More about Anonymous Online Casinos

Over the last century, gambling has evolved significantly and so has society’s attitude towards it. In the past, commercial gambling establishments weren’t as popular as they are today. Society frowned upon people who gambled, especially women. So, staying anonymous was important even if they lacked the technological means. In the 21st century, gambling has become increasingly popular. There are casinos, betting centers, and many other gambling establishments that are completely anonymous. If you want to keep your identity anonymous while you enjoy the thrill of gambling, you should consider anonymous online casinos.

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What Are Anonymous Online Casinos?

Anonymous casinos are casinos that allow people to create accounts, gamble, withdraw winnings and repeat the process as many times as possible without inserting their personal information. Traditional online casinos require personal information like email addresses, credit card information, bank account details, etc. Thanks to the birth of decentralized technologies, you can use anonymous casinos to conceal your identity and protect your financial details.

Deposits and payments on anonymous casinos are done with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These currencies are not controlled by any central body. You don’t need to have a bank account to own and use them and there is no need to use your personal information during purchase. Apart from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many electronic wallets allow you to access gambling sites anonymously. However, they serve as third party operators between your bank and the casino.

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Pros of Anonymous Casinos

1. You’ll Enjoy All The Benefits Of Anonymity

This one is a no-brainer since we are talking about the benefits of anonymous casinos. What does it mean to be anonymous? Being anonymous simply means you’re not identified by name or any other personal information. Unfortunately, the digital age has cost people across the globe their anonymity and privacy. Bitcoin was developed to give people back their anonymity. Since 2009, many other decentralized currencies including more privacy-centric coins. All you need is your cryptocurrency wallet address.

2. Decentralized Currencies Are Volatile

A few weeks ago, Bitcoin BTC moved from $10,000 to $40,000 within a few days. This can never happen with a fiat currency. For example, you placed an online bet with half a Bitcoin to win 1 Bitcoin if your bet is right. At the time the bet was placed, 1 Bitcoin was worth $10,000. By the time you cash out your winnings and put them in your wallet, one Bitcoin is worth $40,000. This means you would make a profit of $35,000 on a single bet.

3. Anonymous Casinos Are Safer

This is another obvious benefit of anonymous online casinos. Before you can use an anonymous casino online, you’ll need to buy Bitcoin or any other acceptable cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency will be in your wallet until you’re ready to make deposits. Also, the Bitcoin ledger is tamper-proof. It would be difficult for anyone to hack your account or the Bitcoin Casino and make away with your hard-earned money.

4. You’ll Enjoy More Bonuses

Online casinos are known for their generosity when it comes to bonuses and promotions. However, anonymous casinos are more generous than traditional ones. These casinos are still new and are still working on mass adoption. If a traditional online casino offers a signup bonus of $100, an anonymous casino will offer $200 or more.

Cons Of Anonymous Casinos

1. Volatility Isn’t Always A Good Thing

The price of Bitcoin BTC can fall as quickly as it rises. As stated above, upward volatility can see you cashing more money than you ever expected. At the same time, a downward slope can see the value of your winnings fall lower than your original wager within a moment’s notice.

2. Hot Wallets Are Still Vulnerable

In the cryptocurrency world, hot wallets are permanently connected to the Internet. When you need to access it or not, it will always be there. If the casino you choose uses a hot wallet, there is no guarantee that your money will be safe. The same thing can be said of your private Bitcoin wallet is a hot one. To solve this problem, make sure you go for wallets and casinos that use cold storage. Cold storage allows people to store their Bitcoins offline instead of online. As long as a third party does have access to wallet details, your cryptocurrencies will be safe.

3. Anonymity Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Anonymity comes with many advantages but these advantages can also be disadvantages if you end up gambling on a fraudulent casino. Bitcoin is untraceable. So, if a casino owner decides to close shop with all deposits and winnings in their possession, there is nothing you can do about it. The authorities may also be reluctant to assist since the Bitcoin market is still unregulated. So, anonymity doesn’t always work in your favor.


Top 5 Anonymous Casinos Online

1. Games

Since 2018, Games has been regarded as one of the most reliable anonymous casinos online. It is licensed in Costa Rica and it has many other favorable features. Untop registration, you’ll be given an autonomous account that you can use to gamble at your leisure. The account will have your gambling credit balance and money will be deducted from it slowly until you’ve exhausted your cryptocurrencies. You can refill your account at will to keep gambling. Another amazing feature of Games is that its House Edge is incredibly low across games.

2. Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is another fully anonymous casino that is licensed in Costa Rica. It has been around since 2012 and it has an entire section dedicated to sports booking. All you need to do is choose a username during registration. If you enjoy trying different gambling methods at intervals, you’ll love to gamble on Nitrogen Sports. They offer competitive odds compared to traditional online casinos.

3. 7BitCasino

7BitCasino was developed in 2014. It was licensed right before the launch. For all those years, it has been one of the most successful anonymous casinos. Unlike many other online casinos that have become sports betting sites, 7BitCasino has maintained its purpose. If you’re a fan of slot games, you’ll enjoy gambling on 7BitCasino. Thanks to their high-tech encryption algorithm, it also happens to be one of the more secure casinos online.

4. Cloudbet

Cloudbet hosts a range of casino games and sports betting options online. All their services are anonymous as they’ve been since 2013. Bitcoin isn’t the only payment option on Cloudbet. They also accept Bitcoin Cash. You can create an account and place your first bet within a few minutes. You don’t need to wait for KYC verification or anything of a sort. They also offer favorable odds.

5. FortuneJack

With over 3000 games, FortuneJack is another autonomous casino. Just like their numerous gaming options, they also have different cryptocurrency payment options available. This anonymous online casino is in partnership with some of the best gaming providers in the world. They offer reliable odds and analysis. All new players at FortuneJack get a 100% deposit bonus for their initial deposit.

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You can see from this anonymous online casino review that protecting your identity when you gamble comes with many advantages. However, it comes with disadvantages as well. The five online casinos listed above are just a few compared to the hundreds of anonymous options. Whether you’re gambling in traditional casinos or anonymous casinos, make it your aim to always practice responsible gambling. There is always a risk attached to gambling but you must do your part to mitigate these risks. Don’t allow the hope of a big payout to make you take unnecessary risks.