Rich Palms Casino Review

Welcome to the Rich Palms Casino Review. Founded in 2020, this casino is open to players from America, Australia, and other countries all over the world. It is still fairly new on the gaming market, and that’s why we will be reviewing it. In this review, you’ll discover what its sign-up process is like, the welcome package, the experience, the VIP program, etc. By the end of this review, you will be able to decide whether you want to play at the casino or not. So, dive in and enjoy!

Rich Palms Casino

Rich Palms Casino Review: The Sign-up Process

What is this casino’s sign-up process like? Well, the process is in three basic steps. On the first page, you create a username, password and type in your email address. Secondly, you type in your names, choose your gender and birthday. Finally, you select your country, type in your zip code, city, state/province, address, phone number, and select a currency option. After completing these steps, you must verify your email address which makes you a fully registered player.

  • Good deal: The sign-up process is easy and quick as you can complete this in three minutes. Also, the password is in view mode, which means you can see what you’re typing.
  • Drawback: For a casino that caters to players worldwide, the currency option is limited to USD and AUD. Thus, players in countries where they don’t use either of these two will lose some money to conversion fees.

Our Rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible, to 5, which connotes excellent. The sign-up process is fast, but the casino needs to include more currency options. Thus, we rate it a 4.

Rich Palms Casino

The Welcome Package

After you have fully registered, the next step is to discover what games there are in the casino and which ones you may like. We advise that you should try out the demo version of their games before depositing at a casino. Still, a demo version does not compare to the real game. Thus, what you need to do is find out if the casino has any no-deposit bonuses available. You can contact customer care, and they will activate the bonus code for you. For Rich Palms Casino, the no-deposit bonus is $40. With this, you can play games for real, make some winning, and decide if you want to continue playing at the casino.

After you may have exhausted your no-deposit bonus, the casino offers a three-part bonus for your first three deposits. For a first minimum deposit of $25 ($10 using Neosurf), you can get a 250% slot bonus plus a 100% cashback. A second minimum deposit of $25 ($10 using Neosurf) qualifies you for a 275% slot bonus plus 100% cashback. Finally, when you make a third minimum deposit of $25 ($10 using Neosurf), you can get 300% plus 50% cashback. All these amounts to $8,250.

  • Good deal: The casino offers a generous no-deposit bonus as well as good welcome bonuses on your first three deposits.
  • Drawback: There is no drawback here.

Our Rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible, to 15, which connotes excellent. We liked the welcome bonuses, and thus, we rate it a 14.

Experience (Games, Entertainment and Fun)

The casino offers a variety of games that include slots, table games, video poker, specialty, progressives, and live dealers. Every game here has a demo version that players can try out before they play for real money. The games are available for instant play and download; all you have to do is choose between these two. What’s most impressive are the live dealer games the casino offers. Not every casino offers this, and it can be disappointing, especially for experienced players.

Sounds are essential to gameplay because they help make the experience a good one. Rich Palms Casino has sounds for instant play, so players don’t miss a thing if they don’t download it.

  • Good deal: The experience at this casino was a good one.
  • Drawbacks: There are no drawbacks here.

Our Rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible, to 20, which connotes excellent. We had a good time playing with our no-deposit bonus, and so we rate the experience an 18.

Rich Palms Casino

Ongoing Promotions Availability

Presently, the casino offers the following promotions:

Roulette Tour

70% bonus on roulette.

Cards Tour

100% bonus on card games.

Tropical Cocktail Weekend

250% bonus plus 25 free spins on Enchanted Garden game.

Vegas, Baby!

You receive a 240% bonus plus 40 free spins on Vegas Lux.

Who Are These Bandits?

This offers a 250% bonus plus 30 free spins on Cash Bandits 3.

WildFire Party

250% bonus plus 25 free spins on WildFire 7s.

New Day, New Party

240% bonus plus 40 free spins on Mardi Gras Magic.

Be A Warrior

250% bonus plus 30 free spins are available on Achilles Deluxe.

Meet Your Football Idols

You can receive one hundred free spins on Football Fortunes.

Our Rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible, to 20, which connotes excellent. The casino has a healthy number of ongoing promotions, and so we rate it a 16.

Customer Service

Rich Palms Casino’s customer service is available in a live chat, email address, and phone number. When we contacted them via live chat to activate our no-deposit bonus, they were fast in responding. Also, there is an option where you can email the chat transcript if you were not satisfied with the customer service.

  • Good deal: They were fast and helpful.
  • Drawback: There is no drawback here.

Our Rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible, to 15, which connotes excellent. Thus, we rate this a 14.

Deposit Options

The casino accepts deposits through any of these payment options:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express

The minimum deposit for these is $25, while the maximum is $1,000.

Instant Gift Card

Like the first methods, the minimum deposit amount for this is $25. However, the maximum deposit amount is $500.


Here, you can make a minimum deposit of $10, but the maximum amount is $250.


The minimum deposit amount for this is $25, while the maximum is $1,000.


The casino also accepts cryptocurrency. Thus, the minimum deposit you can make using this method is $25, while the maximum is $1,000.

Our Rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible, to 10, which connotes excellent. The casino’s deposit options are popular payment methods all over the world. Thus, we rate it an 8.

Payout Process and Requirements

When making a payment request, the casino will require that you provide certain documents to verify your account. These include:

  1. An Identity Card

You must provide a copy of a valid photo identity which could be a driver’s license, an identity card, or a passport. The casino requires that you include both sides and all details of the identification.

  1. Credit/Debit Cards

Next, you will provide a copy of any credit/debit cards you have used in making your payment. The casino requires that the cards include your full name, the first six and last four digits of the card number, and the expiry date.

  1. Utility Bill

Furthermore, you must provide a copy of a utility bill no older than two months. The bill must include your full name, date of issue, and full billing address.

If you deposited using your credit card, then you will have to carry out a card authentication. Also, the casino may ask for additional documents if the need arises.

The casino payout options are as follows:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express

The minimum withdrawal for this option is $100, while the maximum is $2,000.


You can withdraw a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2,000.

Bank Wire

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, and the maximum is $2,000.

Our Rating

Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible, to 15, which connotes excellent. The withdrawal options are limited, and so we rate it a 12.

Rich Palms Casino VIP Program

Rich Palms Casino offers a six-tier VIP program:

  1. Black Card

This is the least level in the program where you receive a $100 rich bonus upon entry. The other benefits that come include a 185% match bonus, daily cashback, weekly cashback, and a birthday bonus. Also, the comp points ratio is 18:1.

  1. Silver Card

In this second tier, you receive a $150 silver bonus. Also, you can earn 215% in match cashback. Other rewards include daily cashback, weekly cashback, and birthday bonuses. Furthermore, the comp points ratio is 16:1.

  1. Golden Card

Upon entry into this third level, you receive a $250 golden bonus. The match bonus offer is at 235%, and you also get daily and weekly cashback. Also, this level offers you a birthday bonus. Lastly, its comp points ratio is 14:1.

  1. Platinum Card

In this fourth level, you receive a $500 platinum card. Also, you receive a 265% match bonus and weekly cashback. At this level, there is no maximum cashout bonus. Other offers include a 5% monthly cashback, birthday bonus, and a 12:1 comp points ratio.

  1. Diamond Card

You receive a $750 diamond card when you enter this level. The match bonus here is 285%, and there is no maximum cashout. Also, you are entitled to weekly cashback and an 8% monthly cashback. Furthermore, the casino gives you a real money bonus and an increased bet limit. Finally, there is a birthday bonus with an 11:1 comp points ratio.

  1. Millionaire Card

This is the highest level in the VIP program. At this level, you are entitled to a $1,000 millionaire card. Other rewards available include a 300% match bonus, weekly cashback, and 12% monthly cashback. You can also get a real money bonus, no bet limits, and birthday bonuses. The comp points ratio is 10:1.

Extra Impressions: Will This Casino Get Our Cherry 🍒 On Top or Not?

The first thing a player notices at an online casino is the graphics. The graphics have the power to influence the player’s decision to play at the casino or not. If a casino’s graphics is not appealing, a player may not feel the urge to play. In gaming, we call this the dopamine effect. Rich Palms Casino has impressive graphics. The beach theme matches its name and gives off a lively aura.

Another thing that impressed us is the friendly user interface. Except for when we needed to activate our no-deposit bonus, we got every information we needed on the site. In addition, the texts are appropriately hyperlinked, so there is no problem for the player.

Even though the casino is fairly new on the game scene, it has an impressive VIP package. Although this may pale compared to some other online casinos, we believe there is room for improvement. Another impressive detail about the casino is its $40 no-deposit bonus. Usually, some casinos offer between $10 – $25, but Rich Palms Casino’s is double. We also liked that the casino offers live dealer games as not many online casinos offer this. Finally, they have a dedicated category to Responsible Gaming, which we believe is very important.

Thus, Rich Palms Casino gets a cherry 🍒 on top from us.

Casino vs. The Competition

Moving forward, we will compare Rich Palms Casino to three other casinos: Las Atlantis Casino, Slots Capital Casino, and Liberty Slots Casino. The basis for comparison will follow in this order:

The welcome bonus

The currency option

The graphics

The gaming software

The Welcome Bonus

Rich Palms Casino and Las Atlantis Casino offer their players up to a $40 no-deposit bonus. In addition, slots Capital Casino offers a no-deposit welcome bonus of $7, while Liberty Slots Casino offers new players a $10 no-deposit bonus.

For first deposits, Rich Palms Casino offers a three-part bonus that makes a total of $8,250, while Las Atlantis Casino offers up to a $14,000 bonus on a $30 minimum deposit. At Liberty Slots Casino, the player can get up to two hundred and fifty-nine dollars ($259) bonus each on their first three deposits. That’s a total of seven hundred and seventy-seven dollars ($777) on a twenty-five dollars ($25) minimum deposit. Slots Capital Casino, on the other hand, outdoes all three on first deposit bonuses.

For the first deposit of $25, the player receives a free $100 and is eligible for another $1,000 welcome bonus. Also, players can get a 227% bonus on a $20 minimum deposit on this first deposit bonus. In addition to this, the casino sends welcome bonuses termed “Slotsguru Bonuses” to the email addresses of new players. The casino intends for these particular bonuses to be surprises. Thus, they do not give further information.

On a second deposit, players can get up to a 250% bonus. Also, on a third deposit, you can get 300% with a 45x rollover. Finally, on a fourth deposit, the casino offers a 400% bonus with a 45x rollover. In addition to this, they offer free spins when new games are out.

The Currency Option

Rich Palms Casino, Las Atlantis Casino, and Liberty Slots Casino’s currency options are limited to USD and AUD. Slots Capital Casino Casino, on the other hand, offers its players many currency options: USD, Euros, South Africa Rand, Australian Dollar, and GBP.

The Graphics and User Interface

Rich Palms Casino offers beach-themed graphics, while Las Atlantis’s graphics is ocean-themed. Slots Capital Casino also has great graphics that appeal to the player’s senses. On the other hand, there is nothing much appealing about Liberty Slots Casino’s graphics.

Rich Palms Casino has a user-friendly interface. It is easy for players to navigate the casino as every information they need is available on the site. Las Atlantis Casino also has a user-friendly interface, although there is no information concerning their VIP program. Slots Capital Casino is also user-friendly, while Liberty Slots Casino is fairly user-friendly.

The Gaming Software

Rich Palms Casino and Las Atlantis Casino use RealTime Gaming Software. This is one of the biggest and recent gaming software in the industry. Slots Capital Casino uses Rival Gaming Software, while Liberty Slots Casino uses Wagering Gaming Software.

Should I Play At This Casino?

If you’ve read our review up to this point, you should know whether or not to play here. If you’re a fan of huge no-deposit bonuses and welcome packages, then this casino is for you. On the other hand, if you don’t want to download the app yet still have a good gameplay experience, you should check this casino out. Also, since it’s still new on the gaming scene, there are many bonuses to enjoy.

The Verdict

On a scale of 0 to 100, we give this casino 86 and a cherry 🍒 on top. For a fairly new casino, it has much to offer its players. We hope that it keeps up the good work and improves on its weaknesses.