Casino Dice Etiquette

When you hear of a dice game, the first thing that comes to mind is craps. Craps is the most popular dice game in the gambling world and it has been around for hundreds of years. While there have been several variations of the game over the years, the basic principles of dice games are the same. Like every other form of gambling, tradition has been built around dice games over the years and formed the casino dice etiquette. Anyone who has experience with these games can point out the rules and etiquette that must be followed during each game. If you’re trying to play dice games for the first time, you need to learn as many things as you can to avoid making a mistake or getting kicked out of the casino.

Casino Dice Etiquette

Casino Dice Etiquette Every Player Should Know

1. Use Stacks Only When There is No Room for Chips

This is less of a rule and more of a tip that will help you stay ahead. Every casino uses chips instead of cash. The chips are also called tokens, checks, or gaming chips. They are round plastic or metal objects that look just like coins but come in different assigned values. Depending on the casino you visit and the game you’re playing, the value of chips can range from 50 cents to 1000 dollars. Some casinos even offer chips with an individual value that is a high 5000 dollars for their whale players. Now, when you’re winning, you’ll be tempted to jeep a pile (stack) of chips directly in front of you. This is a bad move that might affect your ability to throw the dice efficiently. Expect you stand up when you want to throw the dice, the high tower of chips will affect your throwing motion by acting as an obstacle. Dice games are indeed based on luck but many gamblers believe that having full control of your palm when you throw will maximize your chances of hitting favorable numbers. Try as much as possible to keep your sack small. If you must build a tower, don’t let it block your direct line of sight.

2. Don’t Jinx it by Saying Seven

Gambling is a highly superstitious game. So, there are a lot of words and actions that are commonly believed to bring bad luck. You might not believe them but you should play along to avoid agitating other players on your table. One of the words that allegedly brings bad luck in the casino is seven. It might be an old wives tale but it originates from the fact that seven makes you lose your bet. So, superstitious gamblers believe that saying seven right before you or another one else rolls the dice will automatically lead to a loss. This superstition doesn’t just have to do with saying the word “seven” it’s also bad luck to hand the dice with a visible seven to a player who is about to roll. If you’re on a table with aggressively superstitious gamblers, they might vote to kick you out if you keep saying this number. Do you know why is 9 called centerfield in craps?

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3. Always Tip the Dealers, Waiters, Waitresses

Not every casino allows players to tip those attending to them freely. If the casino allows you to tip, make sure you tip everyone who attends to you. This includes the dealer, waitstaff, and anyone else that attends to you directly while you’re at the casino. Gamblers believe that tipping brings them luck and it is important part of casino dice etiquette. The idea is that tipping invites good karma whether you win or lose. It’s also a good idea to tip the dealer if you notice that he or she is looking at you with too much scrutiny. This doesn’t mean they will let you cheat but they will not be too strict about how you play either. While you tip, try not to offer an amount that the dealer will find insulting. You can tip the waitstaff $1 per drink but you should not tip your dealer $1 especially when you’ve been making large bets all day. A dealer should get at least $10 as a tip if you want to stay on their good side.

4. Don’t Interrupt the Shooter

We talked about ensuring that your stack doesn’t interrupt your motion when you’re shooting. However, you also need to make sure that you don’t interrupt others when they are playing as well. So, wait until after the other player has rolled the dice before you start moving your stack. If you want to place a bet, do it before the player starts getting ready to roll. Interrupting other players is rude and it might attract bad karma for you if you believe in such things. You must pay attention to the dealer so you would know when it’s time to place bets and when it’s time to hold.

Always Tip the Dealers, Waiters, Waitresses

5. Don’t Waste Time When it’s Your Turn

Many gamblers have some lucky routines they follow right before they roll the dice. If you have such a routine, go through it quickly. Don’t hold on to the dice and keep everyone else waiting. One of the most common things players do is ask bystanders to blow on the dice just before they roll. If you want to do this, do it quickly. Don’t ask more than one of two people to blow on it. Don’t wait until the dealer and everyone else tells you to hurry up before you throw. After all, you’re not the only one playing and others would love their chance to win. You are also going to irritate the house if you don’t roll the dice quickly. The casino wants as many people as possible to roll daily. The more you roll, the more likely they are to keep your money.

6. Stop When You’re Ahead but Cut your Losses

This is more of a tip than a rule or code of conduct. Each time you roll the dice, you stand a chance to lose or win. If you’re fortunate, you will enter into a winning streak after a few losses. If this happens, stop playing as soon as you’ve recovered your losses and gotten a profit. Casinos want winners to stay and keep playing rather than stop when they win. They want you to lose everything you’ve won so they don’t have to pay you back. The best way to avoid this is to leave the table as soon as possible. Quitting while you’re ahead is good advice but you should always know when it’s time to cut your losses and move on. When you’ve played so many times and you keep getting seven, stop and try other games.

7. Learn the Terms of the Game

One of the worst things that can happen to a gambler is placing bets on a game that they don’t understand. Craps and other dice games are simple to play. However, if you’ve never played it before, you should read as much as you can about it before you hit the casino. You should also brush up on your craps glossary. Learn as many popular words about the dice game as possible. This way, you’ll understand what the dealer and other players on the table are saying. You shouldn’t be the only clueless person on the table. That’s a simple casino dice etiquette.

These are some of the most common things you should know if you want to start playing dice games. Following casino dice etiquette ensure that every game goes smoothly and you don’t embarrass yourself in front of other casino patrons. Always gamble responsibly irrespective of the game you’re playing, dice, slot, poker, or blackjack.

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