Casino Gambling Tricks

What are casino gambling tricks? Gambling tricks are simple or complex strategies that show the difference between a veteran gamer and a newbie. Truly, gambling is a game of chance or luck, as some may say. However, with gambling, there is no sure way of winning. So, you have to put certain tricks or strategies to work to give yourself an edge. Casino games are always designed in favor of the house. For you to win a wager, you have to be clever.

Whether you’re playing online or in a land-based casino, gambling can be intriguing. The colors, sounds, and lights, and other great features of the game attract you, making you feel like a winner even before you hit the jackpot. However, these features can fool you into thinking the games are that affordable. The odds are stacked against you in favor of the house. So, you need to keep certain tricks up your sleeve if you hope to win.

What Are Casino Gambling Tricks?

Casino Gambling Tricks l

1. Try the Free Version of the Game First

This is one golden trick in the book for newbies and those who are just returning to the game after a break. Always try the free version of the game you intend to play. This will help you familiarize yourself with the game. You will be able to analyze the rules of the game. Try doing this for a couple of hours a week. By the end of the week, you should have understood the game to an extent. Also, you will be self-assured and ready for live dealers.

2. Place Small Wagers

After trying the free version of the game, now you’re ready to play for money. Be wise and be prudent. While there is nothing wrong with winning big, the mentality “win big or go home” shouldn’t rule your mind. Truly, some gamblers have bet all their money and won double at once. However, others have also lost a fortune in gambling. That’s where “luck” comes in and you can’t tell whether it will work for you or not.

So, start with small wagers. Not only will this help you concentrate better without the pressure of winning, but you also don’t have to fear losing all your money at once. Some gambling experts usually scoff at small bets. Refuse this intimidation. Most of them can afford to lose their bets or not. Whichever way, that’s their problem. Always remember that casino games are usually designed in favor of the house. So, you have to be smart.

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3. Play Games with Smaller Jackpots

The idea of “hitting a jackpot” and becoming a millionaire overnight can be tempting. Stories abound of those who played their entire life savings and hit that multi-million dollar jackpot. However, you should be realistic. As with smaller bets, start with smaller jackpots. This way, you have a higher chance of winning and are less likely to lose bets. As you get better in the game, you can go for bigger jackpots.

4. Read The Rules First

Don’t understand the game? Read the rules first! For example, if you’re driving to a location for the first time, you need a map. If you don’t have one, you have to depend on road signs to guide you to your destination. If you don’t have a map or road signs to properly guide you, you’re just as good as lost. This is the same way it happens in a casino.

The majority of these casino games come with printed or electronic rules that offer guidance. Whether you’re a newbie or just returning to the game, read the instructions. A gambler who wagers without proper guidance does so to their detriment.

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5. Ask The Dealer

If you’re about to play blackjack and get confused on how to play a hand, ask the dealer. There’s a proverb that says those who ask for directions will not get lost at the market. Although the dealer will help you with suggestions even though they are forbidden from telling you which hand to play. Other experienced gamblers could also help you. This depends on who’s at the table though.

6. Choose Cheaper Games

When you play slot games, go for the cheaper ones. Here’s why: Many casino games are rebranded to emotionally and psychologically appeal to gamblers in this digital era. They come in better designs, more colorful texts and styles, various sounds, flashing lights, etc. Also, the casino is likely to promise higher paybacks.

However, don’t get carried away by promises and beautiful rebranding. A wolf in sheep’s clothing remains a wolf. These “rebranded” games were less likely to favor you. Choose the cheaper games and study them before going for games that promise higher rewards. Another thing you can do is observe and talk to others who have played such rebranded games. What was their experience like and would they go back to play again? Make sure you consider these so you’re not mesmerized by the rebranding of casino games.

7. Remember that Strategies Don’t Work All The Time

Strategies are good but there’s a reason gambling is called a game of luck. Usually, many online casino players create social media groups to share “sure strategies” in winning games. While this may be helpful, do not depend on these strategies all the time. Again, casino games are deliberately designed to favor the house and not the gambler. You can never really tell how a random game will turn out. You might apply these “sure strategies” and still, end up losing a good chunk of your wager.

Increasing your wager in succeeding games may only worsen the situation. What you should do is commit to a certain wager and split the money by how many games you intend to play. Then try to repossess your initial wager along with a small interest.

8. Self-control is Key

Casino games are fun and promising, there is no doubt about that. Time flies when you’re having fun in a casino and so does money. Prepare a budget for your casino games and set a time limit. You should be in control of your games, the games should not control.

A budget gives you full control over how much money you should spend at the casino. Casinos provide you with an enthralling experience. This increases your dopamine level and you keep coming back for more. Try not to bet yourself into penury.

Also, learn how to manage your time. You can play between two to three hours daily or three times weekly. Take small occasional breaks whether or not you feel overwhelmed. This could happen between gambling hours. This way, you’re able to rest from the hassles of the game and return re-energized.

Also, try to exercise. Sitting too long at the table can cause neck cramps and backaches to mention a few. Playing online casino games means staring at your device for hours; this is not healthy for your eyes. Take a break. Stand up and do some neck exercises and stretches. Close your eyes and roll them gently as you massage your temples.

Self-control is one old but usually ignored gambling trick in the book. Putting this trick to work will help you master gambling and keep you far from addiction.

9. Never Borrow

Indeed, gambling offers great rewards. You probably know somebody who knows somebody who knows the person that hit that jackpot and won millions of dollars. These stories fuel your drive to continue playing, hoping that one day you’ll ride with other top gamblers. Don’t deceive yourself. Dopamine rush is a real thing and can negatively impact you. Never bet to the point where you lose all your money and now have to borrow to continue gambling. Keep your bets at a good minimum. Never bet with money you can’t afford to lose. Please, don’t touch money from your insurance, credit cards or borrow from others to fund your bets.

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10. Leave When The Applause is Loudest

In other words, quit the game while you’re winning. This is one casino gambling trick you’ll hardly hear but remains the best. You might be tempted to continue playing non-stop when you’re on a winning streak.

Be wise. One next bet may gobble up all the money you have won. Don’t play any further. Gather your winnings and leave when the applause is loudest.


Casinos usually offer the best games but require the use of certain tricks if you hope to win. What are casino tricks? As you’ve seen in the article above you can increase your chances of winning with a few simple tricks. Read also psychological tricks in card games to know more on the topic.