How to Cheat Slot Machines

The slot machine is one of the easiest games you’ll ever find in a casino. All you need to enjoy a slot game is time and money. With as little as a dime, you can start spinning and winning on a slot game. You don’t need to read or take online lectures about how to play a slot game. This is why slot machines have become a must-have in every casino with over 70% of the total U.S. casino income coming from slot games. While the slot game is easy to play. It is not always easy to hit the jackpot. If you’ve been playing slot games for a long time and you’ve never won big, you might be looking for ways to cheat the slot machine into offering you the jackpot. Before we proceed to tell you how to cheat a slot machine, it’s important to note that it’s a crime to cheat shoot machines and you might face some jail time if you’re caught.

How to Trick the Slot Machine Into Paying You

1. Try Using a Magnet

The magnet method is one of the oldest methods of cheating slot machines. How do you cheat a slot machine with a magnet? In the past, classic slot machines were magnetic. So, people could use magnets to trick them. It’s hard to find a magnetic slot machine in a casino these days but if you can find one, you can use this method. These machines are made of metal so all you need is a strong magnet. All you have to do is spin the wheels and wait for a winning combination to appear. As soon as it appears, use the magnet to stop it from outside. Quickly remove the magnet and claim the payout before anyone sees what you did. Almost every modern slot machine is based on random number generator software. With this software, you can’t cheat the machine using a magnet.

2. Use a Cheat Code

Slot machines aren’t designed by computers. They are designed by engineers, soft and hardware engineers. A random number generator is software and like every other software, it can be hacked. In the nineties, Ronald Dale Harris, an engineer who designed slot machines, created a software that he alone could rig. Harris was an engineer in the Nevada Gaming Commission. He manipulated slot machines for years making away with significant cash. He and his partner used the cheat code for years until they were finally caught in 1995 after hitting a $100,000 keno jackpot. If you can find an engineer who is willing to collaborate with you, you can trick a slot machine into paying you millions of dollars.

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3. Trick the Bill Validator Device

In the slot machine world, a bill validator trick allows you can’t deceive the slot machine into paying you out but you can trick it into offering you more value for your money. This slot machine hack was invented by Uncle Fuzz and Billy-Joe many years ago in Nevada. A bill validator trick can play the slot machine into thinking a $1 bill is $100. The device is wrapped around the bill and inserted into the slot machine. It is small and usually gives you $100 bills but it is effective. Some people use bill acceptors to trick slot machines into collecting counterfeit cash. You can also use fake coins for a slot machine that isn’t smart. If you’re fortunate, you will get paid. If you’re unfortunate, you will be flagged.

4. You Can Use a Metal Rod

Have you ever heard of Tommy Glenn Carmichael? He was a famous gambler who spent more than 40 years of his life tricking slot machines into paying him with a metal rod. He wiggled a rod with a bent tip into the air vent of the slot machine until he triggered the coin hopper forcing all the coins in the machine to pour out as if he hit the jackpot. The method was known as the Monkey Paw and many scammers followed his lead long after he was discovered. He even developed a contraption that was meant specifically for this purpose. If you’re fortunate enough to activate the coin hopper without getting cut, you’ll make away with a significant amount of cash.

5. Gamble With Shaved Coins

It’s hard to find a frequent gambler who hasn’t heard of playing shaved coins at least once. Shaving coins is one of the most common coin debasement methods. People usually shave coins for-profit and modern slot machines have optic sensors that allow them to notice and reject shaved coins. The good news is that you can still get a few spins out of a shaved coin by inserting it along with another object with the same shape, weight, and size of the required coin. The machine might send back the shaved coin but the other object will go in allowing you to play.

6. Trick the Machine by Using the Same Coin

This is one of the easiest ways to trick a slot machine and it can be done with any machine. The only thing you need to worry about when using this method is getting caught. All you have to do is attach a light string to the coin you intend to use. When you insert the coin, the string will remain outside and the game will start. When you’ve exhausted the coin, slowly draw out the string and repeat the process. You can play as many times as you want with the same coin as long as you don’t get caught and the machine accepts the coin.

7. Be a Magician and Use the Light Wand

The light wand is another popular tool used by gamblers to cheat slot machines. In the past, magicians like David Blaine, Copperfield, and Dynamo used light wands to trick slot machines and make people think they were generating jackpots from thin air. In reality, it wasn’t magic, they just knew how to manipulate the slot machine with the light wand. All slot machines have optical sensors and you can use the light wand to blind the optical sensors. Without the optical sensors, the slot machine can’t determine how much was inserted and how much should be paid out. Instead of a small win, you can hit the jackpot.

8. Replace the Computer Chip

All slot machines have computer chips. These computer chips can be rigged in your favor. However, to carry out this scam, you’ll need a lot of capital. It all started when Dennis Nikrasch replaced the computer chips on a slot machine he bought to test his theory. After successfully manipulating his slot machine, he formed a team of scammers who distributed the rigged chips in several casinos. They made away hundreds of thousands of dollars before they were caught. It was an organized crime that went on for years.

9. Cause a Software Glitch

Software glitches have been the cause of many huge casino payouts over the years. People who know how to manipulate slot machine software have a way of staking certain patterns to confuse the slot machine. This triggers a glitch in the software and it pays out a jackpot. The jackpot from software glitches is usually very high. Unfortunately, many people have been denied their winnings over the years because casinos claimed that there was a software glitch. If you’re trying to cause a software glitch, you shouldn’t get your hopes up

10. Use a Piano Wire

The piano wire method is a little more complicated than other methods. However, it is one of the oldest methods of cheating slot machines. It dates back as far as the 1980s. Someone attached a 20 inch long piano wire to the slot machine. The wires will subsequently jam the clock that measures the wheel rotations of the slot machine. They were able to manipulate a slot machine into paying then more than $50,000. The team was caught on video camera pulling the stunt and the player who cashed out the winnings was arrested.

These are the top ten most popular methods of rigging slot machines. While some of them are now redundant, there are still some you can try but you must proceed with caution. As stated above, you might be arrested if you’re caught trying to manipulate a slot machine.

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