Do I Need Cash To Gamble In Vegas?

Do I need cash to gamble in Vegas? Well, the answer to this question is subjective. It depends on the type of gambling as well as the casino in question. This article will help you find the answer to the question above. So, keep reading to know what going cashless to gamble in Vegas entails and more. 

Do I Need Cash To Gamble In Vegas?

Advancement of Technology and the Cashless Society

Advancements in technology have made e-commerce easy and widely acceptable. Despite the ease of electronic means of payments, cash is king when it comes to gambling. Electronic means of payments such as credit and debit cards are essential to various non-gambling related transactions in Vegas. When it comes to gambling, the case is different. 

While this article focuses primarily on gambling in Vegas casinos, the same rule applies to other gambling avenues in different parts of the world. Although Vegas casinos allow debit and credit cards for non-gambling activities, there are tight limitations on electronic payments when it comes to gambling.

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Why are There Card Limitations in Vegas Casinos? 

One such limitation is that you cannot use credit and debit cards to buy card chips. You cannot use credit cards to play slot games either. Regardless of such rules, there are ways to use your credit and debit cards to get cash in your hands to gamble. You can do this by withdrawing with an ATM and requesting a cash advance at the cashier cage.

The limitations on e-payment methods in Vegas casinos originate from the Nevada state law. This law prohibits the use of electronic payments to pay for gambling in casinos directly. This is so because regulatory bodies belief that financing gambling through e-payments (especially credit cards) facilitates irresponsible gambling. 

Why put such a financial restriction on gambling when every person should be responsible for their finances? A counter-argument to the limitation is that people have the right to gamble irresponsibly. The rationale behind the restriction is that gambling can be intoxicating and addictive. As such, restriction is essential to an extent. 

The most legitimate way to use a credit card in Vegas casinos for gambling is to fill out a request for a cash advance from the card company and request the cash advance directly from an ATM. 

AG Bunnet and His Influence on Gambling in Navada 

If you get approval, the cashier will provide the cash. Going through this process is financially risky and time-consuming. Also, beware of hefty fees because the interest rates on credit cash advances are always on the high side. 

On the other hand, debit cards are easier to use. The reason for this is that debit cards are directly connected to your bank account. As far back as 2014, gamblers have used prepaid debit cards for casino slot machines as long as the card links to your reward account. 

This freedom is aiding the slow transition to electronic funding that had AG Burnett’s support. AG Burnett is the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board (2012-2017). AG Burnett is primarily known for his support of measures that make playing at casino tables easier for players. The implementation of cashless payment systems for debit cards is gradually spreading and improving as approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Why Players Should Use Cash Instead of Cards 

Despite the growing popularity of card payments, using cash is more beneficial for gambling. 

The culture of Vegas casinos is deeply rooted in cash. As stated earlier, gamblers cannot use credit cards to gamble, directly and using cards indirectly comes with several restrictions. Despite the freedom given to debit cardholders, it still has its hitches. With cash, you have more control over your casino spending and game. 

You need to consider certain things before you use a credit or debit card in a Vegas casino. The main thing to consider is the fees. For example, in addition to the bank withdrawal fee, each casino ATM will charge you an amount ranging from $2 to $5. This adds-up with time depending on the frequency of gambling.

Another significant benefit of using cash is that it will enable you to limit your losses. You can set the amount of money with you for gambling to amounts that will significantly hurt you financially. When you have exhausted all the cash with you, you can leave the casino. With credit and debit cards, you can keep playing until you reach your daily limit. It is irresponsible and wasteful. 

There is another consideration other than fees; accessibility. Not every credit and debit card owner can use their cards for gambling. This is because some credit card providers do not pay for gambling chargers no matter your credit limit. 

This brings us back to the question; do I need cash to gamble in Vegas? The simple answer is yes. You need cash when you are in a land-based Vegas casino. You should withdraw the money before you get to the casino, not when you are on the premises. 

How to Gamble With Your Cards 

Gambling in Vegas is not limited to casinos. There are other gambling options you can explore. One of such is online gambling. There are hundreds of online casinos that are available for Americans to play. Thousands of Americans gamble on these websites, making online gambling a multi-billion dollar industry.

A 2006 law restricts banks and credit card institutions from transferring money between online gambling sites and individuals. Because of this law, gambling websites do not allow players to pay with credit cards. Payment to these websites involves sending a check or wiring the money.

A similar form of online gambling is the mobile gaming some casinos offer to their customers. If you feel like playing alone in any part of the world, then mobile gaming is for you. The mobile devices for this form of gambling vary in size and scope. It is also limited to certain areas.

Sports betting is the most popular application on these devices. Still, most of the devices have other games such as slots, video poker, blackjack, virtual games, etc.

Creating an Account for Mobile Gaming 

You will need to create an account with some key details for mobile gambling. If you are a guest at a hotel in Vegas that offers this service, you will have to input your room number during registration. Once registration is complete, you can buy in any amount of money you deem fit and start gambling. 

There are restrictions on where you can use such mobile gaming devices. Ideally, it should be in public areas such as pools, restaurants, and hotel lobbies. 

This mode of gambling is not as popular as online gambling. It is primarily used for sports betting. Payment on this platform is through cash to the host of the mobile device. You can complete payments with credit and debit cards, although restrictions might apply.

Unregulated Gambling in Vegas 

All major casinos in Las Vegas have licenses and regulated by the state government. However, many underground casinos are not regulated. In these casinos, you cannot gamble if you do not bring cash. There are no options for credit or debit card payments. They only accept untraceable cash. 

If you do not have cash, you can gamble with something of value. Gamblers drop items of value such as watches, rings, bracelets, art, antiques, phones, accessories, and fashion materials.  

If you lose valuable items while gambling in illegal casinos, you can recover them. However, you will most likely pay more cash than their actual value to retrieve them. Gamblers run risks of robbery, assault, rape, and murder, especially when the stakes are high and tension rises. The worst part is that you might be reluctant to report a crime that occurs in an illegal gambling pen to avoid criminal charges. If you must, some precautions you can take are below:

  • Avoid secluded and dark places. 
  • Do not go alone.
  • Be familiar with fellow gamblers and organizers. 
  • Do not take items of high value with you.
  • Have 911 on speed dial.
  • Let someone who is not going with you know where you are going.
  • Do not get into a fight with strangers.
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Bottom line 

Gambling involves many extracurricular products, activities, and services. You can access other services in the casino, while you have to pay for others. There are many benefits of gambling with cash in Las Vegas as you have seen above. If you’re visiting Las Vegas for recreational purposes, you’ll benefit significantly from only gambling with cash rather than cards.