Interesting Superstitions In Gambling

Gambling is a culture and like every other culture, there are several gambling superstitions out there. To be clear, a gambling superstition is an illogical belief that supernatural forces influence outcomes of a game that may either be good or bad luck. Not everyone believes in superstitions but those who do have come up with a never-ending list of what falls under the superstition category in the gambling world. Most of these superstitions apply to land-based casinos but there are still a few that apply to online casinos as well. This is a list of some of the most common and interesting gambling superstitions out there.

Interesting Superstitions In Gambling

Interesting Gambling Superstitions Every Gambler Should Know

1. Walking Through the Front Door of a Casino is Bad Luck

This is more or less one of the most common gambling superstitions out there. Those who believe it don’t ever walk into a land-based casino through the front door because it brings bad luck. These superstitions started many years ago and it can be linked to the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. When the casino was launched initially, there was a lion in front of the main entrance. So, most visitors tried as much as possible to avoid the main entrance and get into the casino through other doors. The casino decided to change their entrance to encourage users to visit. However, it eventually became a superstition. People started going through the side or back door instead of the front door. It eventually became a global superstition that entering through the main entrance will bring bad luck.

2. Certain Gambling Numbers Are Attached To Bad Luck

Another global gambling superstition is that gambling number 13 attracts bad luck. Gamblers believe that the probability of failing in a number game will be higher if they pick number 13. These superstitions originated in the West and date back to the time of the Last Supper. If you’re familiar with bible stories, you will know that the thirteenth person that sat on the table with Jesus and his disciples during the last supper was Judas the betrayer. Whether or not this story is true is of no consequence. Over the years, the hospitality industry has considered 13 as the most unlucky number ever. It isn’t just a gambling superstition. Everyone who believes in these superstitions does everything they can to avoid the 13th number in anything they do. Some hotel owners skip the 13th floor and even the 13th room in their buildings. In the gambling space, especially with roulette games, 13 is also seen as a number that brings bad luck to players. The funny thing about number 13 is that it is considered a lucky number in Asia. Another superstitions number in gambling culture is number 7. Rather than bad luck, number 7 is seen as a lucky number.

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3. Red is A Lucky Color

Just like 7 is a lucky number, red is a lucky color for superstitious gamblers. This superstition originated in China. They believe that the color, red, symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. So, if you wear a red outfit to the casino, you’ll boost your chances of winning. As crazy as this appears, there are people who always follow it. They wear red clothes to casinos hoping it will bring them good fortune. It isn’t just limited to wearing red clothes. You can wear red shoes, carry a red purse or even drive a red car to the casino to boost your luck.

4. When You’re on the Table, Don’t Count Money

Another popular superstition across the globe is that counting money at the table while you’re gambling is bad for your business. If you do it, you will be risking your chances of winning. If you’re a card player, you should test this theory. Count cash on the table and watch the reaction of others on the table. Those who are superstitious will look at you suspiciously and those who aren’t will see you as unprofessional. Whether or not counting money on the table is bad luck, you should try as much as possible to avoid it. You can calculate how much you have left in your head if you must.

5. You Can Hinder Your Progress By Crossing Your Legs

Gambling is a game of chance no doubt. However, those who believe in superstitions think there are ways to put the odds in your favor and ways to cross out good luck altogether. Some people believe that crossing your legs while you’re gambling is going to bring bad luck. If you’re on a winning streak before you cross your legs, you’re going to start losing. As opposed to crossing your legs, keeping your fingers crossed while gambling will increase your chances of winning. Those who believe in this superstition cross their hands whether they are in land-based casinos or they are gambling online.

6. If You’re A Pregnant Woman, You’re Going To Get Lucky

This superstition originates in the Philippines. Pregnant women were seen as bringers of good luck to the casino. Their luck doesn’t just affect them; it affects those who touch or rub their tummy while they are in the casino. They believe that pregnant women drive off bad energy and invite good luck. It may not be common in this part of the world but it is an aged long gambling superstition.

7. How You Look At The Table Can Influence Your Fate

When it comes to looking at a table during a game, there are two conflicting superstitions. One is that looking at the table during a game is going to bring good luck while the other is that looking will bring bad luck. Those who don’t believe in superstitions tend to make sure they look at the table and watch as the dice are being rolled, the card is being shuffled or the board is spinning. They don’t like taking chances when it comes to protecting their investments.

8. If You Hide Your Lottery Tickets, You’ll Boost Your Chances Of Winning

The chances of winning a lottery are slim. You’re more likely to hit the jackpot in a casino than to win a major state lottery. However, lottery payouts are usually high. The Maltese believe that you can boost your chances of winning a lottery by making sure no one sees the ticket after you purchase it. You should not just hide it from others, hide it from yourself as well to avoid jinxing it.

9. It You Accept $50 Bills, You’re Inviting Bad Luck

Originating from the United States, this superstition has become common all over the world. Most American players do not accept $50 bills as payment in the casino when they win. They don’t spend $50 bills either. It is mixed up with the practice of former mob gangsters who put $50 in the pockets of those they killed during their gang wars or any other rival. Those who believe this prefer to take their winnings in smaller or larger bills.

10. You Can Make Your Own Good Luck Mojo Bag

Frequent gamblers in Louisiana believe that they will never lose at gambling if they create their own mojo bag, a bag full of lucky items. The fact that this superstition originates from Louisiana isn’t surprising since the people of New Orleans have always been known to have a strong belief in the supernatural. Your mojo bag should be made up of as many lucky objects as you can find. There are also some lucky herbs that must be added to your mojo bag.

11. An Itchy Right Hand Predicts Bad Luck

The itchy right-hand superstition originated from Bulgaria. They believed that if your right hand is itchy, it’s time to stop playing. If you keep playing irrespective of an itchy right hand, you’re going to start losing. Some people leave the casino when they experience an itchy right hand while others pause, take a walk, and continue when they get back into the casino.

12. You Can’t Win With Borrowed Money

There are many people who believe that borrowing money from other players while you’re gambling will bring nothing but bad luck. They don’t believe it’s possible to win with borrowed money. This superstition doesn’t matter to addictive gamblers who are willing to borrow money from any and everybody just to get another fix.

13. Feeding The Ghost Baby Brings Good Luck

The Chinese believe that there is a ghost baby that hovers behind everyone on a gambling table in a casino. If you feed the baby with sugar, you will increase your chances of winning because the baby brings good luck. It is a popular superstition among blackjack players. The baby allegedly stares throughout the game and blesses only those who feed it with sugar.

These are just a few of the hundreds of gambling superstitions across the globe. As irrational as they may appear, there are many gamblers who strongly adhere to these superstitions.

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