What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting has been around for centuries. Since the beginning of sports, betting has been a common attachment that increases entertainment while giving people a chance to make money. People usually place bets on sporting activities as a form of entertainment and they also do this to make money. Betting was not always as simple as it is today. Originally, there was no online betting available. If you want a little back story or you’re looking for an answer to the question, what is sports betting, this piece is for you.

Sports Betting

What is Sports Betting?

The term “Sports Betting” can be used to describe any type of betting activity that has to do with sports events. We can now boast of much more online betting as well as more organized physical betting.

Relatively speaking, betting on sports allows you to make money and have fun. Most people who engage in sports betting usually bet for recreational reasons. They usually do not want to try to make money. There is usually a more intriguing reason for them to engage in sports betting. They occasionally want to put their product knowledge to the test, especially when money is at stake. Other times, betting on a specific outcome heightens the excitement of watching the game.

Most times, people like this are not skilled bettors. As such, they take their profit when it comes and take their losses when it does. Being a recreational gambler does not mean they lack the knowledge needed to make money from the betting industry. But as we all know, if one does not apply knowledge properly, the knowledge one applies wrongly will lead to a disastrous outcome. 

On the other hand, there are bettors with the intent of strictly making profits in the long and short terms. With the right skill set, this endeavor can result in a large profit. For some punters, betting has become a major source of income. Some have made just as much as they have invested, while some do not break even, but they are still persistent. 

Sports Betting

Types of Sport Betting

Knowing the answer to the question ‘what is sports betting?’ is not enough. It is advisable to dig further. There are several types of sports and games in existence. Also, there are several types of bets one can place on a particular game.

There are betting styles that have been for as long as one can remember. This did not stop people from creating new ones. The advent of the internet has opened up the world of betting to a whole lot of new possibilities. People can now place their bets in the comfort of their homes. Even without the presence of the internet, there were still lots of betting activities that existed.

Fixed Odds Betting

This is the most common type of sports betting that there is. It is a very straightforward form of betting. There are people who are not bettors who have heard about “Fixed Odds.” The term “Fixed Odds” basically means the odds in the games are fixed. A player would place a wager, and everyone involved would agree on the odds. If the odds change after the wager has been placed, the wager would still be paid out at the agreed odds.

When you play fixed odds, the goal is to place a bet on what will happen during a game. There are usually different sections you can bet on. Bettors get the opportunity to choose from a lot of sections in this game.

In-Play Betting

This is also known as live betting. This type of betting is a variant of fixed odds. When a bettor is playing at fixed odds, the wager can only be placed before the start of the game. This is where in-play betting differs. A bettor can place a wager on live betting at any point in the game. This rule is valid as long as the game is still in play.

This method of betting is quite new. It became possible with the advent of the internet. It is a favorite among bettors. This method gives a whole new range of options for them to wager on. Most online betting sites have this method of betting as a feature on their pages.

One important thing to note is that the odds change during the match. People who play live betting have an edge over regular bettors. This is because they can use the ongoing match to gain insight before they place their bets.

Sports Betting

Exchange Betting

This is also one of the newer forms of betting. It also has similarities with fixed odds betting. People place bets in a similar manner and even the odds are fixed. What makes exchange betting different is the absence of a bookmaker.

This type of betting works by placing your bets against other bettors. The site will pair your bet with someone who takes the opposite position. So, it is more like you are competing against someone. At the end of the day, the site would only take a little commission fee and then pay the winnings to the person that won the bet.

Spread Betting

This type of betting is similar to total betting. In total betting, the aim is to guess whether a particular value is higher or lower than the amount that has been set. One can either bet on the under or the over. When you bet on under, you are predicting that the value will be less than the set value. Then, betting on the over means the value will be greater than the set value. The difference between totals and spread is that one can not determine the winnings by whether one is correct. You can only determine your winnings by the degree to which you are correct.

Pari-Mutuel Betting

It is a form of betting that has been in existence for a long while. Joseph Oller invented this method of betting. This type of betting tries to find a way to circumnavigate the need for a bookmaker. It works by placing the bets of all those involved in a pool. After the match has ended, the winners of the bets are paid from the pool and there is no need for any odds.

Sports Betting Tips for Newcomers

As we know, we all learn from our mistakes and experience is the best teacher. But we should never forget that learning from people’s experiences is an even better way to break even quickly.

It is interesting to note that the number of sports bettors that break even at the end of the year is extremely low when compared to those who end up with a negative figure on their balance sheet.

Below, we would be looking at some of the biggest obstacles you are going to face when you decide to engage in online betting for the sake of making a profit.

Stay in the Right Frame of Mind

Being in the right frame of mind helps you make a decision accurately and without sentiments. Imagine a match between Chelsea Fc(champions league winner 20/21 season) and Sheffield United(relegated from the 20/21 premier league), you are going to be betting on Chelsea to win the match. But then when you look at the odds on offer, this might not be. When you place a $100 bet on Chelsea, the returns would be as low as $2 as compared to pacing the same amount on Sheffield united. The same amount in Sheffield can give a return of more than 500%.

So you have to be in the right frame of mind to decide on which time to wager on. As you cannot for certain decide on which team to win the match based on odds. other factors must be considered like

  • Availability of player
  • The competition in question
  • The form of the players
  • Head to head
  • Previous performance from last 5 matches. etc

Put your Emotions in Check

Making a winning bet involves making rational decisions and clear thinking. This sounds easy. But sentimental decisions are the bane of every bettor. When a team has been on a surprising run of wins, you might be tempted into staking or wagering more on the team even though their run has been based on pure luck and nothing else. Be sure to always be in the right frame of mind to bet before engaging in bets.

Know When to Leave the Market

Cutting your losses in sports betting is important. As easy as this might sound to you, a lot of bettors find it difficult to take their losses and are always bent on making their losses back the same day. Sometimes when you notice you are on a losing streak, it is time to leave the market. And other times, once you hit your target, you should leave the market as you can be tempted to lose all you have gained 


In conclusion, sports betting can be seen as a leisure activity and a sort of job for some. it puts food on the table for some and gives some entertainment. Whichever way you look at it, sports betting is here to stay with us. Hopefully, you now have an answer to the question, what is sports betting.