How to Combine Gambling and Physical Exercise?

So, you love to gamble and you also love to hit the gym. Has it ever occurred to you that it would be possible to combine these two? No? In this article, you are going to learn how to combine gambling and physical exercise.

Not too long ago, gambling used to require the physical presence of the player in land-based establishments. However, things have changed thanks to the invention of online gambling. Almost everything going virtual. You can now gamble online using your computer or your mobile devices from the comfort of your bedroom, car, on a table at the restaurant, and even at the gym.

What does this mean for you? It means you can fuse these two, fitness and gambling: get that heart pumping, keep those muscles moving, stay in shape and overall, keep healthy while you monitor the trends, or play a gambling game on your mobile device. This leads to many questions. What are the benefits of combining exercise and gambling? For starters, it will make you a more efficient player.

In 2020, a video surfaced on the Internet showing some men pedaling fitness bikes while they gambled. A lot of viewers loved this innovation. Many of them commented on the video stating that it would be nice if the combination could become a norm. This video inspired several people and it became a popular trend in the fitness industry. While pedaling bikes and gambling is great, it is not the only way to get more physical activities into your gambling routine. There are many other indoor activities you can try.

Gambling and Physical

How Physical Exercises Can Help with Gambling

Gambling is not just an entertaining activity as many consider it to be; it requires a great deal of concentration. This is especially so for strategy games like Poker, Blackjack, Backgammon, and Spades. Although there aren’t many studies on the subject, physical exercises can help players improve their chances of winning.

Gambling is addictive and it is always easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun. Playing for hours at a time can lead to poor eating habits, lack of adequate rest, mental strain, and a host of other long-term challenges. Exercises help you get better sleep so that when you wake up, you’re re-energized for your next betting session. This prepares your brain for the critical thinking needed to study your games.

If physical activity increases concentration, more concentration means higher chances of winning. When you’re healthy, you’ll be more efficient at coming up with useful strategies.

For gamblers who have Gambling Disorder (GD), a behavioral addiction, exercises are helpful as part of their therapy. However, you don’t need to have a gambling disorder first before you start exercising and gambling.

How to Combine Gambling and Physical Exercise?

Neck Exercises

You might not know this but sitting at the gambling table, machines, or at your computer for hours can put a strain on the muscles in your neck. Neck exercises help to relieve you of stiffness and aches. It also aids in maintaining a better posture and preventing neck injuries in the long run. The best part is that you can do these exercises in less than five minutes. Follow the tips to exercise your neck while gambling.

Exercise 1

  • Sit up straight on a chair with your feet firmly placed on the floor.
  • Slowly turn your head to the right side and back to the initial position.
  • Back at the initial position, slowly turn your head to the left side and then back again to the initial position.
  • Repeat as you count to ten for each side.

Exercise 2

  • Still sitting on a chair, slowly bring your head forward until it’s almost touching your chest.
  • Slowly take it back until it almost touches the middle part of your shoulders.
  • Count to ten for each one that you do.
  • Repeat for two more sets.

Breathing Exercises

Playing games isn’t always fun. When the stakes are high, the tension increases. This can lead to anxiety. Breathing exercises help to relax your mind and focus. It also stabilizes your heart rate and reduces panic. Here are some breathing exercises.

Exercise 1

  • Sit straight up on a chair and place a palm on your belly.
  • Take in a deep sharp breath using your nostrils only, not your mouth.
  • Hold your breath for ten seconds as the air fills your belly.
  • Gently exhale.
  • Repeat five times and return to your game.

Exercise 2

  • You can stand or sit to do this one. It depends on what is comfortable for you.
  • Raise your arms above your head and take in a deep sharp breath using only your nostrils
  • Release your breath and bring your arms down.
  • Count to ten and stop.
  • Repeat for two sets.

Stretching Exercises

Gambling sessions involve long hours of sitting at the table or your computer. This can get the muscles in your legs, arms, and other parts of your body stiff. Stretching is a great way of relieving the body of stress. It helps your mind relax, increases the flow in blood circulation, reduces and prevents aches in your lower back. Try these stretching exercises at intervals while you gamble.

Gambling and Physical

Exercise 1

  • Stand with your feet wide apart.
  • Place your right hand akimbo and slowly stretch your left hand and body towards the direction of your right.
  • Return to the original position and place your left hand back on your hip.
  • Repeat step (b), this time with your left hand akimbo.

Exercise 2

  • Stand with your feet spread at shoulder width, your arms by your side.
  • Raise your arms high above your head and slowly bring it down to your toes.
  • Do this ten times or more.

Core Exercises

Another disadvantage of sitting for too long during a gambling session is back pain. You may hurt your back, especially your lower back and your hips. This might create long-term problems if you don’t get a hold of the situation. Core exercises help you protect yourself by training the muscles in your lower back and hips and easing tension. You can do them whenever you like. Best exercises for core strengthening.

Exercise 1 — Bridges

  • Lie flat on a mat. Make sure you are lying on your back with your knees bent and feet firmly placed on the floor.
  • Stretch your arms forward out on both sides.
  • Let your head face the ceiling, or sky if you are outdoors.
  • Gently raise your lower back and hips for as high as you can (be careful though not to raise your back in an unnatural position. The deal is to exercise your lower back not stress it.
  • Hold for between 10 – 30 seconds
  • Gently bring it down.
  • Repeat this ten times.

Exercise 2 — Plank

  • Put your body in the push-up position.
  • Bring your left hand to your right shoulder and tap on it.
  • Return to your left hand to the initial position.
  • Bring your right hand and tap on your left shoulder.
  • Return your right hand to the initial position.
  • Do this ten times.
Gambling and Physical

Temple Massages

Concentration is serious business and this can cause strain on the muscles in your temples. Gently massage your temples with your fingertips in a circular motion until you feel the muscles relax.

Move and Gamble

Some years back, “Pedal n Play”, slot machines that let players exercise while they bet, made their debut in a New Jersey casino.

No one ever has time for exercises; they make it. If you don’t want to use a bike or do anything too complicated, just try as much to move around your house, office, or anywhere else at intervals. For example, if you want to play a game for 3 hours, take workout breaks at intervals of 30 minutes or one hour. Do jumping jacks, jump squats or high knees. If you don’t want to stress your knees, try brisk walking around your building. Just do anything that will increase blood circulation.


The best thing about the exercises listed in this article is that they work on different parts of your body. For your exercises to be effective, you need to do them right. If you’ve never exercised before, it might take some time to get used to the process and add them to your daily routine. You can use a smart app to remind yourself to take workout breaks. These are just a few of the best tips on how to combine gambling and physical exercise.