Best VIP Casino Programs

Some casinos offer some of the best VIP casino programs ever. Honestly, everyone loves special treatments that distinguish them from others. You feel important when you receive special treatment. The word VIP means “Very Important Person”; when they recognize you as one, you get to enjoy all the unique benefits that come with it. For a long time, casinos have offered VIP programs to their users. They do this to reward their customers’ loyalty and to make them feel appreciated. Of course, due to the pandemic, many restrictions have been put in place for land-based casinos. However, gamblers can still get VIP programs offline. Are you interested in getting a casino VIP program? Would like to know which VIP programs are the best for you?

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Best VIP casino program

1. Ignition Casino Reward Program

Ignition Casino Reward Program is one of the best VIP loyalty programs in the world. This program affords casino lovers many interesting game options. There are six levels before you get to the VIP. Upon signing up, you automatically enrolled into the first level known as the Steel status. After this, comes the Chrome followed by the Bronze level. Next, you move to the Silver level followed by the Gold, then the Platinum, Titanium, and finally, the Diamond level. Of course, the more you bet, the more you increase your chances of entry.

Ignition Casino Reward Program offers reward points. These are known as Ignition Miles. They can be exchanged for money. Also, the loyalty program offers bonuses too enticing to pass such as cash back incentives, etc. The best perk is knowing that your VIP status remains intact even if you’re inactive and don’t play for a long while.

2. PlayZee VIP program

PlayZee VIP program is another one of the best VIP programs in the casino world. The program is a five-tiered level. They admit all new players into the first level. This is known as the Zee Club. As you continue to bet, with 7,500 points, you move to the Master Zee level. Accumulating a total of 15,000 points moves you to another level, the Doctor Zee level.

To get to the second-highest level, all you need is to earn 30,000 points. This level is called Professor Zee and here, all the higher goodies begin to roll in. You get a personal account manager who is at your beck and call. The manager provides you with suggestions and answers all your questions. The last and final level is the Zee Secret Society. Here you get top-notch benefits. The only way you can get on the exclusive level is through an invite.

VIP Casino

3. Bovada Rewards Program and Bovada Red Room

Another awesome VIP casino program is that of Bovada. This VIP program is divided into two. The first is the Bovada Rewards Program. There are six VIP tiers in this program. One exciting benefit is that new players automatically gain access to the first level. Amazing, right? Now, each of these levels offers impressive rewards. Rewards points come on bets as low as $1. Furthermore, these can be redeemed for cash. They also afford you a cashback percentage.

The second in this loyalty program is the Bovada Red Room. Now, this is an exclusive reward program that is based on invite-only. This affords you weekly deposit bonuses and rewards points for each time you bet. These reward points can be redeemed for cash. Also, there is an exclusive offer of available deposit choices. In addition to this, you get a cashback percentage on losses. The best part is you never lose your VIP status.

4. Café Casino Perks

Café Casino also offers a great loyalty program. This program has eight levels and the bonus points are called perk points. The more points you earn, the more you increase your chances of advancing to the VIP level. What’s awesome is that you don’t have to spend plenty of dollars first. You can earn points on as low as a $1 wager.

At each level, you can exchange some of your points for cash. Also, you can receive cashback bonuses on your losses. Is this amazing or what? In addition to this, you get cash rewards when you use the bonus points. Double amazing!

5. JackpotCity Casino VIP Program

JackpotCity Casino Loyalty Program is an exclusive invite-only program and why not? It comes with the best rewards ever! First, they credit new players with 2,500 loyalty points. Yes, you heard that right! See, they start tending to their customers from as low as entry-level.

To attain VIP status, you have to bet as often as possible. As you bet, you open a collection of unique customized rewards. These rewards vary from cash prizes to loyalty points. Devices like smartphones and laptops are part of this reward. Also, they afford you travel packages to exotic destinations. Another cool benefit of the VIP status is they assign a manager who will answer your questions. Yes, all your gambling questions even the most seemingly ridiculous of them.

6. MySlots Rewards Program

MySlots Rewards Program is the loyalty scheme of Casino VIP program. This tier has eight levels. Each level offers a cashback bonus and you can earn points on as low as a $1 bet. As a first-time player, you gain immediate access to the Rewards program. The more you play, the more reward points you amass. When you’ve amassed a significant amount of reward points, you can redeem them for cash.

At the highest level, they reward you with a 15% cashback and 1000-point on a $1 bet! Isn’t this awesome? Why are you not on this program already?

7. Royal Vegas Loyalty

This is another of the best loyalty programs in the world. As soon as you sign up and start betting with real money, you begin to receive loyalty points. These loyalty points can be exchanged for bonus credits. Furthermore, you can customize your bonus credits as you deem fit. When you get to the highest level, the casino assigns a personal service manager to you. This manager answers your questions, gives you suggestions and updates on the latest developments.

Royal Vegas Loyalty also offers VIP friendly contests to its customers.

8. Kassu Casino

Kassu Casino VIP program offers lots of goodies as well. Their rewards are too heavenly to not give a try. When you attain VIP status, they assign you a private service executive. You get customized incentives and individual presents. Also, they offer exclusive tour deals to exciting places. You also have entry to raffle games. Of course, all of these come as you continue placing bets.

9. Zet Casino

Last but not least in this list is Zet Casino. Zet Casino offers a unique VIP level of experience. The first level in this tier is called alpha and the last is zeta. When you finally get to the last level, the Casino grants you a 15% discount on your forfeits. Yes, that’s true. Also, they assign a private supervisor to you. Another great thing is that Zet Casino offers a lower transfer fare when you want to turn your commitment reward to money.

All of these VIP programs have awesome benefits for their customers.

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How To Become a VIP

1. Pick a gambling site and create your account

The very first thing to do is choose your preferred gambling site. Next, read through their VIP program to determine if it’s suitable for you. Thankfully, you don’t have to stress yourself much about that as this article has already provided specific information.

After you have done this, create an account. This is not a complicated process. Usually, they required that you provide basic details such as your name, email address, etc. In a few minutes, you’re done.

2. Bet, bet, bet

Next, check out the games and take time to familiarize yourself with them. There’s no hurry as you want to make sure you start on a solid footing. Many online casinos offer a free version of their games. You can try these out to hone your skills. When you think you’re ready to, place your first bet. Thankfully, the casinos in this article allow for bets as low as $1 so you don’t have to worry about placing huge bets. Continue to play and continue to bet.


These are some of the best VIP casino programs. Every gambler loves the special treatment of VIP casino programs. Remember, you don’t achieve VIP status overnight. You have to put in the work to attain it.