What exactly is Gambling?

What exactly is Gambling, you may ask, and how and when did it start? Gambling is a recreational activity that involves people taking tremendous risks with something of value to them, including money, cars, houses, estates, etc., on an event that comes with an uncertain outcome. The primary intent for gambling is to win additional money, items, or property. Common examples of gambling are internet gambling, card games, private sports, bingo, lotteries, instant lotteries, dice, and private casinos, to mention a few.

What exactly is Gambling

How gambling started

From pre-historic evidence, we learn gambling is among the oldest activities that humanity took part in. We believe they regulated the activities with several rules to ensure fairness. Evidence shows that the activity involved casting marked objects like sticks and then later interpreted the outcome. They sought the interpretation from gods as they believed them to be all-knowing. Even the bible has some evidence of gambling—for example, the casting of lots to help them in property division. A second example is the casting of lots by the Roman guards during crucifixion for the garment of Jesus Christ.

In most societies worldwide, they perceive gambling as a harmless activity depending on the form of gambling available. They allow participants of all ages. Recent research shows that several gambling problems developed because many families introduce children to gambling as early as ten years. However, most individuals play for fun and occasionally. They understand very well the risk involved in getting addicted to gambling. A key factor is to gamble with the extra money you are willing to lose.

General Benefits of Gambling To Society?

You probably thought that gambling was a crime and did not have any benefits to it. You were wrong. Experts have conducted research, and there are various benefits brought about by gambling. Annually billions of people participate in gambling—very few who don’t are restricted by their personal or religious beliefs. Below are several benefits that gambling brings to society.

What exactly is Gambling?


Gambling brings a certain thrill that helps people kill boredom and pass the time. It’s hard for most people to stay for long without gambling as it also gives them a chance to interact with their peers. Such interactions are beneficial to society as it helps many people get along and create a peaceful community environment.

What exactly is Gambling

The Economy

Gambling is a potent stimulator of the local economies, as it draws many individuals in one area. We consider gambling a business, and when these people come together, they will spend a considerable amount of money. They later channel the money back into the locality, which helps grow the economy when the money circulates. Gambling houses also create job opportunities for many, like the dealers, managers, and security, to mention a few.

The environment

Most Casinos will ensure to employ tight security around their premises. It, therefore, creates a safe environment in the entire area, making it safe for the members. In addition, for extra safety, human security or CCTV cameras often monitor high-risk places like parking lots and the surrounding locality where most people get attacked.

What exactly is Gambling?

Benefits of Gambling to the Human Health

Science has proven that gamblers experience several health benefits. Unfortunately, most gamblers think that the only benefit from gambling is winning, which is not entirely true. There are several other health benefits one experiences every time they play, as listed below.

They get happier

Behavior analysis conducted on gamblers revealed that gambling positively affects a person’s mood. Experts concluded that most gamblers who do it as a hobby are happier than their peers who don’t. Furthermore, according to experts, the level of happiness brought by gambling is even more than those who prefer other methods of entertainment.

Improves skills

One picks up new skills as they play. For instance, the players get more observant and become quick thinkers as gambling requires a sharp mind. According to experts, engaging our senses in mind-boggling exercises is excellent for everyone’s mental health.

What exactly is Gambling

What exactly is Gambling?

Present a chance to socialize

As mentioned earlier, gambling is a form of entertainment that helps to bring people together. As a result, one meets people from diverse backgrounds and learns more about each other.

Negative Effects on Gambling

There is always a second side on every coin. We have discussed the positive side of gambling. Now we look at the negative impacts. As much as it’s often considered a recreational activity, gambling can affect some people differently. Some people may get affected mildly, while others might require visiting rehabilitation facilities to get help. A significant effect is an addiction. A major event happening to these people could cause the habit, which includes:

What exactly is Gambling?

  • Getting huge payouts at a young age or early stages of gambling
  • They began gambling at a young age.
  • It is around peers who are also addicted to gambling.

However, some people might get into gambling problems when for various reasons. For example, major stressing events in their lives and stressful situations may be a trigger as listed below:

  • Loss of work that results in having no income
  • A big payout and having more disposable money
  • Grief from separation or loss of a loved one
  • Money related problems
  • Major life events that require money like school fees

It’s advisable to know your limit and always be responsible when indulging in such tempting activities to avoid falling into gambling addiction.

What exactly is Gambling?

Gambling and Health

Apart from your finances, gambling can significantly affect your overall health. There is an influential attachment between gambling and a person’s mental health and addiction to drugs and alcohol. For an average person, losing can disappoint and devastate. Imagine what it would do to you when you experience a series of losses. However, it’s essential to monitor certain signs a friend or family member exhibits, especially if they get addicted to gambling, as listed below:

  • Irritability and easily triggered by anger
  • Withdrawn behavior from friends or certain activities
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling worthless and often having negative thoughts.

It’s crucial to be attentive because something different might trigger more keep as some of these symptoms. However, if they present themselves more often than usual, it will be beneficial for the affected person to consult a specialist and get some help.

What exactly is Gambling?

What Can One Do To Avoid Falling Into Gambling Addiction?

It’s very easy to lose all you have worked for your whole life within a short time to gambling. Gambling is the best activity to help you pass the time, but it could be the worst activity you could ever think of if you are not careful. There are several measures one needs to put into place for their well-being, stay safe, and avoid getting addicted to gambling. Listed below are some ideas you should put into consideration;

  • Budgeting

When you have a budget, it will be very hard to overspend what you did not intend to on gambling. Set aside some extra cash you have for entertainment and ensure you always stick to your budget.

  • Plan

Always have a plan for the day and ensure the activities are engaging to avoid instances of experiencing boredom. It’s currently very easy to access gambling sites from our smartphones and watches. Having a plan of what to do during your free time will help you have a specific time set for gambling, and you will not get drawn to gambling when it’s not in the schedule.

What exactly is Gambling?

  • Constantly remind yourself that gambling is a losing game.

Regardless of the betting strategy you put in place, without discipline, you will end up losing your hard-earned money. Always remind yourself the number of times you have lost as it will limit your urge to gambling often.

  • Sabotage the gambling Triggers

Identify all your gambling triggers and curb them. Then, you can substitute the activities that trigger your gambling urges. For instance, if your trigger is a huge life event requiring an enormous amount of money like occasional birthdays, exams, etc., you can try to look for alternative ways to make money instead of turning to gamble as a way of making extra money.

Emerging Trends in Gambling

Every year we see a considerable rise in the gambling industry. One of the biggest trends that have taken the gambling world by storm is the introduction of technology. Advancement in technology has helped decentralize the activity, facilitate anonymity for players who don’t want to be known, and fairness. Below are major emerging trends.

  • The rise in the number of gamblers

Due to the introduction of technology, we have seen a rise in online casino sites. It has ensured to reach a considerable number of people globally. Gamblers can also take part in online gambling from the comfort of wherever they are, which has attracted many people.

  • Huge preference for online gambling to land-based gambling

Many factors have facilitated this. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard with the closure of very many entertainment places. As a result, most gamblers turned to online gambling. Online gambling also promotes anonymity and convenience. Gamblers don’t have to travel for a longer distance to access the services from land-based casinos.

  • Rise of iGaming experience through smartwatches

Placing bets on your smartwatches is now as easy as ABC. Previously gamblers relied on their desktops, tablets, and cellphones. Today, smartwatches have taken over, and they are now more convenient options.

  • Introduction and virtual reality for casinos

Virtual Reality (VR) has now taken gambling to another level. For virtual reality, a gambler playing poker can share the environment with several other people. VR is currently very successful in different industries and is expected to perform even better in the gambling world.

What the Future Holds For the Gambling Industry

Gambling is currently thriving at a higher rate and speed. Even during the pandemic, it has made a tremendous increase in value of over 460 billion dollars. Moreover, there is hope that the growth will continue with technology being a significant factor. Experts claim that by the end of 2021, the gambling market will grow to over 515 billion dollars compared to last year. The following is evidence that the gambling sector has a bright future.

  • Live Gambling

Gambling presents three ways people can use, including Online Casino Market, the land casino, and the underground/black market casino. The commonly used one is the online casino because of its affordability, accessibility, and flexibility. Advancement in technology has ensured that live gambling experience and services are better than ever. Additionally, it’s now safer and more convenient to initiate online transactions. Therefore, gambling is more likely to thrive as we hope the online gambling casino provides more and better services to enhance user experience.

  • Cryptocurrency Gambling

Currently, the cryptocurrency is still at its inception stages. However, this has not prevented it from becoming even more popular among gamblers. The main reason cryptocurrency is becoming popular is its high value. Experts claim cryptocurrency is the future of transactions for online gambling. Unfortunately, we have very few online sites that accept cryptocurrency transactions purely. However, we expect the number to be higher in the future.

  • Wearable Gambling

Online gambling began in the ‘90s, and no one thought it would go further than how it was. Afterwards, the introduction of smartphones in the online gambling market accomplished a monumental shift. As a result, the mobile market holds the most significant percentage in the gambling industry. However, we project something entirely different for the future. Wearable’s like smartwatches are slowly gaining popularity. In the end, we hope they get more advanced, and it will not be a surprise if they overtake smartphone usage for gambling.


In conclusion, understanding “what is gambling” is crucial. It’s also essential to the difference between a social gambler and an addicted gambler. Not everyone who gambles often is an addict. Some gamblers probably have mastered the trade, and they have a winning streak they are trying to keep. Some also enjoy doing it frequently as relaxation at the end of a busy day, but they still do it responsibly without putting their finances and property at risk of getting lost. On the other hand, investors should understand that gambling is an investment that will not end up in losses. Investing in this sector is one of the most innovative ways of making money.