Do Casinos Ever Lose Money

Gambling can be a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to staking money. Sometimes, it appears that a majority of the wins go to the casinos. At other times, it feels like your stake is a death trap to losing all your money. Many times, we wonder if the game is fair and when we see our chips go to the other side of the table, we are tempted to ask; do casinos ever lose money?

Do Casinos Ever Lose Money

Do Casinos Ever Lose Money?

This question is often frequently asked by different people, and for many reasons. There are several ways that casinos lose money when it comes to gambling. However, just like you take calculated risks in staking your money, casinos do the same when they give out bonuses or sit at the table.

Gambling Losses

This amounts to one of the most common ways that casinos lose money. History proves that there are a few casinos who encountered setbacks from huge wins of their customers. It is important to note that no matter how little your win might be, the casino pays your money. And as much as people are losing to the house, there are also countless winners. Hence, the more wins gamblers record, the more losses casinos also often record.

Comps And Bonuses

One of the ways through which casinos lose money is by giving out complimentary services and bonuses. These comps often differ depending on the casino and how much you’re putting into gambling. There are certain games, especially for first-time bettors that attract bonuses. Although not all casinos give bonuses, there are a handful of casinos that do give bonuses. It is often advisable that one of the qualities to look out for when choosing a casino is their bonuses.


Some casinos have a reputation for their hospitality. And it is not unusual to find the house giving out free drinks or offering you a nice room to spend the night after long hours of playing. Although, many people take these gestures as vices for luring people to gamble some more and help the casino make more money. However, it cannot be denied that these services sometimes cost a small fortune.

Do Casinos Ever Lose Money

Why it Seems Like Casinos Never Lose Money

You are Loosing

In gambling, there are times when you lose a game to the house twice or thrice consecutively. For many people, it is at this point that you begin to question the results. And it is not uncommon to find people silently or outrightly voice out this opinion.

The Figures

The extravagance that comes with gambling in general often makes people think that casinos do not lose money. It is important to take into consideration that casinos are hubs to a variety of personalities and statuses. In casinos, we find the rich, influential, and wealthy. And these various classes of people stake an insane amount of money every day.

The average large casino makes millions every day. it is not news that money from casinos is a means of major revenue generation. Coupled with bonuses and comps often thrown out, the question; do casinos ever lose money, is often common.

Your Belief

For many people who earn you to steer off gambling, one of their major excuses is that you never win and the casinos never lose. This myth or belief heightens when luck turns its back on you and you lose money once or twice. However, there is proven evidence of gamblers beating the house at their game.

How Do Casinos Make Their Money

When you ponder on the question; do casinos ever lose money? Many thoughts flicker through your mind. And one of those thoughts would be how casinos make their money if they do lose money. There are usually more than a couple of big wins from gamblers every day. However, here are some of the ways casinos make their money.

Gambling in itself is a business that fetches money, and this is because many people are pursuing it. The more the merrier. And with the number of persons patronizing the art, there will be a huge profit. While some people are part-time gamblers who gamble for fun, others take the art as a full-time profession. Hence, the more often you frequent your casinos, the more likely it is for them to make money.

The House Advantage

The house advantage is the percentage of money that a casino gets on every bet that you place. This process often depends on the kind of game you are gambling on. The house advantage is not cheating, but the casino’s way to make some money even when they lose a bet.

Usually, when a person wins hundreds of thousands from a game, there is a percentage that goes to the casino. However, the casino often distributes payment of huge wins over an agreed period.

Winning A Game

Like every profit-oriented organization, casinos often have estimated profit that they are sure to make for every stake. While a casino loses money when they lose a game, they equally make profits when they have huge wins. Technically, it’s either a win or a loss. The more chips sliding towards the side of the house, the more money a casino makes.

Do Casinos Ever Lose Money

How To Avoid Losing To Casinos

Decide How Much You want to spend and stick to the plan

You should never make the error of assuming that you will always win in casinos. Because casinos are not charity organizations and there are often bills to pay. Hence, while gambling might be a game of Chance and luck, there are often articulate calculations. Gambling often requires one’s ability to take calculated risks. So, you should always know when to stop and learn the ability to muster the will to stop.

Settle For A Game That You Are Confident About Winning

There are more than a couple of games from which you can make money from. Hence, carefully decide what games you are best at playing and opt for those games. Gambling involves money and gaming and it is how you play the game that determines the results. That means playing the game is almost more important than the money you’re putting in.

Do Not Expect To Win Big In One Day

High expectations often end up hurting you mentally and financially. Understanding that you cannot win big in one day would help reduce loses. The million-dollar win would come, but it might not be achieved in one day. Sometimes, pressure from wanting to win affects your mental stability and you turn the wrong cards, increasing your losses. Other times, you keep trying until you hit rock bottom.

Do Not Gamble More Than You Can Afford

While some people invest their life savings in gambling, some sell their houses and assets. After all, the bigger the bet, the bigger your wins. It is often advisable to put in what you can afford, to reduce the blow that comes from losing.

What To Do When You Are On A Losing Streak

Accept Defeat

It is wiser when you know what games the house is good at playing and when to acknowledge that they are better at it. Many people feel casinos never lose money because they do not get the technique of gambling right. When you fall into this category, knowing when to yield to defeat will do you more good than harm.

Stop Playing

You must understand this; the more you lose while playing, the more money the casino makes. Often than not, it is advisable that you stop playing when you have experienced multiple losses. This technique not only saves you money but helps you balance your mental health. You are probably losing because you are desperate.


You can only find it in you to relax when you haven’t exceeded your budget and lost excessive money. Hence the importance of knowing the right time to call it quits.

Try Again Later

There is always time to come back and make up for losses. Some nights are not always so lucky for you, and it might help to try again later. Perhaps, when you do come back, luck might smile at you.


Do casinos ever lose money? Is their pattern to milk you and not give back? The fact remains that gambling is a game of chance and luck. Hence, the gamblers are not the only ones prone to losing or making money as the house is also a partaker in the game.