried even after losing because the money they are using to play is not theirs. In fact, it looks like they are on the table to lose.

Sometimes they might get lucky and win. They usually put all the money they have won back into gambling. The reason behind this is that their intention is usually to play for as long as possible. The money won also belongs to the casino and as a result, it needs to go back to the casino.

Casinos that use fake gamblers usually use them when business is low. This is because when the tables are full, there is no need to encourage genuine players to play. But when the number of players is low, it becomes necessary to use different tricks to try and encourage the few players to play. It is hard to find two fake players at a single table. Instead, if a casino uses several fake gamblers, it places one in each table. This is to make sure that several tables in the casino stay active. The only time you can find more than one fake gambler in a table is when the casino targets specific patrons on a specific table. In such a situation, the casino might send several fake gamblers to entice the targeted genuine players.

Whether using fake gamblers is legal

Most casino owners who use fake gamblers do not see any problem with their actions. They claim that the fake gamblers do not force anyone to play. The fake gamblers just sit on tables and play just the way any other player would sit. But the truth is that it is a form of deception to make people believe that there are genuine players. The law does not have provisions to deal with fake gamblers mainly because it is almost impossible to tell between the fake and genuine gamblers. Casino owners know that it is immoral to use fake gamblers, but they do it anyway.

Some customers have raised concerns regarding the usage of fake gamblers in casinos. Casinos have even been fined due to using fake gamblers. However some casinos believe the only way to attract more customers is making their casinos look busy.


What to do after identifying a fake gambler

If you are keen, you can identify the fake gamblers on your table. After identifying a fake gambler on your table, the best thing to do is to move into another table. You can also change casinos by going to a genuine casino. Even if the fake gambler is not affecting your chances to win, it is clear that the casino is ready to use unorthodox methods to attract customers. A fake gambler should let you know that there might be other forms of deceptions. This can be on your table or even on the entire casino. There is a chance that the casino has used other techniques to entice you to play.

You might also decide to continue playing even after establishing that there is a fake gambler on your table. This is mainly if you establish that the fake gambler is not affecting your game in any way. There is no need to alert the casino owners and managers because they are the ones behind the corrupt scheme. You can take your information to the gambling authorities that regulate casinos. If possible, you can secretly record a video to use it as proof that the casino was using unorthodox techniques to entice customers. The authorities will take the necessary actions, including canceling the casino’s license or imposing a fine. Authorities can even send undercover players to ascertain that the casino in question is actually using fake gamblers.

Whether all casinos use fake gamblers

The usage of fake gamblers is done by a few unethical casinos which do not care about the welfare of their customers. These are casinos that would do almost anything to attract customers, even if what they are doing is illegal. Despite this, there are diligent casinos that allow all their players to play willingly without using any deceptive tricks. These are the well-established casinos that believe in treating their customers well. Most of such casinos are known for keeping high standards, especially in terms of ethics. You can identify such casinos because they attract huge crowds even on the days or hours that are expected to have few customers. These casinos also have diligent attendants who are always ready to listen to any complaint that you might have.

You can differentiate between a good casino and one that uses dirty tricks such as fake gamblers by reading testimonials. Most people who frequent the popular casinos later go and write testimonials on the internet. You can also identify the ideal casino by checking with regulating authorities. Some casinos have records showing suspension at one time or the other because of engaging in corrupt practices. A casino with a negative record is likely to engage in dirty tricks, including suing fake gamblers. On the same records, you will also see the casinos that do not engage in any corrupt or unethical practices. Identifying such a casino assures you that you will not find any fake gambler in the particular casino.


Most of the casinos that use fake gamblers are usually desperate, and as a result, they are ready to use any technique to increase returns. Such casinos should not make you stay away from gambling. This is because the fake gamblers do not affect the playing abilities of the other players. You can still play and win even when on the same table with a fake gambler. But it is advisable to play in a casino that is known to be diligent and ethical. The reason behind this is that you are unlikely to have any bad experience in such a casino. Furthermore, playing in a good casino makes you feel confident that even if you lose, the loss will be genuine. Therefore, some casinos use fake gamblers, but still, there are diligent casinos that cannot entertain any form of foul play.