Do Slot Machines Have Cameras?

Casinos are one of the most lucrative businesses in the market. Here, it is common to find a steady flow of insanely huge amounts of money. It is a hub for different kinds of people with the intent of trading cash for cash. Hence, it is normal to find more than a couple of cameras at strategic places in a casino. People often wonder if the “eye in the sky” sees everything, including the slot machines set in rows. Some others are curious if the security check extends to slot machines. Do slot machines have cameras? Is the slot machine important enough to have cameras infused in or outside it? The fact behind these questions depends on the casino policy and how seriously they take the issue of security.

Do Slot Machines Have Cameras

Do Slot Machines Have Cameras?

More often than not, different casinos would have different security measures depending on the size and protocol of the casino. As casinos evolve and develop, the management board might find a need to tighten security. Slot machines were not initially manufactured with cameras. However, there are exceptions today as many casinos are fast adapting this path for security.

The cameras that monitor the slot machines section of the casino could be visible enough for all to see, just like the other cameras in the casino. Also, they could be inbuilt in a more sophisticated manner. Either way, there are always eyes watching the slot machines and it doesn’t matter how small you’re playing.

Alongside cameras, there are other features that slot machines are fast adopting. These features include improving graphics, better spinning reels, higher bonuses, etc. As the slot machines gain a wider following, there is a need to adjust their features to be up to standard.

Myths Surrounding Slot Machine Cameras

Casino gambling in general has many myths that surround it. Hence it is not unusual to find that even the slightest technology might raise eyebrows.

Violation of Privacy

One myth about slot machine cameras is that the cameras are a violation of the player’s privacy. They believe that the casinos who have cameras inbuilt in their machines do so without the consent of their players. Hence, they can capture the player in his weak state, or assess the skills of the player.

It is important to note that the moment you walk into a casino, there is a high chance that you have more than one pair of eyes watching you. the casino employees, the security team, as well as other gamblers, watch you. The eyes watching you do not intend to creep you out but they are vigilant for the safety of the casino and everyone. Hence, adding one more pair of eyes to the lineup already in the business can do less harm.

A Means To Cheat Players

Another belief about slot machine cameras is that the casinos use them to rig the games and cheat players. People believe the casino achieves this by mastering the skills and expressions of the player. Therefore, it becomes easy to switch the game against the player.

While casinos might want to make money, they also respect their reputation. Rigging a game puts the image of the casino in the mud; hence they are mindful of how they thread. A casino does not necessarily have to rig your game to make enough profit. They make more than enough through other channels. Also, it might surprise you to find that casinos want you to win as it is good for their business. It is for this reason that they take cheating as a serious offense.

Why do Slot Machines Have Cameras?

Why do Slot Machines have cameras? There are cameras in nearly every cranny of a casino and also a team of security. These cameras watch the moves of everyone and anything that appears suspicious. Hence, the actual question should be; Why should slot machines not have cameras? Notwithstanding, there are many reasons why a slot machine would have cameras to keep an eye on you as you work the machine.

For Security Purposes

The primary reason why casinos place cameras in slot machines is to ensure the security of the gambler and the casino in general. Think of an ATM without cameras and how prone it will be to different kinds of crimes. This same logic applies to the slot machine. The videos could act as evidence or a major lead in an important investigation.

Do Slot Machines Have Cameras

To Prevent Cheating

Casinos have a strict policy against cheating and an equally strict penalty for cheaters. It might be quite impossible to monitor each player in front of the slot machines without meddling in their business. Hence, the cameras are put in place to take charge of that job. There is often a surveillance team behind the camera. This team has the responsibility of fishing out culprits during or after a game that has been manipulated. History records some gamblers who successfully decode and manipulate slot machines for their benefit. The casinos can trace these cheaters through the cameras.

For Record Purposes

Casinos can place cameras in slot machines to keep records of the winnings or losses of their players. Often, they give out special bonuses and comps to frequent players who have hit a specific mark. They compile camera footage as well as other important information of the player in a database. From here, they draw their conclusion, awarding those who deserve awarding.

Casino Security System

Save for the slot machine cameras, casinos have one of the most sophisticated security systems. They are constantly upgrading their security system to check both players and staff who might want to act shady. Some of the most common security patterns of casinos include;

Do Slot Machines Have Cameras

The Use of Cameras

Cameras do all the security jobs for casinos and they will continue to remain vital. Their cameras are technologically on point, having the ability to film live feeds while rewinding to a past event. The cameras pick up anything that appears to be a threat to the safety of the casino. They also pick up offenders of the casino’s rules. Many people posit that the casinos do not always monitor the cameras and that they only keep an eye on the big whales. However, there is proof that no matter how sneaky you attempt to be, the casinos will fish you out soon or later.


Tracking is one of the ways that casinos manage to keep their businesses secure. Sometimes, players agree to be tracked and sign up, giving out important information to the casino. The casino then gives the player a tracking card with a tracking ID. Casinos today are fast leaving this technology open to carry small games as well as slot machines.


The database of players in a casino is often to keep a record of their wins when it comes to giving out comps and bonuses. The diversity in casinos may find this technology practiced in some casinos and not all. The process is simply to open a file with all of the vital information. When playing with a slot machine, the camera scans the face of the player. From here, the casino records each win and loss of the player.

The Future of Slot Machine Technology

Slot machines have come a long way, evolving. In the past, there are cases of people who were known for rigging slot games. These people sometimes managed to get away with their crimes. However, today the slots machines are more sophisticated with cameras and facial recognition. Some casinos have slot machines that recognize VIP players. Some others can automatically trace the gambling history of their players once the camera scans their faces. Be that as it may, the slot machines no longer take the backbench as they are steadily rising to be more important. Hence, there is little limit to what you should expect from these machines.


Cameras are very common in casinos and you might never know from which angle the casino watches you. Slot machines are gradually rising from background games to primary games. Hence, it should not come as a surprise when you find out that the answer to the question; do slot machines have cameras is a resounding yes. Although seeing slot machines with cameras depends on different factors surrounding the casinos, it is no longer something new. Hence, the next time you visit a casino, you might want to look out for cameras.