The need to protect your identity for some legal, personal or even security reasons begs the question of anonymity while winning in an online casino. You want to play at an online casino but you wish to have your identity unrevealed? The good news is this; certain online casinos allow you to play and, of course, win anonymously without greeting any deposit bonuses.

Those who play casinos online but would rather remain anonymous while paying and winning are provided with several options to help strip away any such information that is capable of their (the players’) identification. These options range from simple to complex ; nonetheless, it remains certain that they help to ensure that your identity remains unrevealed, undisclosed and safe from prying eyes.




To keep your identity anonymous in an online casino, the very first step to take is to ensure that you use an entirely different e-mail address when you are creating your online casino player account. It might interest you to know that there are several free e-mail providers that require only few minutes of your time to set up and commence using.

You should never use your personal e-mail address, not even your professional e-mail address, if you wish to remain anonymous. The reason for this is not far-fetched; account creation confirmations, promotions and other notifications are usually sent by casinos only to the e-mail address associated with your player account.


A step further -otherwise termed the second step- in the online casino account creation process would be the selection of such a display name as cannot be easily identified or is not identifiable.

There’s actually no wrong in being really creative but also bear in mind the need to create a name so anonymous as to shield and protect you from those who you intend to stay anonymous from. You will also want to make sure that you do not use the same display name on other websites or in some other parts of your life.

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The final step under this head would be to make sure that you do not use your real mailing address. This is particularly useful when you are withdrawing funds from your online casino. Because they will normally prefer issuing you a cheque to your mailing address.

If this will not work, you will need to sign up for a third-party payment provider to handle your transactions.


One very good and also important way to ensure that your anonymity is protected is to use third party payment providers that are and could be well trusted. Their role is essentially to act as buffers between you and the online casino in terms of securing and protecting your personal information.

The payment provider you select to make deposits and withdrawals with will not share this information with the casino. They further take on the responsibility of clearing and confirming transactions for the casino.

As an addition to third party payment providers, you may also use pre-paid credit or deposit cards that do not necessarily require you to provide identifiable information.

Check with your preferred online casino or payment provider to see whether they will accept these cards for deposits. This allows you to keep your personal credit card information safe and secured.


Whenever the thought of maintaining anonymity through online casinos pops up, we, most likely, often refer to identifying our name, addresses, and banking information. However, even where you successfully have an anonymous account and third party payment providers, we still connect to the online casinos with our internet connection. You know what this implies?

This internet connection also identifies who you are through your IP address. Many online casino players prefer to use tools to mask or block their IP address from being identified. For most purposes however, the average player will not necessarily need to take such measures to ensure they keep their personal information safe.

The most popular way to mask your IP address is to use a Virtual Private Network or Server (VPN/VPS) in a different city or region than your own. Essentially you connect to a server or network outside of your own.

When the online casino sees you connect to their servers, it will show them an IP address from the VPN or VPS you are using, instead of your personal one. For advanced users, this may be a beneficial way to stay anonymous.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are very popular among all Internet users, not just online casino players. People use them to stay safe online and overcome geo blocks.

VPNs enable Internet users to connect to websites through servers operated by VPN providers who are not the same as Internet service providers (ISP). They enable Internet users to access the Internet while appearing to be in different locations. Online casino players can use VPNs to make it look as if they are playing from a different country.


Several areas of online gamings will enable requisite protection, with the exception of social engineering, another aspect of online gaming that poses some level of difficulty to protect yourself from it, unless and until you take the appropriate precautions.

By social engineering, we mean the psychological manipulation or inducing of people into saying or doing certain things which they ordinarily or otherwise might not say or do. With regard to maintaining your anonymity in an online casino, this may mean divulging to another player what your real name is. Or where you live, or other identifiable information.

For the purpose of maintaining complete anonymity and in order not to fall victim of social engineering techniques, it is highly recommended that  you turn all chat functions and features off. We also suggest disabling any and all e-mail or SMS notifications with your player account.


Just in case the added security of being anonymous is so  important to you, please do remember to always stay vigilant when you are being asked for personal information. Take the extra time to set yourself up properly from the beginning; you will give yourself more time long-term to enjoy the gaming (and winning!) experience at your preferred online casinos.


 Can online casinos ban you for winning? The quick and short  answer to this question is yes, they absolutely can and in most cases, they also reserve the legal right to do so. Well, the answer could as well be a bit indefinite as it strongly depends on what you mean “winning”.

  That being said, you should also bear in mind that an online casino could ban you from winning for certain reasons. .. It might interest you to know what exactly these reasons are, right? You will be kept fully abreast under the next heading. 

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Most online casinos will keep their word and not mess up with your winnings or funds in any case while you keep playing normally. Let us say, for example, that you go online, find an online casino you would like to play on and proceed to register and create an account. To complete this process you will have to agree to the “terms and conditions” of the casino. What are these terms and conditions we all agree to without having read a single line of what they are all about? They mostly consist of information about the casino and the laws both them and you would have to follow in order to gamble while being true to the law.

That being said, an online casino could ban you from winning for two reasons.

The first of those is that you actually were to blame as you may have done something you thought was ok but clearly wasn’t. If, for instance,you like playing Blackjack.

 Of course, by being a card player, there is no chance in the world that you haven’t heard of the term “card counting” at least once in your life (It is the act of assigning a numerical value to each card of the deck.) By doing that you can keep “count” of the sum of the cards passing by each round.

Because lower cards have a 0 or +1 value you know that when the sum is 10+ the probability of getting a good card like a 10, J, Q, K, A is incredibly higher than normal. So a card counter would know when to “hit” or “stand” when playing Blackjack thus be able to increase his winnings and lose less.

This isn’t illegal but it would be considered hustling the casino so if you were caught doing something like card counting you could lose your money or even get banned.

The second reason is that the casino is actually involved in a scam.