6 Common Mistakes Every Novice Gambler Makes

What are the 6 common mistakes every novice gambler makes? Indeed, gambling is an entertaining activity for anyone interested in playing. In addition to the fun of the game, it’s an opportunity to get to win money or other prizes. However, the prospect of winning is what confuses many players into making mistakes. These mistakes can cost you dearly by making you lose focus and finances. Indeed, some of these mistakes are common and you’ll find out that only novice or impatient players make them. So, what are these mistakes? This article will be showing you how to identify these mistakes first so you can avoid them.

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6 Common Mistakes Every Novice Gambler Makes

These mistakes are common because you’re not the only one who does them, every other player makes them. However, professional players seldom make these mistakes because they have learned to master the game. So, do you want to play more like a professional and not a novice? Here are 6 common mistakes every novice gambler makes you should avoid:

1. Playing Your Game Based on False Hopes

Indeed, gambling offers you the chance to make money while playing but you shouldn’t be greedy. Yes, people who have made a thousand dollar bets have walked out of the casino with a hundred thousand dollars. However, you must remember that gambling is a game of luck. If you’re greedy, you may build false hopes like wanting to win a million dollars within a short time. Playing your game based on false hopes can lead to stress if you don’t get what you want. It can also lead to constant disappointment and that’s not good for your mental health.

6 Common Mistakes Every Novice Gambler Makes

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to hit a jackpot, you must try to be as realistic as possible. What if you don’t win? Does it mean all hope is lost? No. Again, try to be as realistic as possible. Set short-term goals that don’t involve you dreaming of emptying the casino of its money. For example, if you want to place a one-thousand bet, you can raise your winning expectation to between two to five thousand dollars. You can also set long-term realistic goals. If you get lucky in the process by hitting a jackpot, then, by all means, celebrate!

2. Not Making Research About The Games Before You Play

The stories of luck in gambling are what many people have run with for years. However, what you seldom hear is that most gambling games have rules that you must follow if you hope to win. Each game you’ll find at a casino is unique in their own sense and come with their own rules. Some games require strategies before you can play; some have higher odds; while some are easy to play. Novice gamblers think all they need to do is pick a game and place a bet which would automatically earn them a win. That is not true as they will only end up losing their money. So, how do you as a novice player avoid this mistake?

As earlier stated, research your game. At physical casinos, you will find the rules of a game posted by its table. If you’re still unsure, you can ask the table dealer to explain the rules to you. When you want to test run the game, you can play a demo version. If you still want to test the game with real money, try online casinos. Usually, online casinos provide new players with either bonus money or free spins. With these, you can play real games and thus, learn more about the game in the process. Some games like slots offer easy winnings while some like blackjack require strategy. The most important thing for you to do is know your game.

6 Common Mistakes Every Novice Gambler Makes

3. Poor Management of Your Bankroll

This is another costly mistake that novice players make. Indeed, there is the excitement that comes with the hope of winning a huge amount of money. You may have even heard the advice to continue playing that one day, you will hit it big. In all honesty, that is a piece of bad advice that will cost you greatly. If you continue putting out bets without proper management, you’ll only end up putting a strain on your finances. When it becomes too much, you may go into debt. Going into debt could result in further consequences such as problem gambling. So, what can you do to manage your bankroll?

The first thing you should do is create a realistic budget. Set aside a fair amount of money that you hope to use as bets for daily, weekly, or monthly play. This way, you don’t just take money from your bank account whenever you like. Next, do not chase losses. Chasing losses in gambling means continue playing even after you have lost. Players do this in hopes that they may recover what they’ve lost. Do not chase your loss. Thirdly, when you win, you can set aside between 30% – 50% of your wins for your next gameplay. Lastly, know when to leave the gambling table. Always learn to apply self-control so that your passion for the game doesn’t control you.

4. Playing Under The Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

Now, this is common mistake novice gamblers make. You may have seen it in the movies or heard about it and think it is okay to do such. On the contrary, playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs will affect you negatively. It is not uncommon to find alcohol in casinos. In fact, some casinos offer free alcohol as a way of customer service. So not lose your guard to this. When playing at a casino, you want to be as clear-headed as possible. You do not want anything to mess with your ability to think straight or make the right call. If you’ve noticed, professional gamblers are hardly ever drunk at the table. This is because they know their limits: a shot here and a shot there, that’s all.

When you take alcohol past your limits or take drugs, you may make ridiculous bets. An example is placing your car or house on the line. Another thing is you may not be able to concentrate on the game. So, what do you do? Put the alcohol away and stay clear of drugs. If you must take alcohol, limit yourself to a shot or two. Remember, too much alcohol can not only affect your gameplay but your health. So, be wise.

5. Having No Clear Purpose For Betting

As much as this seems like the normal thing to do, many novice players have no clear purpose for betting. Most of them just bet for betting’s sake. Indeed, gambling is a fun activity you can do for entertainment’s sake. However, as a regular player, you can’t keep betting money because it’s entertaining. Betting on emotions will only end up costing you money and disappointment. So, what do you do?

The first thing you should do is ask yourself the question, “Why am I betting?” If you cannot provide a clear answer to that, then take a step back from the game. Now answer these questions: Do you want to gamble in the long run? Do you want to make your gambling professional or side hustle? How much do you want to set aside for gameplay daily, weekly or monthly? What happens when you don’t make any profit for a week? How do you manage your emotions? Do you continue to bet even on a losing streak, hoping that you may hit a jackpot? These questions and more will help you set a clear purpose for your betting.

6. Not Having A Mentor

Many novice players feel there is no need to have a mentor and that is a mistake. Whether you hope to make a profession out of gambling or it’s a side gig, you need help. Sometimes, you may not understand the rules that you read yourself. Sometimes, you still may not get the rules when a table dealer explains them to you. A gambling mentor is a professional in the game. They’ll walk you through the steps and answer all your burning questions. Of course, this comes at a price. However, if you hope to win, you will need the help of an experienced player.


Now you know the 6 common mistakes every novice gambler makes and how to avoid them. Remember to know your purpose and games, and manage your bankroll. With what this article has shown you, gambling will get easier.