Zero Risk Betting: Winning Strategies

Do zero risk betting strategies exist? Humans have always been attracted to gambling. This attraction stems from the thrill of risk and uncertainty involved in gambling instead of no-pressure games. Gambling offers a much-reduced chance of winning. As such, it is more of a means of entertainment than a platform to win. Betting, on the other hand, offers more of a winning opportunity. Keep reading to find the best zero risk betting winning strategies.

Zero Risk Betting Winning Strategies

Zero Risk Betting Winning Strategies

Betting and gambling are often used interchangeably. In some quarters, betting is considered a form of gambling. The close similarity is borne out of the common attribute that involves wagering/staking something (usually money) on uncertainty.

Gambling is dependent on the theory of probability and the player’s luck. The influence of probability theory varies the results, which aids the addiction to gambling. It has little to do with the person’s experiences, skills, and competencies. More often than not, the wager/stake is lost, but the addictive nature of gambling keeps people playing. Due to its high risk and addictive nature, governments worldwide tend to control and regulate the act of gambling.

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On the other hand, betting is quite dependent on the experiences, skills, and competencies of the person. The person aims to win money by wagering on the possible outcome(s) of an event. The outcome(s) are chosen due to prior knowledge, statistics, form, and data-driven strategies. In betting, the risk of losing is not as much as gambling.

Is it gambling or betting? Usually, this answer to this question depends on the player. If player A’s wager(s) are guided by experiences, competencies, statistics, information, and data-driven strategies, the player is betting. If player B is playing on just hope and/or for fun, it is gambling. The answer to the earlier asked question can be personalized as it is usually mostly dependent on the player.

General Zero Risk Betting Winning Strategies

First, Understand the Game/Event You Want To Bet On

Let’s take a look at this case study. I know basketball, and I bet on the game regularly. My winnings are higher than my losses. Since I know basketball so well, I figure I can bet on netball. They’re similar, aren’t they? In both sports, you earn points by dropping the ball inside a net. If I go along with betting on netball with just my basketball knowledge, is it betting or gambling? The answer, it’s gambling.

Before wagering on any event, know it well. Understand it well. Know the rules, the possibilities, the markets, and other vital information concerning the event. The foundation for successful betting is knowledge and understanding. Without understanding the event and its related parameters, you’re riding on luck and probability theory. The more you know and understand, the more edge you have for winning.

Another fundamental aspect you should understand is the terminology and betting opportunities of the event. For example, in soccer, you can bet on cards, goals, winners, half-time winners, win-or-draw, scorers, etc. You need to understand the part(s) of the event you want to bet on and the parameters guiding the part(s).

Test the Waters

If understanding is the hypothesis, testing is the experimentation and validation. Before you bet on an event you’ve not betted on before, you should stake little to fully understand. Knowing and understanding how a game is played does not mean you know how to bet on the game. Testing enables you to understand and navigate your way in the betting state of the game without significant losses.

Learn From Others

It is sometimes said that it is better to learn from others’ experiences than to learn only from your experiences. You may not be able to live long enough to learn everything on your own anyway.

Don’t only learn from skilled bettors, also learn from the bad ones. Knowing what not to do is also as important as knowing what to do. Understanding the distinctive attributes of good and bad bettors will enable you to do what is right and avoid what is wrong.

Seek Advice From Successful Bettors

Here is a riddle. It is usually given free and readily. It enlightens. What is it? It is (drumroll) advice. The advice gotten from successful bettors can present you with winning insights. One insight can vastly improve your win rate. Sometimes, the difference between good and excellent is a little insight. Bet advice also keeps you from making mistakes and errors in betting.

Check the Viability

What good are you excelling in something that is not viable? Choose the events you bet based on viability. Do you have enough resources to meet the betting criteria of the event? How accessible is the betting platform? Is the betting platform trustworthy? How sure I’m I that the results are real and genuine? These are some of the questions that determine the viability of betting. Make sure the event, platform, and other vital betting parameters are viable for you.

Beware of Third-Parties

Sometimes, it is prudent to bet according to others. However, when you bet according to others, ensure that you are not led into making a disastrous bet. An indicator of whether or not the third-party is leading wrongly is if you are directed to make small bets that are successful. Then you’re encouraged to make a big bet or a risky bet. Another indicator is the track record of the third party.

A bone of contention you should avoid is allowing someone else to make bets on your behalf. Whatever the arrangement, the only person who should bet on your behalf should be you.

Explore Betting Platforms

Don’t stick to one betting platform. Explore, shop around. Betting platforms offer different odds, criteria, cash-out guidelines, and unique services. Explore other betting platforms to choose the one that suits you best. And after you’ve found that platform, still explore from time to time; the excellence of today may be the good/average of tomorrow. Another upside to exploring betting platforms is the lucrative possibility for arbitrage betting.

Do Not Overlook the Less Obvious Markets

Do not bet only on popular markets (i.e., possibilities). Take note of less obvious markets. Once you have done enough research, you will be able to spot opportunities in less obvious markets. At times, these less apparent markets provide more value than the popular markets. Less obvious markets also offer more alternatives for betting.

Do Not Always Bet On the Favorite

The favorite doesn’t always win. The biscuit doesn’t always break as predicted. If you perpetually back the favorite favorably, you’re increasing your chances of losing. This doesn’t mean you should not back the favorite at all times. This is rash. Sometimes, there are not-so-apparent stats that show that the favorite might not have it easy with the underdog. Some stats may even show that the chances of a surprise win by the underdog are substantial. Know your stats and facts.

An excellent example of why you shouldn’t always back the favorite is the Barcelona Open tennis match between Rafael Nadal and Fabio Fognini. Nadal was everyone’s favorite. From all apparent considerations, it was sensible. Nadal, the King of Clay, had won the tournament as at then, a record-breaking eight times.

A not-so-obvious fact that people overlooked was that Fognini had beaten Nadal on clay a few months earlier in Rio de Janeiro. Combine this fact with Fognini’s record of knocking out top seeds, and suddenly, his odds began to look very attractive. Fognini won that match in straight sets. That’s an example of near zero risk betting strategy.

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Casinos offer sign-up and loyalty bonuses to clients. Take advantage of these bonuses. Instead of betting with your own money, bet with the bonuses. You can also use these bonuses to bet on more risky outcomes. That way, you can bet your money on less risky outcomes and still stand a chance of winning from those risky outcomes.

Participate in Special Events

Sometimes, betting platforms organise events and offers. Take advantage by participating in such events. Do not waste away the offers also. Participating in tournaments improves your win rate and the amount you can win. Offers improve the edge you have against the betting platforms.

Develop Self-Control

Last but not least, self-control. This is often what decides how successful your bets will be. Lack of self-control can lead you to make erratic bets, especially when you’re on a winning streak. Lack of self-control can also make you blindsided to pitfalls and scams. Another advantage self-control gives you is that it prevents you from succumbing to the temptations of your emotions. Self-control is a crucial attribute of successful bettors.


When you follow these zero risk betting winning strategies, you will make the best out of each game. Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. Keep in mind that it’s hard to eliminate risks but you can reduce them significantly with the tips above.