Cheating at Online Casinos you Need to Know to Avoid!

Cheating has been a popular thing in the gambling industry for as long as gambling has been in existence. With the advancement in modern technology, casinos have been able to evolve and implement strict security measures to identify possible scammers before they have a chance to cheat them.

However, hackers are not ready to give up yet as they keep coming up with new and improved ways to cheat land-based and online casinos. So, no matter how difficult things get, there will always be effective ways to cheat casinos. Note that cheating a casino is a dangerous affair that is seen as a criminal offense in some parts of the world. So, you might face serious jail time if you’re caught cheating in a casino. This is why you need to avoid the most common methods of cheating casinos. 

Cheating at Online Casinos you Need to Know to Avoid!

Most Popular Ways to Cheat an Online Casino 

Whenever you think of cheating online casinos, the first thing that comes to mind is using cheating software. The prospect of using an app or inserting a certain code to cheat online casinos and get multiple jackpots is attractive. Unfortunately, if it was as easy as that, every online casino would have gone out of business by now. Only a few hackers have been able to successfully hack online gambling websites and rob them of their cash. One of the most popular stories is about an individual who was able to successfully hack remote gaming servers. He found a loophole he was able to explore the system and he went from casino to casino using the software to cheat them. 

This hacker’s actions led online casinos to create stronger and more reliable safety measures that will prevent such things from happening in the future. More than a decade later, there hasn’t been any reports of people successfully reaping off online casinos, at least not the reputable ones. So, the first thing you need to do when you’re looking for a casino you can cheat is looking for an online casino with weak security. No matter how determined you are or how hard you try, you will be unable to achieve your goal if the casino in question has tight security. 

The first step to cheating a casino is reading the terms and conditions thoroughly. This will allow you to find lope holes that you can explore. The best terms you can explore are the bonus terms. The opportunity to explore lope holes in terms and conditions isn’t easy, especially if the casino notices what you’re doing before you can successfully withdraw your money. They will start investigating and get rid of the lope whole to make sure that it doesn’t happen later. 

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Another popular way to cheat an online casino is to trick the casino by photoshopping the result and sending the photoshopped screenshot to the online casino customer service. For example, a player can photoshop a game of cards to make it look like they won the jackpot. After that, they send the screenshot to a customer service agent and demand payment for the winnings. They claim that they got those cards or that combination of cards but the system didn’t pay them.

If the casino doesn’t have any method of tracking real winnings and they have no way to prove that the photo is fake, they will have no choice but to pay the client based on the results of the fake photo. If you get caught, you’re not just going to lose your “fake” winnings, you’re also going to get blocked from ever using the casino, and any money you may have deposited in would be forfeited. 

Using Strategy Bots and Bonus Abuse 

Another popular technique for cheating online casinos is using strategy bots. While this isn’t exactly illegal, casinos don’t like them because they give the players an unfair advantage over the casino. These cheat bots give players different fool-proof cheating methods. You’ll have to pay for the bot and there are many fake bots out there. So, make sure that the one you choose is tested and proven. Again, this method should not be used on a large and reputable casino. Since most major casinos have algorithms that are meant specifically to study and flag irregular playing patterns. 

Just like strategy bots, bonus abuse isn’t illegal. Casinos might frown at it and stop you from doing it but they may not block your account. Most casinos offer a host of bonuses to attract new clients and keep old ones interested. These bonuses range from deposit bonuses, sign up bonuses, contest bonuses, etc. Some players find ways to manipulate these bonuses so that they can take the same bonus more than once. For example, a sign-up bonus is a one time offer, but some players manipulate the online casino so that they get the sign-up bonus twice, three times, or more. 

Some players have found ways to cash out non-cashable bonuses that are offered to casinos. As the name implies, non-cashable bonuses can only be used to gamble more on the online casino. They range from low to high depending on the casino and they are meant to act as incentives for players. When you gamble with non-cashable bonuses, you are free to withdraw the winnings you get as a result. The non-cashable bonus could either be a stick bonus or a nonstick bonus. 

Another way to cheat a casino is to work around the wagering requirements. Players are typically expected to reach the wagering requirements before they can cash out their bonuses. For example, if a casino offers a deposit bonus of 100% your wanger up to $1000, you will be entitled to $1000 extra making the total money in your account $2000. However, these casinos aren’t offering you these bonuses so you can cash out the money and be on your way. They expect you to keep gambling hence the wagering requirements. So, if the wagering requirement for the online casino is 35x, you will need to make more than $70,000 in bets before you can cash out your $1000 bonus. 

In conclusion, cheating an online casino is far more tricky than you would think. So, if you have a significant amount of money in your online account, it’s better to avoid trying to cheat the casino with bots, or even through bonus abuse, you should withdraw your money first. The best way to get ahead while gambling is to stick to useful strategies, play games you understand, and most importantly, gamble aggressively. Gambling is fun and it gives you a chance to make money. However, it is a highly addictive form of entertainment that can cost you everything you own if you’re not careful. When you notice that you have a gambling problem, it is important to seek professional help before it costs you too much. 

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