What is Video Poker and How it Works

Video poker formally called “slot poker” is a popular casino game introduced in the early 1970s. The playing style is based on a five-card draw poker and like almost all video games, the poker game is played on a sophisticated computerized console, rather similar (in size) to the common slot machine. They are easy to operate—without any interaction with the dealer or other players. Similar to slot reels, combinations are guided by a random-number generator.

To distinguish video poker from the conventional video slot, the video poker machine features a unique element of skill. Players have the sole responsibility to determine the outcome of their game.  Because playing cards are taken from a randomly shuffled 52-card deck of 53-playing cards, in the case of Joker’s Wild machines, the possible combos are known. Also, the frequency of the combinations can be calculated, and an optimal playing tactic can be adopted.

What is Video Poker and How it Works

The premium video poker machines, when played skillfully, offer odds better than other rival table games. The basic game, Jacks or Better in its full-pay version returns 99.5 percent dividends with optimal play over the long run. The basic game—Jacks or Better in its full-pay version returns 99.5 percent dividends with optimal play over the long run. Other machines, most notably some versions of Deuces Wild, offer special features to the player. This means that, over the long run, they will return more than 100 percent with optimal play.

How to Play Video Poker 

Play begins immediately after slotting your money into the machine. It’s not rocket science. After that, you can place a bet and hit the “deal” button. Five cards are then presented to the player. The player has the opportunity to trash one or more of them in exchange for new ones drawn from the same virtual desk. After the draw has been made, the machine pays out if the hand or hands played totally or match one of the winning combinations, which are displayed in the paytable. Unlike the table version, the player may decide to discard all 5 cards of the original if they choose to do so and replace them with new ones.

Pay tables allocate the payouts for hands and are issued based on how rare they are, the game variation, and the personal decision of the game operator. An archetype paytable starts gradually with a little hand of a pair of jacks, which pays even money. All the other hand combinations in video poker are the same as in table poker, including such hands as two pairs, 4 of a kind, direct flush, and royal flush. Some machines offer successive jackpots or other unique bonuses, luring players to increase their wagers and to play even more frequently each time.

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How to Win Video Poker 

Have you been wondering why casinos offer games that can be beaten? Well, it is because only a small percentage of players know the basics of proper play. A lot of mistakes are made by rookie players to the benefit of the casino. Some casinos payout 2 to 4 percent less to rookies compared to skilled players.

In competitive markets, casinos are choked between the option of offering a good choice that the best players can be rest assured to make a huge profit in the long term or offering unsatisfactory pay tables and risk discouraging the rookies. In less-competitive markets, where they want space to stack is comparatively higher gains, casinos will ease the process by offering lower-paying machines because they will be played despite the low payoffs. 

The demand for video poker has waxed strong as the gambling market matures and players are becoming more skilled and cautious. In some American states like Nevada, casinos with customers of locals devote a lot more than 50 percent of game space to video poker, and few video poker outlets offer few other gambling variations. 

A large number of video poker players can maximize their chances of winning by applying a few simple rules for holding or discarding the first five cards that they have been dealt:

Always hold a four of a form, poker hand, three of a kind, poker hand, full house, or two pair. However, with three of a form, you’ll discard the alternative two cards that are left for a chance at four of a form while giving an open opportunity to the full house. With two pairs, discard the fifth(last) card to make room for a hand.

When you have four cards to a hand, it’s advisable to interrupt up a flush. In essence, if you have the trio of aces, king, queen plus jack-9, all of the clubs, discard the 9 to stand the chance at the huge payoff for the ten of clubs. That also leaves a niche for the possibility of a flush to combine with either a club, a straight with the opposite 10, and a pair of jacks or better with any ace, king, queen, or jack.

Split up a pair of jacks or better still if you have four cards to a hand or four cards to a lower hand. This is better than one high card like (jack, queen, king, or ace). A four-card open directly is one that has an area open at both stops to finish the hand. For example, a hand of 4-5-6-7 can use both a three at one end or an 8 at the selection to finish the straight. An interior straight has space within the center that must be filled to complete the hand; 4-6-7-8 needs a 5 to become straight. Open straights give the player a better chance, which doubles as many cards available to fill the straight.

Advanced Strategy for Video Poker 

Once you’re accustomed to the short strategy, you’ll want to maneuver on to a more complex version, but offers higher chances. The following could also be a method that’s optimal for the common 8-5 and 7-5 Jacks or Better machines. It, however, varies only some tenth of a percentage from ideal on 9-6 Jacks or Better and for Bonus Poker systems(machine). Just as within the fast version, some hands are never jerky. If you’re fortunate enough to be dealt a hand, you hold all five cards and anticipate your payoff. Don’t place greater cash inside the system or try to play some other hand earlier than you were given the hand. 


Video poker is still one of the most popular casino games in the gambling industry. It is often categorized at the same level as slot games which make up for 70% of the total global casino revenue. You can play video poker on any reliable online casino. Depending on the casinos, you can place a bet for less than $1. You must gamble responsibly. 

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