Gambling has been an integral part of the entertainment industry for more than 2000 years. When we talk about gambling, we aren’t just referring to casino games. Gambling can be seen as any action that requires taking risks in anticipation of an unforeseen action. This is something humans have been doing for as long as the thinking man has existed. Gaming is just a channel that allows industries to monetize gambling while providing people with an amazing recreational activity with prospects of winning big. Our focus in this piece is on exotic types of gambling. 


What are Exotic Types of Gambling? 

When you hear gambling, what is the first game you think of? Most people think of sports betting, card games, slot machine games, and lottery games. This isn’t unusual since these are the most common gambling games that are played in almost every part of the world. The lottery is the most popular form of gambling in the United States according to research from the NCBI. The study found that 89% of frequent gamblers loved playing lottery games, 87% loved playing card games, 76% loved gambling in a casino, and 75% preferred slot machines. These games don’t qualify as exotic gambling. So, what does? 

Exotic gambling includes the less popular forms of gambling which are often illegal in the United States. However, horse racing is also a form of exotic gambling. Some other forms of exotic gambling including cockfighting, dogfighting, crab racing, or even donkey racing. It is any kind of gambling that isn’t popular, officially recognized by the state or point-blank illegal. You don’t typically find exotic games in regular casinos. Even if a casino offers these exotic gaming options, it is usually exclusive, and getting an invitation to join isn’t going to be easy.

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No casino wants to get into trouble with the law by opening offering illegal or suspicious gaming options for their patrons. The wagering requirements for these forms of gambling are usually high because of their exclusive nature. You might need to become a high roller if you want to have a taste of rare forms of gambling. Before you dive into illegal options, you should start with horse racing. As stated above, horse racing is a great form of gambling that qualifies as exotic in some parts of the world. 

Types of Exotic Gambling 

1. Animal Racing 

The most common form of animal racing is horse racing but it isn’t illegal in the United States. While people are prohibited from placing bets on horse racing in some parts of the world, you can make a pretty penny if you secretly back a good horse when you’re not supposed to be betting. If you’re looking for something more exotic, then you’ll have to dig deeper for rarer forms of animal racing. You can find underground cock racing pits to place big bets with high rollers and watch the exciting game in person. Donkey racing is another exciting exotic form of gambling. It is a popular form of Pakistani entertainment and there is a lot of money to be won in donkey racing rings.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll also find other forms of animal racing like ostrich racing, camel racing, cockroach racing, goat racing, and zebra racing. Always proceed with caution when you’re looking for a rare animal racing ring. You could do some serious jail time if you’re caught betting on illegal animal races, especially when the animals are endangered and the game is risky. It doesn’t need to be a racing tournament. It can be animal fighting as well. In any case, make sure that you don’t get caught and be prepared to face the consequences if you’re caught. 

2. Pachinko

Pachinko is a gaming machine that is similar to the slot machine. Playing it will give you a feel of playing pinball and playing a slot game with a classic slot machine. It is an exotic form of gambling because it’s difficult to find it in a typical casino even if it looks like a simple gambling machine. All you have to do is control the metal balls that are poured into the machine with the lever. Just make sure that you control the firing speed of the balls on the playing field. All the metal balls will go round a maze-like structure. You will get a reward for anyone that hits the target.

The more metal balls hit the target, the more you’ll gain. Unfortunately, Pachinko doesn’t usually offer cash prizes. This Japanese game only offers gift items to winners. If you’re fortunate, you’ll play it in a store that allows you to exchange your gift for rewards. Pachinko is more about enjoying the thrill than winning money. 

Placing Exotic Bets the Right Way 

Just like every other type of getting, there are strategies you can use to maximize your winnings in exotic. There are also several methods of placing bets with some more profitable than others. With some of these options, you can choose the finishing order of the bet but some offer more versatility. Below is a list of the exotic vetting variations:

  • Daily Double 

Daily double, just like the other forms of betting we will discuss in this piece, is most commonly used in horse race gambling but it can be used in any other form of exotic betting. When you’re placing a Daily Double wager, you’re placing a bet on two animals winning two different racers, usually consecutive. Instead of placing two different bets on two different games in one day, you’ll pick either the first two or last two and put your money in one wager. It is riskier than betting on one animal winning but the reward will be much higher if you are correct. It’s better to place this kind of bet when you have seen the two animals in action and you’re confident in their skills. 

  • Quinella Betting 

Quinella is a more flexible option than the Daily Double. It allows you to bet on two animals to come first and second. The order doesn’t matter. All you have to do is pick two animals that will come first or second during the race. If both of them come, win a first and second place as predicted, you win the bet. If only one comes, you lose the bet whether the other animal makes it or not. 

  • Trifecta Betting 

Things take a different turn with Trifecta betting. Rather than placing a bet on two animals to finish first or two animals during two consecutive games, you will wager on three animals finishing first, second and third in the same other. It must follow the order you choose or you lose the bet. If you choose 1,2,3 and the result is 1,3,2, you lose the bet. It’s riskier but the reward is always worth it if you win. 

  • Exacta Betting 

This betting is similar to Quinella betting. You need to wager on two animals finishing first and second in a race in exact order. If the two animals finish first and second but not in the order you predict, you lose the bet. 

  • Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, or Pick 6

Pick three is similar to daily double because you’ll be placing bets on different races. However, you will pick three animals instead of two and they will have to win their three consecutive racers. These racers don’t need to be on consecutive days but it has to be consecutive races. The same rule applies to Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6. The higher the races, the more money you’ll win. 

  • Superfecta Betting 

When you place a Superfecta bet, you are betting on four horses to finish first, second, third, and fourth in a particular order. 

Exotic betting is something you should do when you want to try something different from the traditional casino games, or sports betting. They are usually high stake and rarer games have higher wagering requirements. Whatever you decide, make sure you bet responsibly and don’t take more risks than you can afford. 

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