Are online casinos legal in Australia?

When it comes to gambling, you’ll understand the allure the moment you receive your first winning. Placing your last bill on that lucky number and having your number come up sure feels exhilarating, and it opens the chance to increase your fortune with fun and entertainment. The fact that not everyone is a winner when it comes to gambling still doesn’t prevent anyone from trying to make it big. The possibilities are always there, crooking a finger at you to come and join the fun.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Australia

The chance to become rich just by playing a card game or by playing slots will appeal to almost anyone. This is why many enjoy gambling, especially those who believe in lady luck. When it comes to casinos and their legality, it all boils down to the gambling laws of the country you are in at that stage. Some countries don’t mind if there are casinos or online gambling sites in their domain, but others do not like the practice and how popular it is with their citizens, so they pass laws to prohibit casinos from operating in their country. They do this to also limit the harmful effects of gambling through fraudulent websites and dodgy, hapless frauds, who state they are casinos. It targets the providers of gambling sites, not their potential or actual customers.

Gambling in Australia: Must Know

When it comes to Australia and gambling, some may have difficulties finding accommodating sites and not know why. When gambling, knowing more is better. Understanding every tip and trick to get the upper hand is essential, but it is also key to know the rules not only of the game but the whole system. Knowing how gambling laws work and which activities are and aren’t allowed can genuinely help you and prevent you from getting into trouble. So, when asked if online gambling in Australia is legit, the answer is not as easy as a simple yes or no.

To answer that question, you need to understand why there are no casinos in Australia but there are online casinos that accept Australian citizens. As it stands now, it’s illegal to provide gambling activities and services in Australia. These include roulette, poker, craps, and blackjack. Any form of entertainment through the means of chance is prohibited under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA). This means that no casinos are allowed in Australia as well as a ban on all online casinos that run out of Australia. This does not mean an end to gambling for Australians though. The good news is that nothing prevents you from playing on offshore-owned and operated gaming sites.

With the internet comes variety and through that comes personal choice, but what happens when your choice doesn’t want you? If you are an Australian citizen, there may be times when you begin to sign up for a membership with some new online casino you’ve heard of, and then the site refuses to sign you up because it recognises your IP address. This is when your internet gives away your location and allows the site to identify your global position.

Select Online Casinos That Welcome Australian Gamblers

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