What Do You Need To Know About Professional Gambling?

What do you need to know about professional gambling? Professional gambling simply means placing bets for a living just like you would do any other job. Indeed, it’s a fancy idea and the movies make it seem like it’s the life you should aspire to have. Professional gambling seems like a life of cars, mansions, jewelry, pretty ladies, and money to spend as you want. However, the reality is far from that. In this article, you will be finding out what you need to know about professional gambling.

Professional Gambling

What Do You Need To Know About Professional Gambling?

As stated already, professional gambling means placing bets for a living. Before you go into gambling as a profession, there are certain things you need to consider first:

  1. Are You Ready To Pursue It Full-time?

On the surface, professional gambling seems like a life that’s straight out of a glossy magazine. What the magazines and movies don’t show you is that it involves hours of work behind the scene. If you’re looking to pursue gambling professionally, you must be willing to go into it full-time. This is because you will have to invest hours in learning strategies for the games. Besides learning strategies, you need to research the different gambling games available. Good research will help you choose which games will favor you and which ones you don’t want to play. All of these amount to spending the greater part of the day.

If you’re ready to pursue gambling full-time, then professional gambling is for you.

  1. How Much Do You Have In Your Bank Account?

This is the next question you need to answer before you can go into professional gambling. You see, gambling is a game where you spend some money in hopes of winning more money. More often than not, you will hear stories of how people got lucky by winning huge amounts of money from betting. However, the truth is very few people are ever truly that lucky. In reality, you have to keep playing until you hit your daily or weekly profit target. So, ask yourself, “Do I have enough money in my account to support this?”

Just like every business, professional gambling requires you to invest money. The money in your bankroll is what you will spend if you hope to realize profits. You should have a minimum of $1000 to bet with every week without running into debts. If your bankroll can support your gambling as a profession, then you’re right on track.

Professional Gambling
  1. Are You Mentally Prepared For The Rough Days?

As this article has mentioned already, movies and magazines only show the good side of professional gambling. Does it mean there are no rough sides to this? Absolutely not! As someone considering professional gambling, you must be mentally prepared. This is because there are times when your gameplay may not work in your favor despite your strategies. There are times where you may lose money for days on end without any profits.

So, what do you do when the rough days come? Do you quit or continue playing? Preparing mentally for this doesn’t mean you should remain at the table, studying for hours on end. You can take a break, exercise, do other activities to refresh your brain. You must also be prepared to lose your money. This way, the disappointment does not catch you off-guard.

  1. Is It Worth Leaving Your Present Job For?

Another thing to consider is whether professional gambling is worth leaving your present job for. Take, for instance, you earn an average of $50 hourly and $2000 weekly. If you chose to go into professional gambling, can you make this amount within this time frame? The truth is that many professional gamblers make this amount of money and more but it did not start easy for them. Do you have the patience to gradually build what it takes? Remember, nothing good in life comes easy. Professional gamblers who are living the life all started from somewhere.

If you think your present job is worth leaving for professional gambling, then by all means do so.

Professional Gambling
  1. What Happens When The Worst Comes?

How prepared are you for the worst? If you decide to go into professional gambling, you must consider the factor of unforeseen circumstances. What happens in the case of an emergency? Do you have health insurance? If your previous job had your health care covered, then you need to consider it in this profession. What happens when you fall sick? As an employee, you will probably get a sick leave and health insurance to cover the bills. However, as a professional gambler, you have to pay for your own insurance. Also, if you have to take a sick leave, it means you don’t earn money until you’re recovered.

So, what do you do? You will have to set aside a certain percentage from your gambling earnings to pay for insurance or emergency. This way, you are not caught by surprise when an emergency comes up. You must also learn to be strict and not touch money from your emergency funds until you truly need them. No one hopes for the worst but you should take proactive steps in preparing for them. Never forget that health is wealth.

After answering these questions satisfactorily, the next thing is to know what area you should venture into. Professional gambling does not mean you should play every available game. You first need to know the different types of professional gambling to help you make a choice.

  1. The Matched Bettor

What is this about? Well, upon successfully registering at a betting site, you receive a welcome bonus. Betting sites offer different welcome bonuses with some being larger than others. All you need to do is make prior research before you sign up at the site.

Now, you cannot withdraw from this welcome bonus but you can use it to play games. The advantage of this is that you can make profits with this welcome bonus without risking your own money. If you know how to play your game well, you can make as much profit as you want. Some players open different accounts on multiple betting sites to increase their welcome bonuses. However, you should not do that because some of these betting sites belong to one sister company. If they find you opening multiple accounts just for welcome bonuses, they may ban your IP for life.

The matched bettor is one of the easiest ways to become a professional gambler. Unfortunately, sooner or later, you’re going to have to put your personal money on the line. However, that should be no problem.

  1. The Sports Bettor

Sports betting is simply guessing the outcome of a sports event by placing bets. It is one of the most popular ways to bet and many bettors take this on as a profession. In sports betting, you place your bet on the team you hope to win. If your guess turns out to be right, then you recover your initial deposit and make profits.

  1. The Sports Trader

Although this deals with sports as well, it is in a different category of its own. Sports trading simply means buying bets and selling bets for profits during a sporting event. It is similar to stock trading, only that your trade is in sports. Unlike sports betting, sports trading is not affected by the outcome of the event. All you need to do is watch the market trends and choose whether to buy or sell.

  1. The Casino Player

Another very popular type of professional gambling is casino playing. Even at the casino, you have to pick a game and master it as there are many games available. A casino is a gambling house where you will find different types of gambling games. These include table games, progressives, poker, slots, etc. As already stated, you need to find one game and master it well. The best thing about playing at a casino is that you have many options. If you want easy games, you can go for slots. If you want games that require mental math, you can go for baccarat and some others.

Casinos also offer their players daily and weekly bonuses on different games. These bonuses help you increase your bankroll if you know how to play them the right way. At casinos, the possibilities of making money are endless.


What do you need to know about professional gambling? Well, you now have some information about this job. So, weigh your options and make your choice!