What Are The Most Expensive Casinos In The World?

What are the most expensive land-based casinos in the world? Many players prefer land-based casinos because of the physical experience that involves people of different backgrounds. As the world gradually controls the pandemic, land-based casinos are reopening their doors to players. Casino operators are constantly looking for how to outdo their rivals by providing world-class service. In places like Las Vegas, you will find many luxurious casinos there. However, Las Vegas is not the only place that hosts luxurious casinos. So, which casinos are the most expensive? This article will be providing you with a standard list of the world’s most expensive casinos, so continue reading!

What Are The Most Expensive Land-based Casinos In The World

What Are The Most Expensive Land-based Casinos In The World?

As already mentioned, you will be finding out the most expensive land-based casinos in the world and how much they cost. So, if you are hoping to travel soon, you can add some of these to your to-do list.

1. Singapore: Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa opened to the public in 2010 and it was the world’s third most expensive project that year. The resort is located on the island of Sentosa and hosts two casinos and seven hotels. This article will first talk about the casino and then the hotels.

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The Casino

The casino’s gaming area is over 600,000 sq/ft and it hosts over two thousand and four hundred slot machines. Also, you will find over five hundred table games at this casino. To enter, Singaporeans have to pay a one hundred and fifty Singaporean dollars (S$150) entry fee and three thousand Singaporean dollars (S$3000) annually. If you’re a foreigner, your passport allows you to enter without paying anything.

The Hotels

The resort has a total of seven hotels which include Crockfords Tower, Beach Villas, Hotel Michael, Equarius Hotel, Festive Hotel, among others. At the resort, you will find exquisite dining rooms, a dinner cruise at the beach, aquarium, and waterparks, etc. In addition to this, you will find Universal Studios and The Maritime Experiential Museum at the resort.

So, what is the price for Resorts World Sentosa? The resort is estimated to be at nearly five billion dollars ($5 billion).

2. Macau: City of Dreams

If you’re looking for where to find both expensive and affordable casinos, Macau is where you should begin your search. City of Dreams is one of the most expensive casinos in the region and you’ll soon find out why. Founded in 2009, City of Dreams has both casinos and hotels but this article will discuss the casino first.

The Casinos

City of Dreams’ gaming area covers over 420,000 sq/ft on two levels. This includes over one thousand five hundred slots and four hundred and fifty table games. The games include baccarat, roulette, poker, live dealers, etc. Also, there are private rooms for VIP members where bets are placed in millions of dollars.

The Hotels

The hotels include NĂĽwa, Morpheus, the Grand Hyatt Macau (2 towers), and The Countdown Hotel. The hotels have a total of two thousand two hundred and seventy rooms. Also, you will find over thirty bars and restaurants, art galleries, and over one hundred and fifty luxury boutiques and shops.

So, what is the City of Dreams price? City of Dreams is estimated to be at two point four billion dollars ($2.4 billion).

3. Singapore: Marina Bay Sands

As with the first casino, Marina Bay Sands comprises both a casino and a hotel. In addition to this, it includes a convention center. Marina Bay Sands opened its doors to the public in 2010 and since then has become one of the most popular in Asia. This article will talk about both the casino and its hotel.

The Casino 

The construction cost of this casino is estimated at five point five billion dollars ($5.5 billion) and it is the most expensive in Asia. The gaming area covers 160,000 sq/ft over four levels. Also, the casino has one of the biggest Swarovski crystal chandeliers in the world. For games, you will find six hundred table games and more than one thousand five hundred slots. The casino also has a club for VIP members which includes Sands Rewards Club and Sands Rewards Lifestyle. With the cash or credit you get from the club, you can shop, dine or pay for entertainment at the Marina Bay Sands.

The Hotel

When you’re not at the casino, you can relax at its luxury hotel. The hotel comprises two thousand, five hundred and sixty-one rooms and suites which include free WiFi. Also, you will find exhibition rooms, a museum, and outdoor theatres. In addition to this, the hotel has a fitness center, a spa, a golf course, a jacuzzi, etc. Furthermore, the hotel presents twenty dining options, three hundred shops, and boutiques as well as pools and gardens.

So, what is the price for Marina Bay Sands? Marina Bay Sands is worth an estimated five-point eighty-eight billion dollars ($5.88 billion).

4. Macau: Wynn Macau Casino

As stated earlier, Macau is one of the best places to find both affordable and expensive casinos. Wynn Macau Casino is one of the most popular casinos in the region. Of course, due to its pricey nature, those who patronize it mostly are the rich. Wynn Resorts Limited owns both the casino and a hotel. This article will first talk about the casino and then the hotel. In the end, you’ll find out its estimated worth.

The Casino

The casino opened to the public in 2006 and became so popular that its owners expanded the building. The gaming area covers a space of over 205,000 sq/ft and it overs a variety of games. The table games in the casino are over two hundred and twelve in number. In addition to this, the casino offers three hundred and seventy-five slot machines. The casino’s interior decor is gold-themed and it also has a Las Vegas-style. In the gaming area, you’ll find other attractions like bars, restaurants, and a spa.

The Hotel

What is a luxury casino without an equally luxury hotel? There are over one thousand rooms and suites in the hotel, and the construction cost almost one point five billion dollars. The hotel covers 46,000ft² and it has a Western style. Also, for those who appreciate a great view, you can see the beach from your hotel room. At the hotel, you will find many different restaurants, bars, and shopping centers. Of course, the shopping centers sell items that may seem a bit pricey but that’s why it’s a luxury hotel.

So, what is the price for Wynn Macau Casino? According to research, the casino is worth one point three billion dollars ($1.3 billion). Also, its staff strength is over seven thousand employees.

5. Las Vegas: The Cosmopolitan

What would a most expensive casino list be without mentioning one in Las Vegas? Las Vegas The Cosmopolitan became open to the public in 2010 and it comprises both a luxury casino and a hotel. This article will explore the casino’s features first and then talk about its hotel.

The Casino

The casino’s gaming center covers 110,000 sq/ft. This includes over one thousand and three hundred (1,300) slot machines, and more than five hundred (500) table games. The table games hold popular games like blackjack, craps, roulette, etc. The casino also has video poker games where you can place bets as high as five hundred dollars ($500). Also, the minimum bets you can place at this casino’s premium lounge is a hundred dollars ($100).

The Hotel

The hotel has two divisions which are the Boulevard and the Chelsea. This holds a total of three thousand plus (3,000+) rooms and suites, and a theatre that sits three thousand. Also, the hotel has various luxury restaurants, beauty rooms, clubs, pools, etc. It is important to note that the hotel has won many awards and it’s considered to be one of the best in Vegas. Outside the hotel are various shopping centers where you can shop for quality wear.

So, what is The Cosmopolitan price? According to research, The Cosmopolitan is a multi-billion resort that rakes in close to 4 billion dollars.

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What are the most expensive land-based casinos in the world? Now, you know some of them. If you’re a US resident, you can stop by the one in Las Vegas. However, if you intend on taking a world tour, make sure to visit the ones mentioned in this article. Read also: strangest casinos in the world.