Bringing Home the Bacon with Pig Winner | Winner Winner Piggy Dinner

Game Details:

Available At: RTG Casinos

Mobile Friendly: Yes

Requirements: Internet Browser (Preferably Google Chrome), Ad Blockers must be disabled

Pig Winner Review

It is the year of the pig ladies and gentlemen, and that means fortune according to the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese Zodiac is a twelve-year cycle and each year represent a different animal, 2019 is the Year of the Pig. By now you must be thinking what does this have to do with gambling or slots, Pig Winner takes the Chinese Zodiac and the Year of the Pig and turns it into a brilliant fun, five reel slot game that you can spend hours enjoying. Pig Winner is one of those classic slot games with a theme that focuses on getting that lucky piggy and winning big.

The gameplay is fluid, and the animations are splendid and colorful along with all 12 zodiac animals. From the dragon to the dog, you could spend much time on this game spinning and getting matches on the five reels of the twelve animals. You can go small and bide your time, or you can play big and auto spin until you get that fortunate pig. It is said that 2019 will be an excellent year for earning money and this is ever present in Pig Winner. With over 240 ways of winning, this is indeed a fortunate year.

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Game Symbols

Every single symbol in Pig Winner revolves around the Chinese zodiac. If you don’t know the zodiac, then here is a list of all the animals to help you better enjoy your Pig Winner experience. Please note that the numbers that correlate with the symbols are the payouts you receive if you get all five matching animals after the roll.

  • The Rat who is forever accumulating has a payout of 750.
  • The Ox, dedicated and always hard at work has a payout of 300.
  • The Tiger, who takes charge and are often leaders has a payout of 150.
  • The silent Rabbit and noble Dragon pay out 80.
  • The optimistic Snake, the tender Rooster and the unyielding Horse pay out at 60.
  • The loving Goat, the ever curious Monkey and the conventional Dog. Payout of 50
  • If you happen to get the Pig, it is used as a wild card that substitutes for lacking symbols.
  • Getting a Yin Yang symbol will equal a free spin.

How to Play

The gameplay is that of your regular slots game. Once the game loads you click continue, this brings you to the main game where you start by selecting the amount of money you wish to bet with. This option can range from 0.90 all the way through to 150. The number of the winning combinations is calculated and multiplied by the matching animal symbols that have matched on screen. You can set the game to auto roll, but be careful as this can cause your balance to deplete fast if not carefully monitored. You can always select the amount, but if you want to go big, there is a button that allows you to place the maximum bet for the next spin. Now, all that is left is for you is to carefully manage your balance and spin away into your next payout. Remember this is a game of chance and not every spin will pay out.


+ Unique symbols and interesting theme

+ The more you play, the faster you learn

+ Free spin feature was enjoyable and a delightful


– Easy to lose your self in the game – don’t forget the real world!

– If you are away from the browser for too long, the game will need to reset


Pig Winner is an excellent example of unique themes coupled with simple gameplay. If you are a fan of slots, then this little piggy is the game for you.

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