Best Device to Win in an Online Casino: Phone or a PC?

Those who are new to online gambling will want to register to play on one of the top online gambling sites. You may have challenges when making a choice when it comes to which device is best to sign up with and play in an online casino. The options include PC (desktop and laptop/notebook), tablets, and smartphones. These options hold an advantage over traditional Casinos. The upside is that you won’t have to go anywhere to play. As mobile technology evolved, most casino players began to prefer playing with tablets and smartphones instead of traditional computers or notebooks. Latest estimates show that two-thirds of gamers connect to online casinos from their mobile devices.

Best Device to Win in an Online Casino: Phone or a PC?

Whether it is a computer, tablet, or smartphone, every device comes with its advantages. However, some options are more popular than others. Over 80% of Internet traffic that online gambling generates comes from mobile devices/smartphones. So it is reasonable to say that using mobile devices to play in online casinos is the more preferable option for most gamblers. Patrons are more comfortable with gambling with their smartphones due to the convenience it offers. We will see the difference between the device options in terms of speed and performance. 

An Overview of the Available Options 

Using Tablets to Gamble 

Tablets may also be your preferred option for playing in the online casino. Just like smartphones, tablets are easy to carry from place to place and they usually come with longer battery life. One disadvantage of this option is the fact that you’ll need a reliable internet source. The only exception will come only if you want to gamble in offline poker or casino slots. Another key disadvantage of this option is that you can’t fit it inside your pocket. You must carry the tablet by hand or inside a case at all times.

Gamble Using Smartphones

The choice of most people who are into online gambling is with their smartphones. This is because nearly everyone has a smartphone and online casinos or gambling websites have been optimized for smartphone usage. You might not get as many options as you would on a desktop gambling website, however, the chances are that all the games you enjoy playing are easily available on smartphones. The bulk of online casinos will have poker, craps, blackjack, roulette, bingo, and slots.

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One obvious advantage of playing via a smartphone is that you’ll already have one and smartphones are easy to carry around. Additionally, you can easily connect to any WiFi or hotspot nearby or even use your mobile data. Simply put your phone inside your pocket and bring it out to play any games of your choice anywhere and any time.

Yes, you can play in an online casino almost anywhere in the world with your smartphone. Remember, that some countries or states don’t permit online gambling. This is why you must make sure you check your region to know the current legislation on online gambling. 

Using a Desktop to Gamble 

The key advantage that a desktop computer has over the other options is the size of its screen. You can enjoy a great experience in an online casino with bright graphics via a quality monitor. And maybe the processor will have more power particularly if it was specifically built for online gaming. You might find online casinos more interesting playing on a desktop computer than on a mobile device. It will offer a different experience and a wider range of gaming options. The option to use a mouse is an indication of ease of use. You can enjoy clearer texts and images when playing in an online casino via your PC. You can also enjoy the option of having proper speakers plugged in to make the experience feel like it’s real life.

There’s a great chance that there will be an additional number of payment options via a desktop when compared to playing via a mobile device. Additionally, you might be using your computer for work meaning you will be able to easily switch tabs for both casual gaming and getting your head down at work. There is also another that the wider screen of a PC offers gamers.

The key advantage of playing on a bigger display is mostly beneficial for people who do sports betting. There will be different tables filled with odds on the screen. They’ll be clearer and easier to access on a larger screen. However, there’s one obvious disadvantage of this option, the fact that desktop computers aren’t made to be portable is a drawback. Such a machine or device is called a desktop because it has to be in one place. So if you are choosing to play via a desktop you simply have to sit in one place.

Using a Laptop to Gamble 

Even though in theory a laptop computer could have a similar screen size as a desktop PC, the two options vary greatly. One is likely to be smaller than the other one. The processing power of a laptop will be good enough when it comes to running an online casino. One key advantage of this option is that it is easy to carry from place to place. You can use your laptop at the park or cafe to easily play in an online casino.

One drawback is that you’ll need WiFi to get connected. However, you can set up your smartphone hotspot to get connected to the internet if you want to take your laptop outside. Another disadvantage is that some laptops do not have a long battery life. Just like it is with mobile devices you must make sure you charge your laptop battery although it may not last as long as your mobile phone. You might also need to move your laptop in a bag.

Mobile vs Desktop Computer 

For a good number of years many of us have played online games and slots mostly only on our desktop computer. Eventually, with the emergence of new technology, the first set of smartphones came into the market. After which, different companies began to launch the first versions of online casinos for mobile phones/smartphones. Initially, mobile casinos came with only a few slots. At the time they couldn’t match the other online casino options running on a desktop computer. However, as more time passed, there was more advancement in technology. At this point, mobile casinos began to come with hundreds of gaming options. Now they are a full-fledged part of online gambling. There are even operators that offer live casinos on smartphones.

Online casinos on mobile platforms are currently already beating those offered on desktop computers when it comes to graphics and design. This is why you don’t need to switch devices to play your favorite online games. For mobile options, adding to your smartphone’s performance, the internet connection speed is another critical factor to consider when making a choice. If you are using a 5G, 4G, or 3G network, you won’t know the real difference between loading your online games on your computer and loading your games on your mobile device. With a slower network, it can be worse. Sometimes it can take plenty of time to load an online casino interface. Hence, a strong network is essential.

Presently, what the two options offer are nearly identical. The new format for mobile casinos no longer requires downloading an app. You can start your games within your phone browser since the website has been adjusted for mobile. Hence, the options offered on the desktop are also offered on mobile.

Final Words

Looking at all the above options discussed, it is safe to say that overall mobile gaming (using your smartphone to play in online casinos) wins. Again, we can agree that both tablets and smartphones slightly have an edge over computers (whether laptops or desktops) when it comes to ease of use and convenience. When it comes to displaying power, desktops have the upper hand. The smartphone is the winner when it comes to availability since nearly everyone owns a smartphone. In terms of gaming options computers have the edge over the other options.

You may find it more ideal to try out a few online gambling sites or a few online casino games on any or all of the above-mentioned devices just for fun. This will help you determine which experience is best suited for what you desire. However, there is no guarantee that one option increases your chances of winning over the other options. 

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