Casino Verification

If you are a gambling fan, newbie, or a ‘pro’ in the field, it is likely that you will be exploring multiple online casinos. Although the essence is to search for the casino that offers you the best deals, it will undoubtedly prove a little tedious because of the large number of online casinos in the industry.

Worse still, it becomes more complicated when it comes to differentiating between the legit and rogue ones.

Using these casino verification tips, you will not only save yourself a great deal of time when choosing the casino of your choice but will also help ensure that your details and hard earned money stays away from fraudsters. Here we Go!

Check the Website Design

Okay, this might sound a little bit obvious, but there’s more than what meets the eye. And that includes the website design of the online casino in question. One thing is that scammers are usually not the best web designers (in most cases at least) –which means that they will probably take the quickest approach to set up a website.

Because of this, they are likely to miss the tiniest details such as the look and feel, just to mention a few.

Fake online casinos often use cheap, untrusted, and non-secure software so that they can save money. The earliest indicator should come with the HTTP or HTTPS protocol which should appear green. If it appears red on your browser, that means that your browser already ‘believes’ that the site is untrustworthy.

Any serious online casino would be very keen to ensure that their site is safe. You should, therefore, not input your data in sites that do not have the HTTP/HTTPS encryption.

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Also, try checking the game session; online slots for example… Simply right-click on the mouse and select ‘inspect’, then go ahead and click on ‘network’, and review its source. If you get any different source, there’s a chance that your game is coming from a dodgy server –which means that there’s actually a chance that everything can be adjusted by the casino ‘admins’!

Is License Information Provided on the Website?

Every verified casino should provide its license information on their official website. Normally, the information is found on the bottom of the website, along with its jurisdiction details.

Whereas it might be quite easy to fake such information (especially if it is skilled and determined scammers we are talking about), some deep scrutiny might help weed out the real from the fake.

For instance, the casino in question should provide the logo of the regulatory body, the license information, and a direct link to the master license owner to help verify it.

Also, try checking if there’re partners and facilities provided at the casino. This could be quite easy, especially if you have been in the field for some time, and you know some of the gaming partners and providers of online casinos.

Review the Payment Gateways and Payment Providers of the Casino

Now delving into the internal operations of the casinos, this becomes one of the most reliable ways of casino verification, and unfortunately, the hard part too.

If it is a real casino we are talking about, it will be dealing with real money –which means it likely will be using popular payment providers such as Visa and Mastercard merchant accounts, Skrill, Paypal, and Neteller, just to mention a few.

You should, however, be keen to check out the SSL encryption on the website too. Generally, when making a payment on an online casino, the SSL encryption should appear before you are redirected to your personal bank’s payment portal.

Check for their Social Media Presence

Don’t underestimate the power of social media, for only real casinos can afford such a presence.

If an online casino claims to have been in the industry for a couple of years, or even, let’s say, several months, a glimpse at their social media profile is enough to give you an insight on who they really are. Let’s be honest, there’s no way an established casino could be a ghost in the social media world.

We are talking about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube –just to mention a few. After all, they are our parallel universe.

Judging from their online presence, you can be able to authenticate them based on what people are saying about them. It is, however, advisable that you check out for fake or generic reviews. But that can be quite easy as you can be able to ascertain whether the commenter is real or fake by reviewing their profiles.

Generic reviews are more likely to come from pseudo profiles.

Contact the Customer Support Team and Check how professionally they respond

Another reliable way to verify and differentiate a rogue casino from a fake one is essentially through contacting their 24/7 technical support team.

If you already have some background experience playing with online casinos, you probably know the importance of that 24/7 customer service, and why it should not be absent.

Unfortunately, checking the availability of the service itself only does not help as serious scammers can fake that too. Go ahead and contact them and see how fast and professionally they answer you.

It is hard to get fooled, especially if you have the necessary experience in the field. We, however, advise our readers to approach this method only if the aforementioned tips still look sloppy.

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Make Google your Friend

Last but not least, Google got your back –well, at least most of the times. By simply running a simple search about the respective casino, you can be able to verify whether it is a legit one or a blacklisted one. But that, of course, requires you to have equipped yourself with a means to filter out the real reviews from the fake ones.

But that should not be a big problem as even a newbie could be able to filter the spammy ones. The reason? The truth always outweighs the lie in the end.

If it is a rogue casino, you will see they are kind off forcing it (fake positive reviews) so as to try and cover for the real reviews (which are obviously negative).

Bottom Line

If you combine the last one, with all the above-mentioned tips, you have undoubtedly earned yourself a foolproof method of online casino verification.

Happy Gambling!