Can A Church Do Raffle?

Can a church do raffle? Is it permissible for Christians to engage in such competitions? What does the Bible say? What do the church leaders think? These are some of the questions that go on in the Christian’s mind. Many are undecided about whether a raffle is a sin or not. The Christian religion has long established its stance on gambling (you will read more details concerning this later in this article). However, does a raffle qualify as gambling? Can one say holding tickets with random numbers mean that you’re betting? On the surface, raffles look just like any other fun activity people indulge in to pass the time and win gifts in the process. There are some reasons Christians (may want to) engage in raffles.

Can A Church Do Raffle

Can A Church Do Raffle: Why Christians (May Want To) Do Raffle

  1. They Use Them For Fundraisers

One of the significant purposes of raffles is to raise funds for projects or charity work. As you know, the church involves helping the needy, taking care of the sick, feeding the poor, amongst others. To make this happen, they need as much money as they can get. Thus, some churches resort to creating raffle events to raise funds for their charity work. Similarly, some churches use raffles to raise money for church projects like buildings and church vehicles. Organizing events that involve raffles brings church people — including those who have not attended church in a long time — together in one place. In addition to this, it attracts non-members to the event. Having a large crowd at a church event presents the opportunity to get funds for church projects.

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  1. Raffles Are A Means To Socialize

Humans are social beings. Sitting in the church all day or for most of the week may leave you feeling you deserve a small break. Some churches organize raffle events as a means to also socialize. Indeed, when all you do is come to and leave the church, you may not be opportune to meet and know your fellow church members. Raffle events present the opportunity for church members to socialize and, perhaps, develop a relationship with themselves. There is usually something to say, a new friend to make, and this may be helpful in the future.

Similarly, people can use raffle activities as stress relievers. Some churches organize their raffle events after church to enable members to take a break to relieve stress.

  1. Raffles Are Entertaining

Raffles, like every other fun activity, serve as a means of entertainment. When you buy a ticket and wait to see if your number wins, this can be an entertaining thing to do. There is so much thrill that arises from competitions like these thus, adding fun to the event. They help while off boredom, especially for those who have a habit of sleeping during sermons. Participating in raffles keeps you wide awake and helps your brain stay active as you need to be actively participating in the competition.

What’s more, is that you get the opportunity to win prizes or money. Nothing beats getting entertained while qualifying for prizes or cash at the end of a game.

  1. They’re Not Gambling

Some Christians, as well as real-time gamblers, argue that raffles are not exactly gambling. Usually, people call them soft forms of gambling, but some professional gamblers dismiss it as non-gambling all the same. Christianity doesn’t mince words about its stance on using money to win more money. However, raffles do not work that way all the time. This is because they are an excellent way to raise money for church projects and other people and publicize the church events. Thus, some Christians argue that playing raffle is permissible.

Why Do Some Christians Defend Raffles

Some Christians support raffles and give Biblical reasons for this. Such Scriptures include the book of Acts chapter 1 verse 26. In this chapter, Jesus’s disciples cast lots to pick a replacement for Judas. They argue that this is synonymous with writing numbers on tickets and shuffling them to pick one lucky number. Another Scripture they use in defending the activity of raffles is Matthew chapter 25 verses 14 to 30. In this chapter, a Master gives his servants talents to trade within his absence. Christians who support raffles say it is a means to multiply one’s finances, just as the Master told his servants.

Can Christians (church) Do Raffle: What The Bible Says

1. It Stirs Up Lust For Quick Money

In 1 Tim 6 verse 10, the Bible says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” It also speaks about times and seasons in the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3. Christian leaders often admonish their flock to apply patience in their quest for riches. Why, some even preach against “gathering riches on earth.” Raffles is an avenue to make quick money. You pay for a ticket in the hope of winning a huge prize, usually many times worth the ticket you paid for.

As stated, the Bible emphasizes time and seasons. If a Christian intends to get rich, they should make their money through hard work. Trying to make a huge amount of money in such a short period goes against Biblical doctrine. As Proverbs chapter 13 verse 11 explains, “Riches gotten through quick means will diminish, but when one builds their wealth with time, it will increase.”

2. It Is Mismanagement On The Christian’s Part

Christian dogma believes that all Christians have, God gave it to them. Thus, Christians are only “managers” of God’s money who have no spiritual right to spend it as they will. The Bible emphasizes a Christian’s financial accountability to God, as demonstrated in Matthew chapter 25 verses 14 to 30. This tells the parable of a Master who gives his servants talents to trade with while he’s away. Upon his return, he demands that they give account for the talents. The meaning of this parable is clear: the Christian account for their money. Therefore, a Christian who makes it a habit to buy raffle tickets mismanages God’s money.

3. It Demonstrates Greed

A Christian who buys a raffle ticket to win more money or huge prizes shows signs of greed. The Bible’s stance on greed reflects throughout the Scriptures, and it warns the believer to be careful. The book of Ecclesiastes chapter 5 verse 10 says that whoever loves money will never be satisfied with what they have. In Luke chapter 12 verse 15, the Bible warns against different kinds of greed and that Christians should not trust in their riches. In the book of 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 10, the Bible states that greedy people will not enter God’s kingdom.

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4. It Encourages Laziness

Since raffle tickets present a way to get quick riches, Christians who buy them frequently begin to depend on them as a source of income. This encourages laziness and neglects the value of hard work. In Proverbs chapter 13 verse 4, the Bible says that lazy people desire much but will get nothing. However, if one works diligently, they will continue to prosper. Similarly, the Bible in Proverbs chapter 21 Verses 25 adds that this desire to be rich yet refusing to work hard will destroy the lazy person.

5. Raffle Tickets Give The Christian False Hope

The Bible urges Christians to put their hopes in God. When a Christian buys a raffle ticket, it is in hopes that they may win. The Bible does not support hope in anything else but God. This is evident in Scriptures such as 1 Timothy chapter 6 verse 17, which admonishes the Christian not to put their hopes in money. The book of Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 7 states that the one who hopes in God is blessed.

6. Christianity Does Not Make Concessions

Indeed, the Bible does not speak specifically on raffle tickets. However, there’s a saying that if it looks like sin, then it is a sin to the Christian. Paul, speaking in 1 Corinthians chapter 4 verse 12, says that although all things may be lawful to him, not all things are permissible. God calls Christians to be a shining example to others, as shown in Titus chapter 2 verse 7, “Make yourself a role model in good works.” Society still views raffles as a form of gambling. If Christians participate in it, then they are no different from the unbelievers they preach to.


Can a church do raffle? The motion against this outweighs the support. Christians engaging in raffles will continue to attract questions. Therefore, the better alternative to multiplying one’s finances is hard work.